InvictaFC President Shannon Knapp Talk Titles and Contenders

With most of the InvictaFC titles in a state if flux, InvictaFC president Shannon Knapp took some time Monday to update us.

  • With Megan Anderson now signed to the UFC, Knapp confirms that the InvictaFC featherweight title has not been vacated. They are still waiting for the dust to settle after the Anderson versus Cyborg match in July.
  • When asked about the Tonya Evinger and Helen Kolesnyk possibly being an interim title match, Knapp state “it’s on the table”.
  • The strawweight title will finally have an owner coming at InvictaFC 25. A date, location, and participants has yet to be announced.
  • The reason the Jinh Yu Frey verse Ashley Cummins fight was booked was because Ayaka Hamasaki has yet to contact Invicta on when she is ready to come back. Even after losing to Livia Souza, Hamasaki has still shown her insistence to stay at 115. Until Hamasaki gives Invicta a definitive thumbs up for the move, the atomweight title will stay around her waste. The Frey versus Cummins match is a title eliminator.

Some other things of note we discussed:

  • The UFC is definitely interested in getting some Invicta talent on their upcoming “Contenders Series”, but have yet to book any.
  • Fans were asking about when and if we would see Daria Ibragimova again in Invicta. Knapp tells us she will be available come the fall. It is not known if she will drop to 135 and stay at 145.
  • Invicta Boxing is taking a little longer than expected, but things are still going smoothly.

4 thoughts on “InvictaFC President Shannon Knapp Talk Titles and Contenders”

  1. Any chance of you folks doing a follow up interview with Shannon. A lot of the issues addressed in your June interview still seem unresolved.

    Has the InvictaFC featherweight title been vacated yet. It’s been more than 6 months now since it was announced that Megan was moving to the UFC.

    Is Helen Kolesnyk remaining at 145 or dropping to 135.

    With Yana Kunitskaya moving to the UFC, can we expect a title fight soon?

    I don’t recall a SW title fight at IFC 25 or 26 or even one planned for 27. Can we expect one soon and who are the top contenders?

    It’s been over a year since Hamasaki has defended her title at 105. Is she dropping back down or remaining at 115? It seems unfair to the other AW’s for her not to defend it.

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

    1. With the next Invicta event next week we won’t be able to talk to Shannon until later in the month. But will do a follow up once the dust clears from this event. Many of your questions will probably be answered once fight week commences.

  2. I hope so, but I’ve been hoping so after the past 3 events without any luck. Hopefully this one will be the charm, but if not, I look forward to your interview.

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