Oklahoma’s Kristina Williams Looking for Another Upset at Bellator

Kristina Williams made a huge mark in the MMA world this past October in her pro debut, upsetting boxing champion Heather Hardy by TKO.

With the win, she propelled herself quickly in the rankings, and now faces Emily Ducote at Bellator 195 this Friday live on the Paramount Network.

No one expected Williams to strike it out with a world boxing champion. Williams and her team were well prepared, though.

“I was planning on kickboxing with her,” Williams told us. “If I felt I needed to take it to the ground I would, but it went so well with the stand up I didn’t need to. I enjoyed it too.”

Hardy may have underestimated her background in the fight.

Williams is a black belt in taekwondo and soon after took up jiu-jitsu and kickboxing; then transitioning to MMA. Very few with a taekowndo background do well in MMA, but Williams found a way to use some techniques in her MMA training.

“Taekowndo taught me a lot about the fluidity of my strikes, and being quick on my feet.”

The fight with Ducote bring in a lot of interesting factors including the fact both will be essentially hometown fighters. The crowd will be split between the competitors, which will make an interesting environment.

The fact that this is on national TV is also a factor. Williams tells us the Hardy fight did well to help her to know what to expect.

That being stated, Williams admits this is a big fight for her. A possible win could get her a shot at current champion Ilima-Lei MacFarlane. In what is becoming a stacked flyweight division, she could be thrust even more into the MMA spotlight,

“Being able to face Emily is a huge opportunity for me,” Williams expressed. “She’s well rounded; a great fighter in striking and on the ground. Getting a win over her would tell me a lot about my future in this sport and would tell a lot of other people a lot. This fight is really going to be good for me.”


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