Glena Avila Talks Final Bout; New Career Path

One of the most talented fighters never to had fought for Invicta or the UFC has decided to call it a career.

Glena Avila will hang up her gloves May 26th at King of the Cage in Lincoln City, Oregon against Angela Danzig.

“I couldn’t be more excited to share this moment with my home town crowd,” Avila told us. “I’m so grateful to Chinook Winds Casino & King of the Cage for allowing me the honor of main eventing & fighting for this prestigious Superfight World Title.”

“I’ve just hit a point in my career where I’ve accomplished everything I’ve set out to do & I’m looking forward to broadening my horizons by playing other roles in my sport.”

Avila has had an 9 year run, and started later than most fighters now a day. After being undefeated as an amateur,  her last amateur and first pro fight being told in the documentary “Glena”.

Since then, she went 6-4 in her pro career.

“Every fight was a highlight for me, whether I won or lost, it was a masterpiece to me because I put so much into it & I really have no regrets at this point but it was still a bit of a roller coaster with injuries & what not.”

Her career came in a critical time in the develop of the women’s divisions. The rise of Ronda Rousey and growth of Invicta gain opportunities for women in the sport.

“I was always a happy to participant, but wow! The opportunity growth for us ladies has been remarkable. I really love that & it’s awesome that it’s no longer frowned upon for women to fight.”

As she gets ready to end one chapter of her life, she has already started the next one. She has helped coach and mentor several local Oregon fighters including Invicta’s Liz Tracy.

“I think the mentoring role just kind of fits me naturally. I love helping the development of new athletes & seeing people accomplish things they never thought possible. It’s a whole different type of fulfillment for me.”

“Right now I feel like the sky is the limit so I’m going to keep my options open. I can see me trying on a lot of different hats in this sport before I figure out which one or ones fit me the best.”

Many fans of the women’s divisions will see Avila as a person who proves it is never too late to start fighting. A single mom who found time to raise a family and train and compete as a fighter. She will be remember by fighters as a role model. How does she want her career to be remembered?

Exactly as it was. I never promised 100% victories but I did promise to show up on weight, prepared & fight my heart out every. single. time. Which is exactly what I’ve done.”

Glena Avila would like to thank:

King of the Cage for being such an awesome professional organization & giving us a stage to perform.

Chinook Winds Casino for having us here & taking great care of all the fighters, teams & fans. This is by far my favorite venue to fight at.

My home team at Fisticuffs gym as well as everyone I’ve ever trained with past & present with a special shout out to my 1st team at Rise Above MMA. You’ve all helped create the fighter I am today.

All of my sponsors & business supporters; Dethrone Royalty, Lana’s Eggwhites, Hula Boy, Tropical Organics, Jantzen Beach Max Muscle, Gilda’s, Dirty Handz, Budo Bowls, Fish Hogs, BridgeCity FightShop, Ritual Arts, Society Nine, Mei-Li Fighting, Asgard503, & Tussle.

Last but not least, my friends, family & fans. None of this is possible without you. Thank you!

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