Miesha Tate on the Record Part 3 – Future Outside of MMA and Her Message to Fans

This part 3 of a series of interviews with Miesha Tate. You can read Part 1 – Coaching, Commentary, and Charity” here & “Part 2 – Retirement and Rivals” here.

Even in retirement, Miesha Tate has stayed busy.

As we discusses in part 1 of our interview, Tate has one foot still in MMA, hoping to start commentating more often. That isn’t her only focus nowadays, as she wants to expend her growing media empire.

In our last in our series of interviews, we discuss Tate’s life outside of MMA and her message to her fans as she starts a new chapter in her life.

MarQ Piocos: You are in the second year of your podcast “The Miesha Tate Show”. How has it to venture in the podcast space?

Miesha Tate: I love it! It gives me a great opportunity to have conversations with people that I might not get to do otherwise. I’ve heard some really great stories. My favorite podcast to this day was with John Mahoney, the brain cancer survivor. I just love his stories. I thought I was very inspired by him.

For me, the podcast is an outlet to share with the fans more of who I am, what I am, what I do, what I think, and my opinions on things. I really want to do it more often. I’ve slow down to once a month. Part of that is I’ve been on the road so much. It’s really hard to get my schedule coordinated with other people schedules and when I’m home, I’m constantly playing catch-up. I’m in the process of renovating my home so there’s so much competing for my time that I just need to make more time for it. I love the podcast; I just need to squeeze into my schedule a bit more.

Piocos: Ever consider taking the podcast on the road with you?

Tate: Sometimes I do bring my podcasting equipment on the road. Recently, I revamped the style of the podcast where it could be just a 15 to 20 minute conversation with someone and the rest can be filled with fan questions rather than lock somebody down for an hour, which can’t be difficult. Needing an hour of their time is tough, especially because everyone is really busy. They are shakers and movers as well, so hopefully I’ll be able to do it twice a month that’s the goal starting in July.

M.P.: Talking about trips, you have been traveling a lot lately. How has it been to have some free time to go to places you wanted to go?

M.T.: I have had better experiences traveling when I’m not having to worry about what I’m eating, and having to worry about training twice a day. It’s definitely liberating. I recently started a #TatesTravels on my Instagram where I’m beginning to share where I have traveled and places I recommend. I thought I knew all these cool places; these all hidden spots, great hikes, and beautiful destination points. I’m constantly going out and what’s a better way to do it then to share with my fans when I go somewhere. My goal is to share of the best places to eat, best sites to see, and best places to hang out – the spots that you might not hear about and whatever’s cool out the area.

M.P.: It sounds like you would want your own travel show…

M.T.: I would love to do a Travel Channel show. I’m always envious of the people who are on Travel Channel – who are in Auckland hiking some cave. I was like I’d love to do that.

M.P.: Is there one place you’d like to go that you haven’t?

M.T.: Auckland is one of the places that has my interest peaked. Especially since the UFC event was there recently. I did see a travel channel documentary on Auckland. It was just amazing. It looked they were repelling down to caves and tunnels and just looked absolutely gorgeous and beautiful.

Also Cape Town, Africa. I haven’t been anywhere in that the vicinity. That would be wonderful to go.

M.P.: You have had a great career and exciting life so far. Do you think you’ll write an autobiography at some point?

M.T.: I would love to I think I have a good story. I think I will; just not something on the forefront but eventually I would love to share my story. Possibly make a movie.

M.P.: Finally, I know a lot of your fans are reading this now. Any words for them? 

M.T.: I just want to fans to know that I appreciate them and appreciate their continued support. Even though I chose to walk away from the sport of fighting, I will always make an effort to be involved in Mix Martial Arts. I’m not going away. I almost cringe at the word “retired”, because it’s not really accurate. I have transitioned. I’m not really retired. I retired from fighting but not from MMA. Not from the sport.

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