Association of Boxing Commissions Hand Down New MMA Rules

The Association of Boxing Commissions has made significant changes to the Unified Rules of MMA this past week at their annual convention in Las Vegas.

The biggest change is the idea of a 10-8 round. The judges will consider dominance, duration, and impact in terms of scoring a 10-8, and if two of the three criteria are leaning towards on fighter, they can consider it. If all three are in favor of a fighter, they must score a 10-8. They can also score a 10-7 if they see fit.

The definition of a grounded fighter also changed. Now just having a hand on the ground won’t protect you from a knee. Both hands (palm/fist down) or both shins must be touching the mat.

The one rule that effects female fighters is the new clothing regulations. Short sleeved (above elbow) form fitting rash guards or sports bras are the only things  allowed over the torso. They will follow the men’s rules for what can be below the torso (only shorts) but are exempt from wearing groin guards.

Heel strikes to the kidneys and the grabbing of the clavicle.are now legal.

Several Weight cutting measures, which as a hot button issue this year, did not pass committee, as did the idea of new weight classes that would be every ten pounds. Many states are already instituting early weigh-ins and maybe the sports standard without the ABC approval.

The rules go into effect January 1st.




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