Your Guide to TUF 23 (Updated bi-weekly)

As we head to July, one strawweight will be crowned “The Ultimate Fighter”.

Eight women qualified to get into the house to be only the third woman to hold the title.

Here is all you need to know, and results updated by-weekly.

“Get in the House” results

  • Amanda Bobby Cooper def. Mellony Geugjes by armbar 1:00 round 1 (video)
  • Lanchana Green  def. Ashley Cummins by TKO round 2 (video)
  • Jamie Moyle def. Alyssa Krahn by rear naked choke 4:02 round 1 (video)
  • Ashley Yoder  def. Jodie Esquibel by split decision (video)
  • JJ Aldrich def. Kristi Lopez by unanimous decision (video)
  • Tatiana Suarez  def. Chelsea Bailey by unanimous decision (video)
  • Kate Jackson def. Irene Cabello-Rivera by TKO round 2 (video)
  • Helen Harper def.Amy Montenegro by armbar round 1 (video)

The Teams

Team Claudia

5TdQHoh (1)

Name Age Record Hometown Twitter Instagram
Amanda Bobby Cooper  24  1-1 Bath, Michigan @ABCnation125 @abcnation125
Lanchana Green  26  2-1 Darlington, England @LanchanaGreen @lanchanagreen
Tatiana Suarez  25 3-0 Fontana, California @tspmma115 @tatianasuarezpadilla
Kate Jackson  29  7-2-1 Lostwithiel, England  @KPAJackson @kpajackson

Team Joanna


 Name Age  Record  Hometown  Twitter  Instagram
 Jamie Moyle  27 3-1 Las Vegas, Nevada  @LoveBoatJamie  @loveboatjamie
Ashley Yoder  28  4-1 Indianapolis, Indiana @Yoda_BaBay  @spydermonkey_yoda
JJ Aldrich  23 2-1 Aurora, Colorado @JJAldrich1 @jjaldrich
Helen Harper 28 4-1 Farnborough, England @HHHellraiser @fightergirl2012


Team Claudia Result  Team Joanna
Tatiana Suarez  

Rear naked choke

round 2

jj aldrich
Tatiana Suarez (Winner) Week 1 JJ Aldrich
Lanchana Green Unanimous decision

(After three rounds)

helen harper
Lanchana Green (winner) Week 3 Helen Harper
amanda cooper Majority decision jamie moyle
Amanda Bobby Cooper (winner) Week 5 Jamie Moyle
kate jackson Unanimous decision ashley yoder
Kate Jackson (winner) Week 7 Ashley Yoder

Semi- finals

636003184346023779-Amanda-Bobby-Cooper-portrait Rear naked choke

Round 1

 Amanda Bobby Cooper (winner) Lanchana Green
Tatiana Suarez tuf Guillotine

Round 1


Tatiana Suarez (Winner) Kate Jackson


Tatiana Suarez tuf Darce choke

round 1

 Tatiana Suarez (Winner)  Amanda Bobby Cooper

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