Rizin Women’s Grand Prix Opening Round Announced

(Photo courtesy Rizin)

One of the biggest female tournaments in Japan’s history us set to kick off October 15th.

The tournament will feature competitors from 5 different countries, with the winner receiving an over $90,000 grand prize. The winners of the October event will go on two fight twice New Year’s Eve weekend to win the championship.

Among the notable opening round matches, heavily favored Rena will face former King of the Cage champion Andy Nguyen and top Brazilian prospect Maria Oliveira (9-2) will face Rizin and Combates vet Alyssa Garcia.

One spot is yet to be determined as Saori Ishioka and Kanna Asakura will square off at DEEP-JEWELS’s August 26th event to determine the final competitor.

Here are the opening round matches. The complete card will stream on Fite.tv October 15th.

  • Rena Kubota (Japan; 4-0) vs Andy Nguyen (USA; 5-4)
  • Miyuu Yamamoto (Japan; 1-2) vs Irene Rivera (Spain; 6-4)
  • Alyssa Garcia (USA; 3-3) vs Maria Oliveira (Brazil; 9-2)
  • Sylwia Juśkiewicz (Poland; 6-4) vs. winner of  Saori Ishioka (Japan; 15-10)/Kanna Asakura (Japan; 7-2) at 8/26 DEEP-JEWELS event

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