2017 in the Pro Women’s MMA Divisions by the Numbers

(Photo courtesy Dave Mandel, Invicta FC)

2017 was yet again another record breaking year, and showed several shifts internationally and among weight classes as the sport continues to expand.

Our biannual breakdown continues with the numbers you need to know before we begin a new year.

778 – Number of total pro female division fights in 2017.  This is a 9% increase from last year (713). This is slightly lower than the 11% growth we usually get.

269 – Number of pro debuts this year. This is eight less that 2016. With the US amateurs being drained the past few years, the Europeans have been picking up the slack thanks to the IMMAF and more international promotions gaining divisions.

237 – Unanimous decisions. This was the most popular way for a fight to end. It continues the trend in the past several years. There were 58 split decisions, with 10 majority – the most ever in a calendar year. There was also 21 total draws, also a record.

263 – Number of strawweight fights in 2017. Thus edged out flyweight by 36 fights. With the addition of the UFC 125 division, number could shift once again to towards flyweight, which was the most popular division a few years back. Bantamweight takes third with 144 with atomweight taking fourth with 68.

198 – TKOs. The most popular way to finish a fight. This is only four more than last year. There were 26 pure knockouts this year only two more than 2016.

141 – Amount of fights in Brazil – the most of any country besides the US. The Asian countries picked up a lot of the action as Japan had 63 bouts, South Korea 32, and China 34. Russia triple its numbers from 2016 with 32 fights this year. Several new countries held their first female bouts including the United Arab Eremites, Latvia, and Mongolia.

113 – Total number of fights in December. This smashed the record for most fight in a month, which was previously held by July 2016 (86).

104 – Armbars, the most popular submission of the year. Rear naked chokes nearly tied armbars at the half year mark, but thanks to what was an armbar fest in December, the “chave de braço” overtook the “Mata leão” aka rear naked choke by 13.

63 – Number of women’s division fights in the UFC the most by any promotion. This is the third straight year the UFC has had the most fights, with Invicta taking second with 48. Bellator edged out DEEP to take the third spot with 33. Should be noted more all female promotions started this year, and more multiple female bouts have added to others.

41 – Number of fights in Missouri, the most by any state. This is thanks mainly to Invicta. California was second with 32. The US as a whole had the most fights as a country with 222.

1 – Year of growth and another year of great action.

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