Charmaine Tweet Takes WMMA Press Knockout of the Year 2016

(Photo courtesy Esther Lin/InvictaFC)

It was the spin the got her the InvictaFC title shot.

Canada’s Charmaine Tweet takes home the WMMA Press Knockout of the Year 2016.

The awards are voted on by the WMMA Press committee, a set of journalists that have covered the female divisions of martial arts for years on may different levels.

Six journalists who voted on the award:

In May at InvictaFC 17, Charmaine Tweet faced the undefeated Latoya Walker and after three and a half minutes, landed a picture perfect spinning backfist dropping Walker and becoming the number 1 contender for the featherweight title.

“It wasn’t something I was expecting in this fight, but that’s when you get the best knockouts,” Tweet told us. “I loved it hearing everyone in the crowd say when I connected with her jaw how it reverberated through the building. It was an existing moment in my career for sure.”

Congratulations Charmiane Tweet WMMA Press Award for Best Knockout.

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