Competitors Announced for the 2016 IMMAF European Open

The next wave of European MMA talent will head to Prague, Czech Republic.

The IMMAF will hold its second annual European Open November 22-26. The competition brings out what will be the future of the sport. Twenty seven female competitors from 13 different countries will look to win medals and get worldwide exposure.

Here is a complete list of competitors in the women’s division. The matches will be available on UFC Fight Pass after the event.


  • Aleksandra Toncheva (Bulgaria) – 2016 World Gold & 2015 European Gold Medalist
  • Raluca Dinescu (Romania) – 2016 World Bronze & 2016 European Silver Medalist
  • Svetlana Kotova (Russia)
  • Beckie Ainscough (United Kingdom)


  • Anette Osterberg (Finland) – 2016 World Silver Medalist
  • Gabriella Ringblom (Sweden) – Silver in the 2015 European Open before claiming Gold at the 2016 IMMAF Worlds.
  • Alexandra Kovacs (Hungary)
  • Dagmar Hrund Sigurleifsdottir (Iceland)
  • Danni Neilan (Ireland)
  • Meagan OLoughlin (Ireland)
  • Ilaria Norcia (Italy)
  • Victory Velitsyan (Russia)


  • Cornelia Holm (Sweden) –  2015 European Open Silver and 2016 IMMAF World Gold Medalist
  • Camilla Mannes (Norway) – 2016 World Silver Medalist
  • Chamia Chabbi (Finland)
  •  Fatime Nánási (Hungary)
  • Arziko Bregu (Italy)
  • Joanna Salameh (Lebanon)
  • Karina Vasilenko (Russia)
  • Joleen Ross (United Kingdom)



  • Julia Dorny (Germany) – 2016 World Silver Medalist
  • Iris Nihti (Finland)
  • Eleonora Potorokina (Russia)
  • Anna Zavrazhnova (Russia)
  • Joanne Doyle (United Kingdom)


  •  Helin Paara (Estonia)
  •  Kerttu Kouki (Finland)

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