Carmouche and McMann Among Quintet Participants; All Female Card Announced for April

Grappling promotion Quintet is pulling out all the stops for its first all female card.

Teams were announced for the historic event, which will take place in Tokyo, Japan April 7th. Four teams will battle for the first women’s championship. The matches will stream on UFC Fight Pass.

Two UFC fighters will be taking part, as Sara McMann and Liz Carmouche will be on Team Sun Chlorella Team and Team 10th Planet respectively. Rizin vets Miyuu Yamamoto and King Reina will also be taking part.

Teams face each other, with representatives competing in one on one bouts of one round of 8 minutes. The winner go on to face the next member of the opposing team. Draws mean both opponents are eliminated. The team with all of their team members eliminated lose the match.

Here are the teams:

Sun Chlorella Team

  • Miyuu Yamamoto
  •  Sara McMann
  •  Mika Nagano
  •  AI
  • Tba

Team 10th Planet

  • Liz Carmouche
  • Lila Smadja-Cruz
  • Fabiana Jorge
  • Grace Gundrum
  • Elvira Karppinen


  • King Reina
  • Yukari Nabe
  • Tomo Maesawa
  • Emi Tomimatsu
  • Hikaru Aono

BJJ Kunoichi Team

  •  Rikako Yuasa
  • Yuki Sugiuchi
  •  Iori Echigo
  •  Nanami Ichikawa
  •  Akiko Sawada



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