One Silat Championships Holds Female MMA Fight on Open Surface

one silat 01
Laura vs. Dea Courtesy One Silat Championships

One Silat Championships is looking to revolutionize MMA with the one thing many fans want to get rid of: a cage.

The promotion held an event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Christamas day which featured fights on an open mat rather than a cage or a ring. OSC wants to bring the Asian martial arts tradition of Silat to the modern age with a rounded mat.

The event featured a female bout between Malaysia’s Audrey Laura and Indonesia’s Nita Dea. Laura would win by rear naked choke in 20 seconds to improve her MMA record to 2-0.

Earlier this year, BKB held boxing matches on an open mat, with Layla McCarter defeating Diana Prazak for their lightweight title by TKO.

As fighting sports begin to evolve, we expect more open mat competitions in the near future.

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