Lynn Le Updates us on Society Nine as it Makes its World TV debut

12439172_1102298136477971_887299483146186748_nOver two years ago, Lynn Le had a vision: to make female fight gear that actual fit and was more reliable.

Le soon began her journey giving creation to Society Nine, a company that will change the combat sports world as a whole. Her kickstarter found huge support, garnered her some awards, and got needed funding to get started.

It wasn’t easy though. Pressure to deliver a completed and well working product is a monumental task. Le and the company had to deal with delays due to find more appropriate vendors for materials, dealing with factories that need to manufacture the products just right, and finally getting the gear in the hands of the individuals who paid good money for a high quality product. Society Nine was able to pull through the hurdles and deliver their product as promised.

“Since our Kickstarter product fulfillment has been complete, we’ve been getting great positive feedback and constructive criticism on things that we could make better from aesthetics to strap and foam improvements,” Le tells us. ” We’ve been getting this feedback from pro and ammy fighters, to refs like Big John McCarthy, and coaches like Peter Welch, and then there’s our everyday fitness customer too, who doesn’t come from the industry but is simply passionate about being active and is really into combat sports fitness.”

“Our current boxing and MMA glove line will be improved based upon these recommendations, but we’ll also be launching new colors as well as a legging and more tops because all of that has been in high demand!”

Her biggest coup this year was getting her gloves approved by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. One of the most respected in the nation, many commissions fall on their backing to approve equipment in their own states.

“That was a really exciting, but kind of scary process,” Lee continued. “Not because the NSAC or the Chief Inspector were scary but we of course were aiming high, you know? Plus they see SO much in their industry – we were/are proud of our gear, but given that it was the first time a major independent governing body in the sport was evaluating it objectively, there were certainly nerves.”

“It’s going to be a huge feather in our cap to have the approval of the NSAC. They are one of the toughest commissions in the country given that they oversee so many events in the combat sports industry in Nevada so to be able to receive the approval quite frankly was an honor. But, we have to give ourselves a little bit of credit – my team, and the athletes who helped us by giving us feedback, got us here.”

“Personally, it means a lot to me. When I think back two years ago about making better gloves and gear for women, I didn’t think we’d be able to get something like their approval this quickly. Not that we shortcutted anything! I think it’s just a testament to how much my team and I have really cared about launching something great with version one of our products, because it can only mean we’re getting even better from here.”

Even after all this, Society Nine’s work isn’t over yet. Although she did massive research with fighters, coaches, and referees to help improve archaic and unimproved gear and made them functional, she is always looking for input.

“We are a feedback based company, and we really want women of the community to feel like they can be involved in our growing process. We can’t get better without their involvement, so we really want to encourage new ideas and engagement with us – we welcome it with open arms! By them getting involved with us, together we are making a huge impact by introducing more women to the world of combat sports fitness.”

Society Nine has started to sell their products with independent vendors like Bridge City Fight Shop in Oregon, but looks forward to making their mark worldwide.

This starts Wednesday night as Le will be on the new TV series “Quit Your Day Job” on Oxygen Network 10pm PT/ET. She will be mentored and will hope to get an angel investment from a trio of business icons.

You can watch a clip of her on the show below, describing her journey before the show.

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