Photo Gallery: WCWA 2018 National Final Matches

Saturday saw some exciting final bouts in the Women’s College Wrestling Association’s National Championships.

We were there matside for the final bouts of the tournament to capture the action.

(Editors note: We were unable to get photos of the 155 finals due to us shooting video for a future piece we are producing.)

101 Championship – Regina Doi (King University) def. Marina Doi (King University) (Doi Sisters End their College Careers)

109 Championship – Cody Pfau (Emmanuel College) def.  Maria Vidales (Emmanuel College)

116 Championships – Abby Lloyd (Simon Fraser) def. Gabrielle Weyhrich (McKendree)

123 Championship – Dominique Parrish (Simon Fraser) def. Alex Hedrick (Simon Fraser)

130 Championship – Grace Bullen (Campbellsville) def. Nicole Depa (Simon Fraser)

136 Championships – Kayla Miracle (Campbellsville) def. Desiree Zavala (Grey Harbor College)

143 Championships – Mallory Velte (Simon Fraser) def. Alexis Porter (McKendree)

170 Championships – Brittany Marshall (Wayland Baptist) def. Mariah Harris (Campbellsville)

191 Championship – Paige Baynes (Grays Harbor) def. Leilani Camargo-Naone (Midland)

National Team Title Runners Up – Simon Fraser University

IMG_2382 (2)

WCWA National Champions – Campbellsville University







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