First Half Stats in the Womens’ Divisions Part 5: Featherweight and Higher Breakdown

Photo courtesy Dave Mandel, Invicta FC

Note: Any fights that were at above 136 for our purposes are considered featherweight. Any fights 142-144 were rounded up to 145. Any fights 137-139 were rounded up to 140 pounds.

The division that has gotten the most flack the past year has been featherweight. While Cyborg Justino has ruled to roost and yet to find a solid challenger, the future maybe looking up.

Only 40 total fights happened in the first six months, the majority has been in the amateurs (28). A dozen happened in the pro ranks. There were 13 amateur debuts versus four pro debuts.

There were eight fights at the 140 catchweight, with 6 amateur and two pro fights.

Top 15 Featherweights as of June 30th (courtesy Unified MMA Rankings/Tapology)

  1. Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino – UFC Champion*
  2. Julia “The Jewel” Budd – Bellator**
  3. Holly “The Preacher’s Daughter” Holm – UFC
  4. Megan Anderson – UFC
  5. Arlene “Angerfist” Blencowe – Bellator*
  6. Talita “Treta” Nogueira (7-0-0) – Bellator**
  7. Amanda “The Lady Killer” Bell – Bellator*
  8. Helena “Pretty” Kolesnyk – Invicta FC**
  9. Felicia “FeeNom” Spencer – Invicta FC**
  10. Pam “Bam” Sorenson – Invicta FC*
  11. Cindy Dandois
  12. Amber Leibrock – Bellator
  13. Larissa Pacheco
  14. Sinead “KO” Kavanagh
  15. “King” Reina Miura

*-Has not fought in 2018
**-Fought in July 2018

The list is deceiving as several fighters have yet to fight in over a year. Among the list Ediane Gomes,  Gabrielle Holloway,  Latoya Walker, Leah Letson, and Olga Rubin.

Among the true featherweights on TUF 28 season include Leah Letson, Macy Chiasson, and Larissa Pacheco.

What also should be taken in consideration is the lightweight division. It has seen growth over the past year. 17 fights were held in the lightweight division overall, with 15 of those fights at amateur. The only pro fights at 155 was King Reina’s win over Soyoung Park at DEEP JEWELS and Kayla Harrison defeating Brittney Elkin at PFL. Eleven fights were held above 160.

Come back to featherweight, the pros saw 6 TKO/KOs, 4 decisions, and 2 submissions. The amateurs saw 17 decisions, 8 TKO/KOs, and 3 submissions.

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