Invicta’s Christine Stanley Talks Evolution of her Game

stanley 02One of the most dynamic up and coming flyweights is ready to showcase some new skills come InvictaFC 17.

The San Diego based athlete will head a few hours north to fight in Costa Mesa May 7th to face Shannon Sinn. The flyweights have been one of Invicta’s signature divisions loaded with fresh young talent.

Stanley has already made her mark back at InvictaFC 11 in February 2015, when she TKOed Laura Salazar in exciting fashion in just under three minutes.

“It was my best performance so far,” Stanley expressed. “Mentally I was prepared. Coming in as a two day replacement, I was ready to go. I’m never afraid to fight someone in front of me.”

A lot has happened since Christine Stanley stepped into Invicta for the first time.

She has since moved her camp to Alliance gym, which has seen an influx of top talent come into its doors, including InvictaFC strawweight title challenger Angela Hill. Both has formed a bond through training and friendship.

“Angela and I got there a week a part. It’s been a really interesting dynamic between myself and her,” Stanley explained. “Not only do we have Angela, but we have Bec Rawlings and Jessica Penne. All these girls have something to bring to the table. We are practicing all the time even if we are not in camp. Everyone is feeding off each other and it’s been a great change of pace for me”

“Everyone pushes each other there. There is a high standard. It’s a great environment to be around.”

As much as Stanley is touted for her striking, her ground game is yet to be tested. Having trained BJJ for years now, she tells us Alliance has improved her wrestling and has integrated it into her stand up.

With over a year since her last fight, Stanley guarantees us a more evolved fighter come InvictaFC 17.

“My last fight was the past. I am completely different at this point. I made improvements by leaps and bounds by making adjustments and just changing my striking game. What you saw before is nothing like what I am going to bring to the table (May 7th). I am excited to bring it.”

“It will be cool come May to show (Invicta) to be one of the best flyweight prospects.”


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