Future Stars – Destiny Moreno

Out of Fight Solutions HQ in Long Beach, California, 13 year old Destiny Moreno is already making waves in Californian combat community.

Having won multiple titles in jiu-jitsu (IBJJF Kids international Champion, SJJIF Worlds Champion, and Jiu Jitsu World League Champion just to name a few), she is round out her game in Muay Thai, winning the USMTO MuayThai West Coast Championship.

She is trained under Chute Boxe legend Gerson Schilipacke and Bjj Coach Jorge Azevedo. 

destiny monroe 01Wombat Sports: What got you interested in getting involved in combat sports?

Destiny Moreno: I did not actually know what the concept of MMA was in when I joined, and I was shy to join but then I Started to enjoy the training.

Wombat: What do you enjoy about it?

Moreno: I enjoy that there are always going to be challenges ahead and new techniques and lessons to learn.

W.S.: What comes naturally to you in fighting? What have you found difficult?

D.M.: I believe that what comes naturally is learning different and new movements; difficulty is putting them together at the right times.

W.S.: How has your friends and classmates reacted to it?

D.M.: They think that it is cool and are always interested in my upcoming fights/tournaments.

W.S.: How about your family?

D.M.: My family thinks that it is cool and motivate me for upcoming matches.

destiny monroe 02W.S.: Who do you look up to in fighting?

D.M.: In females BJJ I look up to Mackenzie Dern. In the UFC I always looked up to Ronda Rousey in how she brought up female fighting.

W.S.: How do you feel about the future of females in fighting?

D.M.: I feel like the future of females in fighting is going to grow even more and will be even more common to hear about.

W.S.: What are your aspirations in fighting?

D.M.: My short-term aspirations is to be able to win all BJJ/Muay Thai fights for an entire year or more. My long term aspiration is to become a BJJ black belt and a UFC champion.

W.S.: Anything you want to add/thank?

D.M.: I want to thank my parents ,coaches and teammates from Fight Solutions HQ for always supporting me and helping me in my training, I would also like to thank my sponsor Pro Boxing Supplies for always providing me with the best gear and always believing in me.

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