Watch “Female Fighting: The Time is Now” Documentary

Three years ago, we set out on a mission to find out what makes a woman want to take up fighting and why it has become so popular.

After the growing popularity of InvictaFC, the UFC adding more weight divisions, and growing interest internationally, there was a lot has changed since the we started, but many of the same themes are still there.

The 37 minute documentary features MMA legend Julie Kedzie, UFC star Liz Carmouche, InvictaFC fighter Sarah Maloy, Syndicate MMA’s Amanda Lucas, and a lot of younger fighters that have since retired or awaiting their return.

We also have writer Cynthia Vespia, who gives an historical and pop culture prospective of the growth of female fighting.

If you ever wanted insight into what the fighters thing about their craft, get some popcorn and a drink and enjoy learning about these ladies.

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