First Half 2017 Pro WMMA Stats by the Numbers

Photo Courtesy Scott Hirano, Invicta FC

It’s been our bi-yearly tradition to compile data from the women’s divisions to show where we are at in terms of expansion, plus current trends and changes.

The past 6 months has seen a shift in some major categories and expansion to other countries continues.

Here are some of the women’s division’s stats for the first half of 2017, ending on June 30.

340 – Total fights for the first 6 months of the year. This is up by 20 fights this time last year. We wound up at the end of 2016 with 711 fights total. The last six months always out paces the first six, so could we see us break 800 fights this year?

211 – Number of finishes in the first half. That is nearly 2/3 of total fights. This is 20 more than 2016 first half stats. The first round outpaced all other rounds in finishes by more than half.

131 – Total number of debuts. This is only 2 off the pace of last year. Many of these were foreign debuts, but with the amateur US divisions starting to rebound, we could see more America fighters make their way to the pros.

106 – Submissions, the most popular way to finish a fight. The interesting stat is rear naked chokes are catching up with armbars as the most popular submission. With a gap of 16 the first half of 2016, armbars only edged RNCs by 2.  Our running theory is that wrestling is becoming more popular in training the ground game than BJJ for women.

104 – Total amount of strawweight bouts. These didn’t include 110 catchweights, which had 9. Flyweight, however, has been making a comeback, having dominated the first few years we started taking stats. Having been outpaced by 34 fights this time last year, that gap is only 14 now. With the new UFC flyweight division and Bellator and Invicta expanding theirs, we suspect it would be a photo finish by the end of the year. The other weight classes broke down like this: bantamweight (55), atomweight (31), and featherweight (19). These don’t include catchweights. The openweight division is also seeing expansion.

98 – Number of unanimous decision wins. This is one off the pace. Going the distance overall (split, UD, majority, ect.) has slid a few percentage points as the foreign markets has been hand picking opponents. We only saw 2 draws, 1 DQ, and 1 no contest so far.

46 – Fights in Brazil. This is the most fights by any country other than the United States. This has been a drop of 29 fights at this time last year. China and Japan are tied for second with 21. China’s output has been voracious, and Japan stayed steady. South Korea has already nearly double it’s while last year total with 17 so far taking third, just edging India by 1.

25 – Amount of fights in Missouri, the most of any state. A big part of why was Invicta staying in Kansas City the first part of the year. With 108 total fights in the US, 29 states saw at least 1 female fight. Missouri takes the number 1 spot from California, with saw their output cut by half the same time last year.  Nevada went from 14 fights this time last year to only 1 female pro bout. The UFC had shifted to more events outside of Nevada, but we expect a rebound come the later half of the year.

6 – More months of 2017 to see if trends stay the same or change.


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