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News editor MarQ with Cyborg Santos

Quite often, some of the same statements are tweeted/stated/messaged to the News Editor MarQ about his opinions on certain women’s MMA topics.  Here are his answers to some of the most popular ones.

1) There aren’t enough women to make a division.

When I started covering women’s MMA three years ago, you could expect maybe two or three matches a month total. Nowadays, you can see at least 3-4 pro women’s fight a week, which doesn’t include the multiple amateur fighters out there.

These cover different weight divisions, unlike they did when the sport first started. Combining weight classes is not a good idea in my opinion, seeing larger fighters going down and smaller fighters going up are going to have mismatches more often than not.

When it comes to the pro divisions, right now the 125 and 135 pound divisions are loaded, with the 115 pounders not far behind. The 145 and 105 pound divisions are growing by leaps and bounds in the amateur ranks, and in 2012, they have started to shine. See InvictaFC.

2) Dana White will never let women in the UFC

Dana White had said “never” earlier this year before the Zuffa acquisition of Strikeforce.  Since then, he’s softened. The new excuse is “lack of quality competitors” which is being remedied as we speak. Strikeforce has signed most of the top 10 bantamweights, and seems to be on the right path to proving that they are sustaining a division.

With White now becoming a fan on Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate, it will just take some time to develop more talent.

3) Women’s fights aren’t exciting

You have to understand that although the women have enough numbers to sustain several divisions, they still are out numbered by the dozen or so male divisions out there; and they too don’t have many extraordinary matches. Female fighters also tend to come from ground backgrounds (BJJ, wrestling, ect.) and they go with their strengths. This is MMA – you go with you are strong with. If you want a striking match, watch kickboxing.

That being said, I can list you a lot of matches that were exciting. Would recommend going to the InvictaFC Youtube channel.


13 thoughts on “xx FAQ xx”

      1. I just ask you about address in Las Vegas because I want to buy ticket for woman fighters cage. I want to know how cost for ticket?
        thank you


    ***photos available upon request***

    Portland State University student wins female cagefighting debut
    Portland, OR – October 31, 2011 – Portland State University student Liz Tracy made a successful mixed martial arts debut on Saturday night, November 5th, at the Chinook Winds Casino Resort in Lincoln City, OR, using her wrestling skills to slam her way to a majority decision over Emily Whitmier…

  2. Howdy MarQ,
    you said: Female fighters also tend to come from ground backgrounds

    It seems to me, in Europe esp. in Germany its just vice versa. In my opinion the most girls here come from Muay Thai and K-1 and train ground techniques additionally for MMA Bouts. But WMMA is still an upcoming sport over here just starting to become popular. I hope it will be a hurricane!

    1. Same can be said for western Canada. Europe has grown by leaps and bounds though and with fighters like Sheila Gaff leading the way in Germany, I feel it will grow more come the next few years.

      1. I recently heard German TV Stations will not broadcast MMA fights.
        In my opinion the Boxing-Lobby with their great influence to TV and politicians is behind that.
        Their arguments are:
        MMA is no sports but only brutality with high risks for injury and health for the fighters and we have to protect our children from seeing that on TV. We all know its SHIT.
        To all who have prejudices about MMA and also Kickboxing I like to show them videos of fights (esp. women) but first the sequence after the bout. Then all those prejudices will be sent to the moon to stay there for ever.
        The real reason is ( i think):
        We have to claim our Broadcastingtime on TV Stations and MMA could cut off a good piece of that.
        Its a shame.
        Sometimes the Germans are a little bit crazy. Arent they?

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