Holly Holm Takes the WMMA Press 2015 Fighter and KO of the Year

holm winnerIt took one match to change the landscape of the bantamweight division.

UFC champion Holly Holm shocked the world in doing something no one else had: beat Ronda Rousey. The win and her year at 3-0 sealed her not only to win the WMMA Press Award for Bantamweight of the Year, but overall Fighter of the Year for 2015.

Holm took only nine months in the UFC to become champion. With wins over Raquel Pennington and Marion Reneau, the UFC jumped Holm in front of the line to face Rousey for the belt. The decision didn’t disappoint.

Holm ‘s knockouts by kicks were well known before her UFC run, and hear head kick KO of Ronda Rousey at UFC 193 this past November also garnered her the KO of the year.

Congratulations to Holly Holm – WMMA Press Awards 2015 Bantamweight, Knockout, and  Fighter of the Year.

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