IMMAF European Championships 2017 Underway with 17 Female Fighters

With the World Championships moving to the winter, the IMMAF European Championships has come a lot sooner this year.

In Sophia, Bulgaria, seventeen female fighters from 9 countries in four divisions will battle to be crowned the best amateurs in Europe. Among them is defending IMMAF European champion Cornelia Holm and 2016 Euro bronze medalists Chamia Chabbi, Ilaria Norciam, Anette Osterberg, and Arziko Bregu.

The women’s brackets start  Friday with the quarterfinals. Please check each day for results.


Semi-finals (Saturday, March 31)

  • Anna Astvik (SWE) def. Sara Cova (MEX) by unanimous decision
  • Fannie Redman (SWE) def. Antoniya Kalacheva (BGR) by TKO 1:52 round 1

Final (Sunday, April 2)

  • Fannie Redman (SWE) def. Anna Astvik (SWE) by unanimous decision to win the tournament


Quarterfinal (Friday, March 28)

  • Anja Saxmark (SWE) def. Beckie Ainscough (GBR) by rear naked choke 1:24 round 1 

Semi-finals (Saturday, March 31)

  • Anette Österberg (FIN) def. Anja Saxmark (SWE) by split decision
  • Alexandra Kovacs (HUN) def. Ilaria Norcia (ITA) by unanimous decision

Final (Sunday, April 2)

  • Alexandra Kovacs (HUN) def. Anette Österberg (FIN) by split decsion to win the tournament 


Quarterfinal (Friday, March 28)

  • EvaMy Persson (SWE) def. Chamia Chabbi (FIN) by armbar 2:11 Round 2 

Semi-finals (Saturday, March 31)

  • Cornelia Holm (SWE) def. Arziko Bregu (ITA) by rear naked choke 1:59 round 3
  • Manon Fiorot (FRA) def. EvaMy Persson (SWE) by unanimous decision 

Final (Sunday, April 2)

  • Cornelia Holm (SWE) def. Manon Fiorot (FRA) by unanimous decsion to win the tournament 


Semi-finals (Saturday, March 31)

  • Ofelia Nikolaeva (BGR) def. Nora Nagy (HUN) by TKO 2:45 round 2

Final (Sunday, April 2)

  • Ofelia Nikolaeva (BGR) def. Sanna Hyytiäinen (FIN) by unanimous decision to win the tournament

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