IMMAF champ Joanne Doyle’s US Trip Proves Fruitful

Many fighters dream of taking some time off to travel and train at different places. Joanne Doyle and her husband James just took their third annual trip to the United States to do just that.

We caught up with the Doyles in Las Vegas to talk about their travels.

Joanne, the IMMAF European featherweight champion, has been active this year with two wins in 2017 and hoping to keep her undefeated 6-0 record in tact as she faces Louise Hiller September 9th at Almighty FC in Leeds, England.

It is something that the England based Doyles look forward to every year. They save up money to take these several week trips, which is for fun, but also used to explore gyms; maybe to move the US to get enhanced training and better opportunities.

“We’ve done this for the last 3 years, we made international fight week last year which was really cool,” Joanne tells us. “Wherever we travel to we make sure we incorporate training, we’ve had some great experiences and met some cool people.”

“The amateur scene is really tricky for females in Europe,” Joanne continues. “I’ve found it hard to get matched so my last 2 fights have been on a weeks notice and at a higher weight, luckily I’m always ready to fight.”

The trip has become not only a scouting adventure, but a part of their wedding anniversary, which makes it all the more fun.

“Highlight of my trip has been spending my 2nd wedding anniversary not in fight camp! I have fought 6 times in 12 months which has been tough not only on me but my close family and friends so this downtime was needed. My training highlight was training at Ralph Gracie, it’s my first time in San Francisco and we were made to feel so welcome – also shared the mat with half a dozen black belts in 1 class!”

Besides Ralph Gracie’s gym in San Francisco, the couple trained in Vegas at Xtreme Couture, where James has connections with coach Robert Follis. From there, they ended their tour with Box and Burn in Los Angeles, where champions of boxing and MMA train when they are in the area.

Besides the vast information and experiencing the new surroundings, the trip also gives time to reflex. The Doyles will hopefully look forward to another productive year.

“Always great to train at new places but also good to have some downtime and plan my goals for the next 12 months.”

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