Valentina Shevchenko and Coach Pavel Fedotov Take on Robbers in Shoot-out

valentina coach
Left to right – Antonia Shevchenko, Pavel Fedotov, Valentina Shevchenko

Scary incident Monday night as UFC fighter Valentina Shevchenko and her coach Pavel Fedotov will caught in the middle of a robbery.

Shevchenko and Fedotov were at a local Lima, Peru chicken restaurant when the robbers came in, holding up the patrons and employees.  Video of the robbery has surfaced online.

The three were physical with anyone who resisted. Unknowing to the criminals, Fedotov was armed. As the criminals demanded money from patrons, one of the robbers shot a young lady in the restaurant, wounding her. This led to Fedotov shooting at the robbers. He fatally wounded one of the robbers, which prompted them to flee. The other two got away with about S/5,000 in Peruvian soles, or about $1,500 US.

Fedotov took a shot to the stomach from one of the robbers, but it was a clean wound, and he has since been stitched up. He is still in the hospital and recovering, according to Shevchenko’s manager Roger Allen, who we talked to today. His wife and Valentina’s sister Antonia arrived Tuesday morning from the world championships to Peru and is now with her family.

Valentina sustained no injures and is fine besides being a little shook up.

Valentina and Fedotov are in Peru to help promote her upcoming fight with Holly Holm UFC on FOX 20 July 23rd in Chicago. As it stands now, the match will go on as as planned.


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