Invicta to Expand to More Combat Sports; Featherweight MMA Title in Limbo

Photo Courtesy Dave Mandel/Invicta FC

Coming off their debut in Salt Lake City, Invicta is already gearing up for their next card, with an announcement in just a few days about the May 4th event in Kansas City.

InvictaFC president Shannon Knapp is busy with a lot more projects, as she told us Monday. Knapp told us the long awaited debut of Invicta Boxing will debut most likely in August, with several things already in motion for the inaugural event. She isn’t just looking at boxing. Knapp told us we will see kickboxing, Muay Thai, and submission grappling coming out of the promotion as well.

The biggest questions in fans minds is the state of the featherweight title. Ediane Gomes is the current number one in the division, but a contender is still needed. Gomes is currently under a medical suspension and injured.  Knapp tells us it will take time to develop the division, as many of those signed need experience and a contender needs to be built. Invicta is also looking for more fighters to sign at featherweight. Don’t expect the title to be filled anytime soon.

History was made this past card when Invicta held its first amateur bout under its banner. Knapp tells us she is going to continue this as a way to motivate amateur athletes and to give back to the local fans and MMA scene. This past one was not streamed, but Knapp tell us we will see them stream free on a platform to be determined.


4 thoughts on “Invicta to Expand to More Combat Sports; Featherweight MMA Title in Limbo”

  1. Anyone know why Invicta Atomweight champ, Ayaka Hamasaki, is fighting over at Rizin next month against a fighter who has lost her last two fights ) rather than giving Jinh Yu a rematch as she promised over 18 months ago? Hopefully Ayaka is vacating the title and we will get to see Jinh Yu have a chance to fight someone else for it.

    1. Ayaka is recovering from injury so wants to get a warm up. Rizin is known for that kind of matchmaking, and Gracia asked for the fight

      1. I hadn’t realized that. Do you have any details on the injury. I did a Google search of Ayaka Hamasaki injury going back a year and it turned up nothing.

        In the meantime, has Ayaka given up her belt, and if so, will Jinh Yu be facing someone shortly for it?

      2. it was a back injury according to my sources. The airplane ride to the US may aggravate it more so they wanted a fight local.

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