WMMA Press Awards Submission Nominees 2015

0a0823c0afaa158b106880516c059badThe most unique parts of MMA are the submissions.

Although armbars and rear naked chokes are most prevalent, the female divisions always having some of the slickest holds around. This year was no different with eight nominees that showed us submissions that were both exciting to watch and impressive in execution.

The WMMA Press Committee will vote on the winner next week.

Here are the nominees:

Faith Van Duin def. Amanda Bell by Side Choke

(Fight is only on UFC Fight Pass)

Julia Berezikova def. Julie Werner by Anklelock

Debora Dias def. Adriana del Vigna by Anaconda Choke  

Celine Haga defeats Alyson Garcia by arm triangle choke

Watch the fight here

Rena Kubota def. Jleana Valentino by Flying Armbar

Andrea Lee def. Ariel Beck by Armbar

Angela Lee def. Natalie Gonzales Hills by Twister

Kaline Medeiros def. Sarah Payant by Kimura

Kali Robbins def. Priscilla Brownfield by Reverse Triangle Choke

Ronda Rousey def. Cat Zingano by Armbar

(Fight is only on UFC Fight Pass)


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