Future Stars – Riley Mullins

received_1512687965432311-1The south is somewhere we haven’t heard much from in terms of up and coming talent, but this is changing.

Riley Mullins, a ten year old out of Alabama, has be moving up the BJJ ranks, winning state and national titles. Out of 10th Planet Atmore under Justin Ramer, she is only an orange belt and has yet to see the extent of her potential.

Wombat Sports: What got you interested in getting involved in BJJ?

Riley Mullins: My older cousin started doing Jiu Jitsu. He was showing me all the things he had learned and I just really liked it. My Mom found a near by gym and that’s where it all started for me.

Wombat: What do you enjoy about it?Screenshot_2017-06-03-12-54-45-1

Mullins: I love learning new techniques. It’s an art and I have so much fun doing it. I love rolling with my teammates and pushing myself. Jiu Jitsu has gave me so much confidence.

W.S.: How has your friends and classmates reacted to it?

RM.: My classmates thinks it’s pretty cool. Everyone is very supportive. They wish me well before competition and congratulate me afterwards.

W.S.: How about your family?

R.M.: My family is always supportive in everything I do.

W.S.: What comes naturally to you in BJJ? What have you found difficult?

R.M.: Competitiveness for sure. One thing I find difficult is when I have to compete against my teammates. We are all pretty close friends.

20170527_115849W.S.: Who do you look up to in fighting?

R.M.: My coach Justin Ramer and Holly Holm.

W.S.: How do you feel about the future of females in sports like MMA,
boxing, and wrestling?

R.M.: The future seems great for females. I think more girls are getting into Martial Arts. There is no limit on what we can do. We can do anything that boys can do.

W.S.: What are your goals – will you be taking up other sports in the future
like wrestling, MMA, or kickboxing?

R.M.: I want to be the best. My ultimate goal is to make it to the UFC. I am very determined to step into the cage one day. Outside of Jiu Jitsu I also take Kick Boxing classes.

W.S.: Anything you want to add/thank?

R.M.: I read this quote and it has stuck with me. “A black belt is a white belt that never quit”. And I’m on my way.

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