2018 First Half Stats in the Women’s Divisions Part 2: The Amateurs

Photos Courtesy Jorden Curran Photography

I have compiled amateur results over the years, but this has been the first time I have broken down the amateur stats.

It was popular demand and questions about the future health of the women’s divisions that got me to do this for the first year. We will dig into the weight divisions in part 3. I haven’t done this in past years because getting complete results for the amateurs was a hassle, as previously discusses in part 1. I suspect a dozen or so results have not been posted in the major databases, so with expect a small margin of error.

Since this is our first time, we can’t compare past years, but can at least compare the pro stats.

Like the pros, we are reporting 343 amateur fights for the first half of 2018, which ended June 30th. Usually we want the pace to be ahead of the pros, seeing many amateurs will retire before even turning pro. In future years we can track retention rates.

Unlike the pros, armbars (27) just beat out rear naked chokes (26) for most subs of the year. Also guillotines (8) beat out triangles (2). 74 total subs happened in the first half of the year.

The most popular finish, however, were TKOs (99). We again have problems with the reporting of knockouts versus TKOs, but for our purposes, there were 6 pure knockouts. There were 179 total finishes, which accounted for 52% for total fights – slightly lower than the pros.

This is a bit of a surprise, seeing inexperience and mismatches that tends to run in the divisions. The most popular way to win overall was unanimous decisions (134), with 25 split decisions, and one majority. Three draws and one disqualification round out the match results.

Much like the pros, the first round (95) is the most popular time for a finish. Round 2 (57) and round 3 (27) follow the same pattern. No amateur title matches made it past the third round either by rule or a finish occurred.

California (25) is the most popular state for an amateur fight.  The California State Athletic Commission has one of the best governing bodies for the amateurs under their CAMO office. Florida came in second with 16, with the majority under the WCFL banner, who have/had two Invicta contract tournaments. In third is Colorado (13) and a three way tie for fourth with Missouri, Michigan, and Tennessee with an even dozen. The US had a total of 228 amateur fights.

In second for countries, Romania (22). The reason being is the IMMAF held its European Championships in the country in June. Coming in second was England (21). Then there is a drop to the single digits, with Brazil (9) in third, and Poland (7) in fourth. Brazil’s amateur scene is finally growing after having one of the more active pro scenes in the past few years. With Joanna Jedrzejczyk leading the way, Poland’s pro and amateur scenes have been growing as well.

In part three, we will discuss both the amateurs and pros by weight divisions to look at the present and future.

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