Artemis Submission Series Starts New Phase for Women in Grappling

As combat sports have been slowly coming back, athletes are looking for a stage to shine and possibility make some money in the process.

The Artemis Submission Series was formed to give some women grappers a chance to do just that.

I have wanted to put on a tournament since I started competing,” event founder Dani Harris I always saw guys competing for money and wanted to see more opportunities for women to do the same. I enjoy being a part of growth in the sport.”

Their first event will take place in Knoxville, Tennessee August 15th and will feature two eight woman no-gi submission tournaments for mid-level competitors (Blue or purple belts) with each chipping in a $35 entry fee. Winners will take home a cash prize, with the fastest submission getting an $100 bonus.

“Recruiting for this tournament was so fun. I got to talk with a lot of women and meet new faces. I love bringing in variety. People from different associations and styles of grappling. The match ups are going to be so fun.”

Precautions are being made for the participants and the limited amount of fans and crew as we still are in a pandemic.

“We are holding only 65 people in an 8000sq ft building,” event organizer Shamir Peshwa told us. “We are sanitizing floors and seats at intermissions, seats (unless bought together) are 6 ft a part. Plus disinfecting the mats between each match. Each participant has been safely training and we feel like we can attempt to bring a fun sporting event to Knoxville. ”

The event will stream on the Artemis Patreon page, with InvictaFC veterans Amy Coleman and Gina Elliot on commentary.

“All the competitors seem thrilled to compete again,” Harris observed. “It’s been months for most so I think it will make for an exciting show.”

More information about how to watch the event and competitors already announced an be seen on their Facebook event page.

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