2016 WMMA Press Nominees for Newcomer of the Year

The next women’s division stars took their first step as pros in 2016.

The WMMA Press Awards committee has nominated 17 athletes for their Newcomer of the Year award. The honor is bestowed on the best female fighter who made their pro debut in 2016.

The WMMA Press committee is a set of journalists that have covered the female divisions of martial arts for years on may different levels.

Six journalists will vote on the award:

This is the 7th year for the awards which sees the best in female fighters recognized.

Here at the nominees for the WMMA Press Award for Newcomer of the Year.

  • Priscila Cachoeira (4-0)
  • Grace Cleveland (2-0 pro; 1-0 ammy)
  • Ye Dam Seo (1-0 pro; 2-0 ammy)
  • Sunna Davidsdottir (1-0; IMMAF champ, Invicta debuter)
  • Mackenzie Dern (2-0)
  • Sarah Frota (3-0)
  • Syuri Kondo (3-0)
  • Na Liang (3-0)
  • Mariza ‘Nina’ Loch (3-0)
  • Veronica Macedo (5-1 pro; signed to UFC within a year of turning pro)
  • Tiffany Masters (1-0 pro; 5-0 ammy)
  • Mallory Martin (1-0 pro; 3-0 ammy)
  • Miranda Maverick (4-1 ammy; 1-0 pro)
  • Cheri Muraski (3-0 ammy; 1-0 pro)
  • Caitlin McEwen (3-0)
  • Kanako Murata (4-1)
  • Tiffany Teo (4-0 pro)

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