2016 Pro WMMA First Half Stats by The Numbers

With the first six months behind us, time to look at what has happened so far in the professional women’s divisions of MMA.

We have already seen some expansion and some surprises in terms of the statistics, as we are looking towards what will be another banner year.

Here are some key facts about 2016 from January to June by the numbers.

320 – The number of pro female bouts in MMA so far this year. This is up from 300 at this time last year. The second half of the year tends to be busier, with a current pace of 675 fights.

129 – Number of fights that went the distance. This has surpassed last year’s total at this time by 35 fights this time last year. Unanimous decision jumped from 74 last year to 94 this year. We have already surpassed the amount of draws from all of last year with 10 so far.

107 – First round finishes. This continues the trend as it has stayed the leader since we started recording stats. However, this has dropped from last year’s total of 132.

101 – Number of strawweight bouts this past six months. This is nearly a third of all bouts. This is also outpacing flyweight by 34 fights this year. Compared to last year, there was 76 strawweight bouts. With the UFC establishing the division in 2014, it has been the strongest growing division overtaking flyweight last year.

75 – TKO wins. This is the most popular way to finish a fight. This is behind last year’s total though, 89.

44 – Armbars wins so far this year. It maintains itself as the most popular submission, although is off by three from this time last year.

41 – Number of countries that held professional female MMA bouts. This compared to 35 at this time last year. Overall last year 46 countries held pro bouts with several on last year’s list. 13 countries from last year’s list has yet to have bouts, but among the newcomers are Croatia, Honduras, Kazakhstan, and Lithuania.

30 -Number of states so far that have held pro female bouts. This compared to 27 this time last year. Even though New York just became legal, a female pro bout did happen in Niagara Falls on an Indian reservation. Seven states have yet to hold a pro female MMA bout – Alabama, Delaware, Maryland, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Vermont, and South Dakota. However, South Dakota will hold its first sanctioned pro female MMA bout July 13 as Cortney Casey faces Cristina Stanciu.

6 – More months to improve these numbers. Will we see trends continue? Will we break the 50 country mark? Will we get all 50 states this year? Will we break 700 fights?

Legend to above map:

  • Red – States that have had pro female bouts this year
  • Green – States that have had pro female bouts in the past
  • Purple – States that have held amateur female bouts but not pro in the past.

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