Bloody Hell: Top 10 Bloddiest Battles in InvictaFc History

Last Friday, InvictaFC’s Phoenix Series 3 main event saw the mat painted in red when the night was over.

The five round bantamweight title fight saw Julija Stoliarenko take home the crown in a war against Lisa Verzosa in one of the best fights in promotional history.

On the heels of what was a slugfest, let’s look back at the top 10 fights that made the “cut” of the bloodiest battles in InvictaFC history.

(Photos courtesy InvictaFC – be advised these photos are graphic)

10) Kaitlin Young vs. Raquel Pa’aluhi – InvictaFC 9

Paalkuhi young invicta 9

InvictaFC 9 has the most fights in the countdown as the 2014 card was the bloodiest in promotional history.

The bantamweight fight saw top contenders Kaitlin Young and Raquel Pa’aluhi duke it out. Even though she was worse for wear, Pa’aluhi took home the unanimous decision and a Performance of the Night bonus.

9) Amber Brown vs. Liz McCarthy – InvictaFC 9

btown mccarthy Invicta 9

Amber Brown started her InvictaFC career in a close bout with veteran Liz McCarthy. Brown would open the cut above McCarthy’s eyes via a knee in the second round and get the split decision victory.

8) Victoria Leonardo vs Stephanie Geltmacher – InvictaFC 36

leonardo Geltmacher invicta 36

Both women were busted open in was a Fight of the Night performance.  Leonardo would get the split decision in a very close bout.

7) Shannon Sinn vs. Andrea Lee – InvictaFC 9

lee sinn InvictaFc 9

Andrea Lee’s second pro fight and first under the Invicta banner unleashed her well known striking prowess to bloody up the up and coming Shannon Sinn.

6) Alexa Grasso vs Jodie Esquibel – InvictaFC 18

esquibel grasso invicta 18

Alexa Grasso was well on her way to a title shot until she was sidelined for more than a year. In her comeback fight, she didn’t miss a step using her boxing to batter Jodie Esquibel to an unanimous decision victory.

5) Lisa Verzosa vs. Keri Kennison – InvictaFC 38

Researching this article, there was never a fight in InvictaFC where Verzosa wasn’t either blood or caused her opponent to bleed.

It was back in November Verzosa would face Phoenix Series 3 participant Keri Kennison and go all three round to get the unanimous decision and stay undefeated.

Lisa Verzosa vs. Kerri Kenneson invicta 38

4) Jessica Penne vs. Lisa Ellis – InvictaFC 1

penne ellis invicta 1

When InvictaFC started, it was the showcase of the best female athletes on the planet. Veteran fighters Jessica Penne and Lisa Ellis both dropped to atomweight, and traded blows for the first two rounds. Ellis showed the most damage, with her eye cut in round 1 and nose bleeding in round 2. Penne would finish it in round 3. The match propelled Penne to a atomweight title match.

3) Linda Mihalec vs. Marisa Messer-Belenchia – InvictaFC 37

Linda Mihalec vs. Marisa Messer-Belenchia invictafc 37

The newly minted atomweight Linda Mihalec made an impression in her promotional debut. Although she would be bleeding due to an accidental headbutt, she would win a unanimous decision.

2) Kay Hansen vs. Kal Schwartz – InvictaFC 28

hansen swartz invicta 28

Two of the promotion’s rising stars went at it in 2018 as Kal Schwartz and Kay Hansen went at it in Salt Lake City. After a wild first round, which saw several submission attempts by Hansen, an elbow by Schwartz would open up Hansen. Hansen would soon get suplexed and ground and pounded by Schwartz to get finished in the second round.

1) Julija Stoliarenko vs. Lisa Verzosa – Phoenix Series 3


In what was the bloodiest battle in promotional history, Julija Stoliarenko and Lisa Verzosa left it all in the cage for five rounds.

Verzosa would draw first blood in round 3, with a punch to the nose. Stoliarenko would return the favor with a few elbows that would make open a cut on Verzosa. The two would not slow down in the striking department, with many worrying they fight would be stopped due to the blood. In the end, Stoliarenko would get the split decision and the bantamweight title.

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