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After launching in the summer of 2011, Wombat Sports has seen a huge success in numbers of people coming ton the site to catch the latest in MMA. boxing, kickboxing, and wrestling news. And the audience keeps growing week after week. We are looking for advertisers to help expand and renovate the site so we bring the world more news more efficiently.

Sponsorship on the site is $20 a month and it includes:

  • Ad located on prime locations on the site
  • Ad placement on the weekly “Wombat Podcast” which reaches over 1000 listeners a week
  • One article a week dedicated to any specials you are running as well as articles dedicated to your sponsored fighters
  • Frequent tweets during the week to our more than 1000 twitter followers and Facebook of your specials

For more information or to learn more, e-mail marqfpr @ gmail . com. (No spaces.)

3 thoughts on “xx Sponsor Wombat Sports xx”

  1. My name is Paul Kaldy and run http://www.UrFightSite.com

    We are going to post a poll for “Ur Favorite Female MMA Fighter” and wanted to know if you would like to participate as a sponsor, and if you would have any fighters we should contact to see if they want to be part of the poll.

    We are looking to have 6 – 8 (We have 2 locked in) candidates for the poll, and the poll will be 2 – 4 weeks long.

    We have lined up some sponsors for the campaign and will awards will be given to the winner and also certain vote goals.

    Please let me know if you would like to participate.

    We are working on finalizing everything with the sponsors… There will be at least $100 Print Credit with http://www.UrFightSite.com / http://www.UrPrintSolutions.com – and a Bronze level apparel deal also…

    Thanks again – and let me know…

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