2015 in the Pro Women’s Division in MMA by the Numbers

gold-2015-clipart-1It was a year that saw global expansion and shifting weight classes.

The Ultimate Fighter 20 wrapped up just over a year ago and the strawweight division saw a big expansion. The UFC upped their female fights, and with it came many others following suit, including Bellator and XFC. More countries dived into the pro ranks this year as new international stars were created.

Here is a breakdown of the numbers for the pro women’s MMA divisions in 2015.

634 – Number of female pro MMA bouts this year. This is a 12% increase from last year. With Invicta upping its card and recent expansion worldwide we will see that number improve to over 700 next year.

285 – Number of pro debuts this year, 32 more than last year. Only 1/3 were US debuts.

252 – Number of first round finishes, the most popular round to end a fight. This continues the trend over the past few years as the rounds grind on the less finishes there are. Only three fights this year were finished in round 5.

211 – Number of pro MMA bouts in the U.S. It beat Brazil by 49 fights. Japan came in third with 28, and Poland and Mexico were tied in fourth with 16.

182 – TKOs, the most popular way to win a fight. This is more than all the submissions combined.

197 – Number of flyweight bouts (this includes 120 lbs catchweight fights). This is an increase of 22 fights and the third year the division takes home the most fights. Strawweight is creeping ever closer with 184 (includes 108 lbs and 110 lbs catcthweights). Strawweight saw a 34 fight increase and could overtake flyweight next year. Bantamweight came in third with 163 (includes 130 lbs catchweights). 10 weight classes total saw action including 4 heavyweight bouts.

84 – Armbar finishes this year. This only beat last year’s number by one. It still has been the most popular sub to win, with rear naked chokes second with 64. There were 5 less RNCs this year.

47 – Number of countries who held pro female fights in 2015.  This is five more than last year. Some of the new countries added to the list include Cambodia, Guatemala, and Myanmar. Will we reach over 50 next year?

46 – Number of pro bouts in California, the most by any state. This was a 14 fight increase from last year and the state continues to be the most active in the U.S. Missouri takes the second spot with 27 fights followed by the former #2 Nevada with 17.

44 – Number for pro women’s bouts in the UFC; four more than 2014. It beats out Invicta by ten fight. The IMMAF held 40 bouts this past year, but all were amateur.

1- Hell of a year. With global expansion and more opportunities, we can expect an even bigger 2016.

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