InvictaFC 15 Aftermath: Where Do the Go from here

Cyborg vs Ibragimova_005
Cyborg Justino

With six finishes in seven fights, InvictaFC came into the year like a lion.

Cyborg retained her title in usual fashion, while Livia Souza solidifies her spot atop the InvictaFC strawweights. Schneider played bantamweight spoiler to Raquel Pa’aluhi’s title hopes, and Mizuki Inoue got a much need win.

The results brings up more questions than answers.

Here is outlook for the winners and loser of InvictaFC 15.

Photos Courtesy Scott Hirano/Invicta FC


Cris “Cyborg” Justino

Cleaning your division means you have little options in fights. Justino has pretty much bulldozed the featherweight competition in front of her. The hope of superfights are tough with Ronda Rousey out and Holly Holm and Miesha Tate set to battle for the bantamweight strap. In Invicta, Amanda Bell needs a win to be in the hunt, as does Ediane Gomes.

Then who is next?

The only top 15 fighter that would make any sense is undefeated LaToya Walker, who destroyed Peggy Morgan at InvictaFC 12.

Invicta’s July’s event makes the most sense for this fight.

Souza vs Bennett_003Livia Sousa

The strawweight champ went on record that she wants to be signed to the UFC. With her first round defeat of DeAnna Bennett, it is hard for her not to get the call. If the past few months have proven anything, she can sell herself and a fight.

If the UFC doesn’t call right away, Alexa Grasso makes sense if she wins her fight in March.

Schneider vs Paaluhi_017

Colleen Schneider

Defeating the #1 contender for the bantamweight strap, Colleen Schneider has pretty much put herself in the front of the line for a title shot against Tonya Evinger. InvictaFC 16 or 17 most likely depending on if she was injured or is on medical suspension.

Brown vs VanHoose_004

Amber Brown

Amber Brown has got to be the next one to face atomweight champion Ayaka Hamasaki. Like Schneider, a fight on 16 or 17 hinges on if she came out unsaved and doesn’t have a medical suspension. It is not known if Hamasaki will be on the upcoming DEEP-JEWELS in February so more than likely Brown may have to wait for 17 or the July card.


Angela Hill

Hill looked great in her InvictaFC debut, but is still a fight or two before getting into the title hunt. Amy Montenegro and Delaney Owen make the most sense as her next test, hinging on if either is TUF 23 bound. If so, Lacey Schuckman would be an interesting test.

Inoue vs Schuckman_006

Mizuki Inoue

Mizuki learned her lesson from her match with Alexa Grasso and was more aggressive in her win. She is back in the title hunt once again, but will have to wait to see if Grasso wins her fight to see her fate. Mizuki still has her DEEP-JEWELS strap to defend, so she can bide her time. A match with DeAnna Bennett could also be fruitful.

Megan Anderson

The featherweights outside of Cyborg is still developing. Anderson saw much improvement moving to the states, and looked dominate in her win. Short list includes Amanda Bell, Charmaine Tweet, and Faith Van Duin.

The Defeated

Daria Ibragimova

Ibragimova was signed a bantamweight, so after her wounds heal, she will be heading down to try her luck there. Jesse Rose-Clark or Pannie Kianzad would be a great test for her experience.

DeAnna Bennett

DeAnna Bennett suffered her first loss, but she has options. A move back to 125 isn’t put of the question and could be fruitful with the title vacant. She maybe a good option as a tournament alternate.

On the strawweight side, a match with Mizuki could get her back in the hunt for the title.

Raquel Pa’aluhi

It is back to the drawing board for Pa’aluhi to get a shot at the gold. Like Ibragimova, the two that makes the most sense are Jesse-Rose Clark or Pannie Kianzad.

Shino VanHoose

It was a last minute fight, but VanHoose hung in there against a much strong Amber Brown. Lisa Ellis would be a good match, although newcomers Tessa Simpson or a returning Simona Soukkupova would be great as well.

Alida Gray

Having two straight losses in Invicta isn’t good, especially in a stacked strawweight division. She may need to fight outside the company to get a solid win before moving back in, like Peggy Morgan has done.

Lacey Schuckman

The Mizuki loss was only a minor step back for Schuckman, who has proven to be a fan favorite win or lose. Norma Reuda Center took a last minute fight with DeAnna Bennett and lost, but would be interesting to see these two scrap. Angela Hill, Delaney Owen, or Amy Montenegro could also be likely matches.

Amber Liebrock

Gaining her first loss, it will be hard to find her a comparable opponent in what is a small pool. Andria Warwo is the one that makes sense of those who signed to Invicta, but if Invicta can bring in some more young talent to the division if would be preferable.

One thought on “InvictaFC 15 Aftermath: Where Do the Go from here”

  1. This was a tough card for Kenzie to play out though with other regional events must have been hard to find replacements for openings due to injuries / sickness.
    Results and comments
    Cris “Cyborg” def. Daria Ibragimova via KO (punch) R1, 4:58
    Most likely why Bellator women won’t x over though this time Cyborg gave a display to show Holly Holm to consider that she can fight crane style and endurance. 😉 Daria deserves another shot maybe vs Cindy Dandois.

    Livia Renata Souza def. DeAnna Bennett via TKO (strikes) R1, 1:30
    The flip side of the coin for Owen and others those liver / kidney shots are serious hope no injury or scarring from it. Livia’s been one ready for UFC though is UFC ready to display the lightweights based on amount of fights they’ve had these days.

    Amber Brown def. Shino VanHoose via submission (guillotine choke) R1, 2:36
    Amber lived up to her expectations and preview pics on Invicta show and other matches the intensity and choke.

    Colleen Schneider def. Raquel Pa’aluhi via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
    Congrats the journey woman gets a well earned win as Raquel adds color to any match she’s in. Raquel be careful as eating all those punches ask M. Ali on that.

    Angela Hill def. Aida Gray via TKO (strikes) R1, 1:39
    The UFC and camp for reality show proves what a one fight fighter can do and learn from previous. Maybe a disadvantage to Gray though also a measuring stick for others aiming for UFC money.

    Mizuki Inoue def. Lacey Schuckman via submission (armbar) R3, 3:41
    Congrats well earned as Mizuki prepared well in tape / web scouting as Lacey’s sherdog shows 2 other matches using the same hold / move when attacking Lacey’s guard. Lacey with Jacobson would be a good test or force her to work on guard transitions. Lacey maybe a visit to Lee’s camp will help.

    Megan Anderson def. Amber Leibrock via TKO (strikes) R3, 2:33
    Great match for Megan after Cindy D… Amber will take this and work on counters in corner traps and work striking other areas than upper body / stomach areas.

    2015 awards… I would add a records review or stats when voting as some of the tko / submissions were against women who had 1/3 of the experience their opponent had.
    KO of the year and role model – has to be Holm.
    Rookie of the year – too much turn around as we get 2 to 3 match wonders then disappear not a slight for the women that are moving up the ranks. I would vote for 155 Spencer for her Tuff / Invicta wins.

    Weights – 125 the talk so we might get the 115 / 135 women transitioning back and forth. 155 / 170 / 200 weights are starting to show up in the regionals for another stat break down in 2015 results.

    Weekend surprise beside Green Bay / Az football. Cutler’s loss to a TKO one might get her chin / jaw checked as she’s lost 3 matches due to a TKO. 2016 wish…Invicta returning back to a card heavy of ammy’s than a step down from UFCers.

    Kudos for Dana / Shannon in using Big John and other fair / firm refs. Anyone see Big John pull Cyborg off to the side…impressive.

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