2016 IMMAF World Championships Participants Tenatively Set

Coming into its third year, the IMMAF World Amateur MMA Championships are ready to show the best the international community has to offer.

So far 34 female athletes have signed up to make the trip to Las Vegas during UFC’s International Fight week. We will see some familiar faces from tournaments past, nationally recognized talent, and some new faces from some new places including Nepal.

Tuff-n-uff MMA is the co-promoter of the event.

The first three days of qualify are free to the public at the Las Vegas Convention Center July 5-7, with the last three days taking place at the UFC Expo July 8-10; which you can purchase tickets here.

For those who can’t make it, the finals will stream live on UFC Fight Pass. We will have daily updates for you here on Wombat Sports as well.

Listed below is tentative lists of combatants who have signed up to compete after qualifying for their country’s team. These could change via the vetting process (making sure they haven’t had a pro fight), them not being able to make the trip, or additions to teams with open slots.

IMMAF World Championship Participants 


  • Brenda Tran (Australia; 1-0)
  • Alekandra Toncheva (Bulgaria; 3-0)
  • Rika Hamada (Japan; 2-0)
  • Sarah Archer (New Zealand; 4-4)
  • Alekandra Rola (Poland; 5-1)
  • Raluca Dinescu (Romania; 3-1)
  • Naomi Harvey (United Kingdom; 3-2-1)
  • Ashley Samples (USA; 8-5)


  • Brittney Allan (Canada; 1-0)
  • Michaela Dostalova (Czech Republic; 2-2)
  • Anette Osterberg (Finland; 4-1)
  • Ilaria Nocia Jane (Italy; 1-2)
  • Jessica Bradley (New Zealand; 3-1)
  • Gabriella Ringblom (Sweden; 13-7)
  • Tracy Cortez (USA; 5-0)


  • Sierra Dinwoodie (Canada; 0-0)
  • Claudia Barragan (Colombia; 0-0)
  • Manfredi Morgane (France; 0-1)
  • Manon Fiorot (France; 0-0)
  • Arziko Bregu (Italy; 2-0)
  • Tuyet Nguyen (New Zealand; 1-1)
  • Bindu Pun Magar (Nepal; 0-0)
  • Camilla Mannes (Norway; 1-2)
  • Katarzyna Biegajlo (Poland; 0-0)
  • Ekaterina Vasilenko (Russia; 0-0)
  • Corneila Holm (Sweden; 3-3)
  • Michelle Jones (United Kingdon; 5-0-1)


  • Yvonne Chow (Australia; 2-0)
  • Chamia Chabbi (Finland; 2-0)
  • Julia Dorny (Germany; 1-2)
  • Fatime Nanasi (Hungary; 4-2)
  • Gina Kolo (New Zealand; 0-0)
  • Leah McCourt (Northern Ireland; 3-1)
  • Taryn Conklin (USA; 3-0)

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