Women’s Team Profiles: Syndicate MMA

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be doing profiles of some of the top female teams in the world.

The names change several times over the years, but it has been the Syndicate MMA name that has given the gym the biggest prestige in its history.

The former Throwdown gym (which was the site of the GFight summit in 2011) turned into Syndicate a few years later and relocated to a bigger 18,000 square feet location. Under Head coach John Wood, Syndicate gained a reputation as one of the best gyms in Vegas. Amanda Lucas, a former fighter, has been there since the beginning and was the start of the women’s team.

The growth of the women’s team was trusted by the evolution of Roxanne Modafferi, the veteran fighter who saw a win streak in Invicta due to her much improved striking. This soon drew more and more females to the facility and now has a growing up and coming team, which sees several InvictaFC stars on their roster.

Pro Team

  • Roxanne Modafferi (19-13): InvictaFC star; top 10 flyweight
  • Jamie Moyle (3-1): UFC fighter; InvictaFC star; TUF 23 vet; Tuff-n-uff tournament winner
  • Jessy Rose Clark (6-2, 1NC): InvictaFC star; multi-time Australian bantamweight champion
  • Liz McCarthy (2-4): InvictaFC vet
  • Jessica Bakan (1-1): InvictaFC fighter
  • Hannah Fitzpatrick (1-0): just turned pro; six year vet of the sport

Amateur Team

  • Serena DeJesus (4-1): Tuff-n-uff vet, top amateur bantamweight
  • Kalecia Weisbarth (0-1-1): Tuff-n-uff vet

The team has several fighter that have yet to make their MMA debuts, so expect this list to grow in the near future.

Coaching Staff

  • John Wood: Head coach; striking coach
  • Alexandre Almeida: jiujitsu/grappling coach; WSOF star
  • Tom Lawlor: wrestling/MMA assistant coach; UFC star
  • Chaz Mulkey: Muay Thai coach


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