Olympic Boxing Recap: Shields and Adams Repeat; Mossely Takes Gold

claress sheilds 2016 02

Flint, Michigan’s Claressa Shields continues her dominance as the best amateur female boxer at 75kg. She became the first US boxer male or female to repeat as a gold medalist as she defeated Netherlands’s  Nouchka Fontijn Sunday in an unanimous decision in the 75kg finals at the 2016 Olympic Games. At age 21, we won’t be surprised if she tries for the trifecta in 2020 in Tokyo.

You can watch the gold medal ceremony here.

75 kg bronze medalists were Dariga Shakimova of Kazakhstan and Li Qian of China.

nicola adams 2016

Not to be out done, England’s Nicola Adams defended her 51kg Olympic title defeating France’s Sarah Ourahmoune in the finals Saturday. The 32 year old told Sky News that she is undecided if she will compete at the 202o Tokyo Games, but will be helping grow women’s boxing in the United Kingdom.

51kg bronze medals went to Ren Cancan of China and Ingrit Valencia of Colombia.


With 2012 Olympic champion Katie Taylor upset in the quarterfinals, it was Estelle Mossely of France taking home the gold at 60kg. Beating her teammate Ourahmoune by a day, she became the first French woman to gain a medal in boxing, and snapped a over 100 year drought for her country. In the semi-finals she got a TKO win as her opponent Anastasia Belyakova if Russian injured her arm (video here).

Belyakova would take bronze by virtue of making it to the semi-finals, as did Finland’s Mira Potkonen.

Mossely would defeat Yin Junhua of China in the finals.

Here are the complete results of the 2016 Olympic women’s boxing:

Gold medalists in bold


Opening Round

  • Tetyana Kob (UKR) def. (2-1) Stanimira Petrova (BUL)
  • Mandy Bujold (CAN) def. (3-0) Yodgoroy Mirzaeva (UZB)
  • Ingrit Valencia (COL) def. (TKO) Judith Mbougnade (CAF)
  • Sarah Ourahmoune (FRA) def. (3-0) Zohra Ez-Zahraoui (MAR)


  • Nicola Adams (GBR) @ def. (3-0) Tetyana Kob (UKR)
  • Ren Cancan (CHN) def. (3-0) Mandy Bujold (CAN)
  • Ingrit Valencia (COL) def. (3-0) Peamwilai Laopeam (THA)
  • Sarah Ourahmoune (FRA) def. (3-0) Zhaina Shekerbekova (KAZ)


  • Nicola Adams (GBR) @ def. (3-1) Ren Cancan (CHN)
  • Sarah Ourahmoune (FRA) def. (2-1) Ingrit Valencia (COL)


  • Nicola Adams (GBR) @ def.  (3-0) Sarah Ourahmoune (FRA)

51kg Medalists

  • Gold – Nicola Adams (GBR) @
  • Silver – Sarah Ourahmoune (FRA)
  • Bronze – Ren Cancan (CHN)
  • Bronze – Ingrit Valencia (COL)


Opening Round

  • Mira Potkonen (FIN) def. (2-1) Adriana Araújo (BRA)
  • Yin Junhua (CHN) def. (3-0) Hasnaa Lachgar (MAR)
  • Mikaela Mayer (USA) def. (3-0) Jennifer Chieng (FSM)
  • Irma Testa (ITA) def. (2-1) Shelley Watts (AUS)


  • Mira Potkonen (FIN) def. (2-1) Katie Taylor (IRL) @
  • Yin Junhua (CHN) def. (3-0) Yana Alekseevna (AZE)
  • Anastasia Belyakova (RUS) def. (2-0) Mikaela Mayer (USA)
  • Estelle Mossely (FRA) def. (3-0) Irma Testa (ITA)


  • Yin Junhua (CHN) def. (3-0) Mira Potkonen (FIN)
  • Estelle Mossely (FRA) def. (TKO) Anastasia Belyakova (RUS)


  • Estelle Mossely (FRA) def. (2-1) Yin Junhua (CHN)

60kg Medalists

Gold Estelle Mossely (FRA) 
Silver – Yin Junhua (CHN)
Bronze – Mira Potkonen (FIN)
Bronze – Anastasia Belyakova (RUS)


Opening Round

  • Yaroslava Yakushina (RUS) def. (3-0) Chen Nien-chin (TPE)
  • Dariga Shakimova (KAZ) def. (2-1) Ariane Fortin (CAN)
  • Andreia Bandeira (BRA) def. (2-1) Atheyna Bylon (PAN)
  • Savannah Marshall (GBR) def. (3-0) Anna Laurell Nash (SWE)


  • Claressa Shields (USA) @ def. (3-0) Yaroslava Yakushina (RUS)
  • Dariga Shakimova (KAZ) def. (3-0) Khadija El-Mardi (MAR)
  • Li Qian (CHN) def. (3-0) Andreia Bandeira (BRA)
  • Nouchka Fontijn (NED) def. (2-0) Savannah Marshall (GBR)


  • Claressa Shields (USA) @ def. (3-0) Dariga Shakimova (KAZ)
  • Nouchka Fontijn (NED) def. (2-1) Li Qian (CHN)


  • Claressa Shields (USA) @ def. (3-0) Nouchka Fontijn (NED)

75kg Medalists

Gold – Claressa Shields (USA) @
Silver – Nouchka Fontijn (NED)
Bronze – Dariga Shakimova (KAZ)
Bronze – Li Qian (CHN)

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