Cyborg to Stay at 145; Will Fight “Russian” in Title Defense

Cris Cyborg Justino vs Charmaine Tweet
Justino Courtesy Esther Lynn/InvictaFC

In a post Saturday night, InvictaFC featherweight champion Cyborg Justino conceded she won’t be dropping to 135. She also announced she will be facing a Russian fighter in her title defense in January.

“Moving forward I feel a healthy 135lbs Cris Cyborg is not a realistic goal,” Justino stated. “I have come to this conclusion after really dedicating myself to see if it was a possible option for my career.”

The nearly year long ordeal to get to 135 was prompted by a possible superfight between Cyborg and Ronda Rousey. After Rousey’s loss, excitement has waned in terms of the bout. Justino trying to drop to 135 hasn’t been healthy for her physically or mentally, which made the decision to stay at featherweight inevitable.

“During this time we have not gotten me to a place where I feel confident in my ability to make 135lbs and at this time I feel even 140lbs would compromise some of the strength and power I am known for.”

For now, her focus will be on the InvictaFC featherweight title fight on January 16th in Orange County, California. Justino stated she won’t be using IV hydration for the fight, as it is not allowed under her UFC contract due to the USADA oversight. She did, however, say her opponent is more than welcome to re-hydrate with IVs.

You can read Justino’s entire post here.

Her original opponent was originally announced as Belgian Cindy Dandois, but we should expect an official announcement of Cyborg’s new opponent in a few days.


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