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Future Star – Yanida Driscoll

Girls competing in combat sports isn’t only in the United States.

Europe continues to see more and more girls looking to make fighting a career. Great Britain’s Yanida Driscoll is no exception. The 11 year old has already won titles in kickboxing not only locally but in Europe. Her latest being WFMC British Ring Kickboxing Champion.

Training at Impact Karate just north of London, she is a black belt under Grant Nicholls. Continue reading Future Star – Yanida Driscoll

Artemis Film Festival to Spotlight Women’s Fight Documentaries & Films


artemis-film-festival 3There has been many films that have covered female fighting in one form of another for the past fifty years; from documentaries to major motion pictures.

The new millennium and the increase of female participation in combat sports has saw growth in to many of these stories being told.

The Artemis Film Festival is looking to highlight these stories as they are currently working their first event for April 2015.

They have started an Indie Go Go campaign to help get the event going.

We talked to the organizers Sean Newcombe and Melanie Wise about their inspiration for the festival and how women’s combat sports have been a big part of it.

Wombat Sports: How did the idea of the Artemis Film Festival come about?

Artemis Film Festival: The idea came about through inspiration, really. We have all been devoted to female action films from the standpoint of the sheer joy we have for physically strong female characters, but also from the standpoint of our passion for having a positive effect on the image of women in film and culture. We’ve all been completely focused on writing and creating female action films. We thought that having a film festival focused on female action heroes would allow for people who share our passion for strong female characters to celebrate this genre. We also felt it would be an opportunity to spotlight the power of women in our culture.

We wanted the festival to be a place where the legions of fans who love female action heroes could go and enjoy a array of great films in one place and at one time. (Female action films are a $3 billion industry, so this is not a niche.) The fact that such a festival had never been done before boggled our minds.

By showcasing such films, we could also draw attention to women as heroes, fighters and leaders, rather than as long-suffering wives, dutiful assistants and victims. We hope that we could help change the narrative of how women are portrayed in film.

Lastly, film often reflects and influences how we see ourselves, and celebrating these films, we hope, will help positively influence how women and girls perceive their power and status in culture.

Wombat: Can you tell us about the festival?

Artimis: We plan to show both classic female action films such as “Aliens” and “Kill Bill” and also showcase new films by unknown filmmakers in our festival competition. We want to be a venue that encourages new and unknown filmmakers to make female action films. If there’s an outlet for such films, they are more likely to be made.

We are also going to have an awards ceremony for films in competition and give awards to the women who are both pioneers and stars in female action films made by Hollywood. We have sent many invites to well-known female action stars and expect to hear from them soon. Also, we want to honor stuntwomen, athletes (women’s mma, of course) and female first-responders, such as military women.

W.S.: The culture has shifted in both entertainment and sports in term of female roles. What are you thoughts about the societal change?

AFF: There’s has been a shift in reality, in our everyday lives, but there has not necessarily been a shift in how that reality is portrayed in the media. While Hollywood has recently realized the power of the female action film market, they’ve been slow to broaden their portrayals of women to reflect the dynamism and power that can be seen in women in every aspect of our culture. We hope that our festival will help prod a faster shift to not only more roles for women in film (right now less than one out of every three speaking characters in a Hollywood movie, on average, is female), but to stronger, better roles for women.

W.S.: What kind of reaction have you seen among the female fight community?

AFF: The response from women, generally, has been extraordinary! The women we’ve heard from both in social media and in daily life has been completely positive, passionate and vocal.

With respect to the women’s mma community, we have not heard a lot, unfortunately. We’d love to hear more from them because we are huge supporters of womens mma! We love the sport and we’d love to celebrate it at our festival. Women’s mma is at the forefront of positively shifting societal images of female physical power. (Invicta FC and Tuf 20 are just two examples of that positive shift.) We want to honor that.

W.S.: You have an indie go-go started to make this event happen. What benefits can people expect for supporting the festival?

AFF: They can expect to see a festival which will properly honors the female action genre in a manner it deserves. We’d like our festival to have as broad a reach as possible so that we can include as many of the great films and as many of the women who are part of this cultural gender shift as possible.

Our crowdfunding is intended to allow us to show more classic films, more films from new, unknown filmmakers in the competition and offer a chance to honor the kind of women we mentioned above. We’d also like to make sure that the experience of the people who attend the festival is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

By crowdfunding we feel that we can offer a broader, bolder festival.

W.S.: Anything you want to add?

AFF: We want this festival to be fun, but we also want to open minds. The empowerment of women is at the center of what this festival is about. It’s the soul of it, in fact.

Also, we’d like to say that we love your blog and are big supporters of women’s combat sports!

Thank you for allowing us to talk with you about our festival!

Help us Create a New Wombat Sports

writers-wantedAs I explained in my open letter, I am looking to change Wombat Sports to what it was initially meant to be. I can’t do this on my own, and that;s where you come in.

We are looking for contributors to help with writing articles and covering certain combat sports. You would also get to interview talented athletes in those sports.

The main contributors we are looking for is in women’s boxing, Muay Thai, freestyle wrestling, and BJJ. (We already have some people interested in covering the WMMA portion of the site). The cool things is I have the tools to gain news and info for these sports, just not the time to write it up. You can “learn on the job” if you aren’t an expert on these topics; but being curious is the key thing.

You can learn more about what I am expecting and what benefits come with being a part of Wombat Sports here.

Anissa Meksen Leads Pack in Awakening Muay Thai Awards


French fighter Anissa Meksen had an impressive 2014 and began 2015 with three Awakening Females Muay Thai Awards.

Over half the fans voted to give Meksen the Fighter and Inspirational Fighter of the Year Awards. She also took home KO of the Year with her knockout over Adi Ordem.

Meksen notably won the Enfusion Reality Show this past year.

Fight of the Year went to Jorina Baar’s amazing performance over Cyborg Justino at Lion Fights.

Other winners include Caley Reese (Personality), Dakota Ditcheva (Newcomer) and Janice MacAulay (Amateur).

Enfusion took home Promotion.

In the media area, Wombat Sports took 5th in its first year. Rosy Hayward’s Muay Thai Group on Facebook took the Media Resource honor and 8 Limb’s blogger Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu took home the “Reporter” honor.

You can read the complete list of winners here.

Wombat Sports Earns 3 Nominations for 2014 Awakening Awards

awards-2014-wmmaIt has been yet another busy year for Wombat Sports and all of our hard work has put us up for some awards from Awakening Fighters.

The website, who helps to report and promote female fighting in MMA and Muay Thai, has announced their 2014 nominees and we have been nominated for two WMMA awards and one Muay Thai award.

This is our second year receiving nominations in the WMMA categories, with us getting nods in both Media Resource (Wombat Sports) and Reporter of the Year (MarQ Piocos).

This is our first year in the Muay Thai voting, with us getting a nomination in Media Resource of the Year (Wombat Sports).

Both sets of awards are open to all fans to vote. They also have awards for Fight, Gym, Promotion, and Fighter of the year, among many others.

Voting is open until  December 30 with the winners announced January 7.

You can vote for the Awakening WMMA Awards here.

You can vote for the Awakening Muay Thai Awards here.

Muay Thai Thursday – July 31

vs. Ashdown
Ovchynnikova vs. Ashdown


In results from the past few weeks:

On July 26:

  • In Cyprus at a WKU card, Tita Groueva def. Ismailova
  • For the WBC World interim 105 title, LittleTiger defeated Faa Chiang Rai SorSaguntong by split decsion in Pattaya, Thailand
  • Victoria Lomax defeated Gemma Coast by points in England
  • Aaliyah Sahotto defeated Yui Takada by points

On July 19th:

  • At WCK Muay Thai at the Morongo Casino and Resort and Spa in Cabazon, CA., Lena Ovchynnikova won the WBC Muaythai World Super-flyweight title (115lbs/52.16kg) over Ruth Ashdown by unanimous decision .
  • For the Kombat League world 48kg title, Sara Donghi defeated Cecile Rodrigues.

On July 18:

  • GongLi Yue (China) def. Sawsing sor. Sopit by points


wck cali 5 posterWCK MuayThai will hold a card August 16th at Hollywood Park Casino in Inglewood, CA.

InvictaFC MMA vet Zoila Frausto looks to win her first piece of Muay Thai gold as she takes on Lindsey Marino for the WBC National Featherweight (126 pounds) Title. Frausto is undefeated since starting her pro Muay Thai career last year. The Texas native Marino has won back to back since turning pro and is also seeking her first title.

Also on the card, local favorite Marie Choi will battle Janet Todd for the IAMTF California superflyweighht (115 pounds) title. Two other female bouts are set as Emily Griffen faces Amanda De Rosa and Fatima Garnica dukes it out with Christine Conner.

Two title matches are set for Hong Kong on August 25.

For the WMC I-1 championship, Michaela Michl will take on Chali Ssab. Also Wu Hoi-Yan will battle Katia Tsovgan (Greece), for the WKBC I-1 championship.

In Wellington, New Zealand, hometown fighter Gentiane Lupi will take on Alicia Pestana August 23rd.

Natasha Skye has posted an interview with Australian star and WKBF champion Claire Baxter. You can read it here.

Upcoming Fights

The WMC 60 kg world title will be on the line Monday as Irina Mazepa faces ChommaneeTaehiran in Saint-Tropez, France.

xIonx Joins Wombat Sports as a Sponsor

XionX_LogoWombat Sports seals another partnership as xIonx has signed on as a sponsor.

Dr. Howard Fidler, DC, the Director of Sports Performance for the company, has worked with some of the best sports athletes including Mike Tyson, pro wrestlers, golfers, and Olympians. His work with MMA fighters, including many female fighters, have gained “Doc Howie” a reputation as a go-to for pain relief and body alignment.

The xIonx bands were tested the man himself, giving them to his patients hoping to debunk it like some of those other performance bands on the market. Athletes proved the bands work; giving them improve energy, fell less fatigued, and helps with muscle soreness and faster recovery. As a user myself, I can attest the band has helped me with balance and the occasional headache.

If you you press the link and buy a band, part of the proceeds goes back to us to help us expand coverage on the site. xIonx always helps support female fighters in multiple ways.

Welcome to the family xIonx and Doc Howie!

Wombat Sports Partners with MMA Somnia

mma somina logo whiteWombat Sports is proud to announce it’s newest sponsor

MMA Somnia is dedicated helping female fighters getting what they need to succeed. They sell women’s boxing, MMA, and Muay Thai gear and we felt that they fill a much needed spot in terms of helping the sport succeed.

We encourage our readers to give ourselves and MMA Somnia suggestions on what they would like to see them carry so we can help them grow and give you the tools you need.

When you shop at MMA Somnia via our link, Wombat Sports will get a commission so we can continue to expand coverage.

Please help support us and MMA Somnia as we both try to make female fighting even better.

Wombat Sports Celebrates Three Years of Women’s Combat Coverage

thrid anniversaryWe started Wombat Sports back in 2011 with the hope of giving the world more information and exposure of women’s combat sports, be it MMA, boxing, BJJ, kickboxing, or wrestling. Three years later, all sports have gained some ground and created new stars.

These past three years we have seen the creation of Invicta, women in the UFC, and women’s boxing in the Olympics. Women’s Muay Thai gained ground with US promotions, and women’s wrestling has expanded on all levels from the high school level to collegiate to the Olympics.

The participation of girls at younger and younger ages has also become a good sign growth won’t be stifled anytime soon.

Among our accomplishments have been covering events all across the U.S., helping introduce new stars, and connecting fans to their favorite fighters. We are a portal for information, including fight results of all types and how you can check out your favorite fighter on many different platforms. We may not be the first ones to be dedicated to female fighting, but we are seeing more and more sites pop up every day and we are proud to help inspire people to promote the female fighting community.

We are hoping to continue to grow and expand over the coming years. Increasing coverage in boxing and kickboxing, continuing to introduce new up and coming talent, and gaining relationships with promoters interested in giving female fighters opportunities to fight.

We thank you, our readers, for the continued support of the website. We also thank the fighters who have been open with us and giving up some time so we may expand the fans’ minds to their world.

Thanks to our friends and family in the female fighting community who have been the backbone of the site. Your information and insight has been invaluable to keep us as one of the top sites for female fighting news.

No clue what the next year will bring in women’s combat sports, but we are excited to be a part of the journey.


Muay Thai Thursday – May 28, 2014

Courtesy Lion Fight/Bennie Palmore
Courtesy Lion Fight/Bennie Palmore


Tiffany Van Soest got back on the winning track as she defeated Lucy Payne by unanimous decision at Lion Fight in Connecticut last Friday.

Van Soest control much of the fight, with Payne fairing better than their first fight. In the end Van Soest got the unanimous decision (50-45, 50-46, 49-46).

You can watch the complete fight here (part 1) & (part 2).

Van Soest won’t have much time to rest as she will be back in action July 4th at Lion Fight in vegas taking on Sindy Huyer. Huer (36-6) was a finalist in the MuayThai Angels tournament.

Huyer defeated Michela Socci in Italt this past weekend.

The Lion Fight will air on AXS TV in the U.S. July 4.

In other results:

  • In a 61kg Enfusion world title match in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Anke van Gestel defeated Lindsay Scheer-Haycraft by points to retain her title. Haycraft announces her retirement after the fight.
  • In a pair of bouts in Munich, Germany, Patrizia Valkyrie Gibelli def. Mel Hoffman by TKO, and Jleana Valentino got the knee KO over Elke Beinwachs in round 3.
  • Lucia Kraijkovic defeated Monica Opak by TKO round 1 at Hanuman Cup 22


Since we were on break, the IFMA World Muaythai Championships happened in Malaysia in what was an ultra competitive set of female tournaments. Most countries saw at least one gold medalist.

In some quick results:

  • Pinweight (45 kg) – Monruedee Saejao (Thailand) def. Alena Liashkievich (Belarus)
  • Light Flyweight (48 kg) – Susan Karinki (Sweden) def. Sarai Medina (Spain)
  • Flyweight (51 kg) – Ly Bui Yen (Vietnam ) def. Funda Tiken (Turkey)
  • Bantamweight (54 kg) – Kizhnerova Ovescena (Russia ) def. Christi Brereton (United Kingdom)
  • Featherweight (57kg) – Miss Wihantamna (Thailand ) def. Yuliya Berezikova (Russia)
  • Lightweight (60 kg) – Valentina Shevchenko (Peru) def. Mariya Valent (Belarus)
  • Light welterweight (63.5 kg) – Antonima Shevhenko (Peru) def. Melissa Anderson (Australia )
  • Welterweight (67 kg) – Kelsey Andries (Canada) def. Anastasiya Napianidi (Russia)
  • Light middleweight (71kg) – Stephanie Glew (Australia) def. Helena Jurisic (Croatia)
  • Middleweight (75 kg) – Isa Tidblad (Sweden ) def. Maria Belush (Belarus)

You can read complete results here.

Meanwhile Lion Fights champ Caley Reese will defend her WMC 57 kg title against Dilara Kocak at Epic Fight 11 in Perth, Australia. Kocak is a German and European champion.

The UK’s Grace Spicer will look to continue her run in 2014 as she faces South Africa’s Ferial Ameeroedien at Enfusion Live on June 29 in London, England. Spicer recently won the British 52kg WBC title and is coming off back to back wins. Ameeroedien (1-7-2) is looking to continue a career comeback.

Weekend Fights

In action this weekend:

  • WKF 54kg world title will be on the line as Meryem Uslu battles Carol Earl in Australia
  • Also in Australia. Tainara Lisboa takes on Carleigh Crawford, and  Serin Murray battles Bronwyn Wylie in K1 rules bouts.
  • Ayano Oishi fights Narusawa in Tokyo, Japan.

Muay Thai Thursday – May 8th

Zoila Frausto
Zoila Frausto


Three female bouts were a part of the WCK Muay Thai card at the Tachi Palace Casino in Lemoore, CA last Thursday.

Zoila Frausto got her second Muay Thai win with a mjaority decsion over Jessica Gladstone. Zoila’s sister Stephanie Fruasto also got a decision win, defeating Kaiyana Rain.

The third bout saw Day Day Davis defeat Natalie Morgan by Unanimous Decision.


Maureen Riordon made a success debut in pro K-1 defeating  Brenda Rodriguez by TKO round 3 at GLORY 16 in Denver, Colorado. Riordon had made the crossover from MMA for the fight.

GLORY has been putting on female fights on their past few cards, but have yet to get to them on the televised cards. This could be changing soon, however.

In other results:

  • At Max MuayThai in Thailand, Michaela Michl defeated Suzie Por Promin by points.
  • In Holland, Sarah Debaieb defeated Patrizia Valkyrja Gibelli by points
  • In England, Grace Spicer defeated Leonie Hardman by TKO round 4 to retain the 52 kg WBC England title.


A four woman tournament is set for Temecula, CA June 7th featuring a lot of international talent. China’s Wan Ke Han is one of the participants.

Also in the card, Jemyma Betrian vs. The Blonde Bomber Christi Brereton

Rika Tonguraisen will defend her WBC Women’s Asian light flyweight title against Nonpen Saw Sopakomu June 8th in Tokyo.

Upcoming Fights

  • In Lopburi, Thailand, Tainara Lisboa will take on Petchdara for the  WWBA 63.5 kg world title.
  • At the Day of Destruction card in Hamburg, Germany, Meryem Uslu faces  Yang Yang in a K1 rules bout
  • Spain. Victoria Lomax faces Iman Chairy-Ghablou in K-1 in Spain

Muay Thai Thursday – April 24


In Thailand,  Nong Em defeated Sylvie von Duuglas Ito by points.


Courtesy Awakening Fighters
Courtesy Awakening Fighters

Tiffany van Soest looks to rebound after her first loss by taking on a familiar foe.

Van Soest will rematch Lucy Payne at Lion Fights 15 in the promotion’s east coast debut at Foxwoods Casino in Ledyard, CT May 23.

Van Soest won by TKO in their first match, and since then, Van Soest lost her title to Caley Reese by split decision and Payne won by TKO over Victoria Lomax, gaining the Awakening 57 kg title.

The fight will air on AXS  May 23rd.

Caley Reese announced her next fight in her native Australia. The Lion Fights and WMC champ will take on World Muay Thai Angels finalist Duannapa at Epic 11 in Mirrabooka June 14th. The fight will take place at 60 kg, 3 kilos heavier than the champ normally fights. Her titles won’t be on the line.

The International Kickboxing Federation has announced several events in the coming months for fighters to compete with all experience levels. This is a great opportunity for novice and amateur fights to gain some experience.

  • May 3 – Points Kickboxing in Concord, NC
  • May 17 – Points Kickboxing in Laurinburg, North Carolina
  • July 11-13 – IKF World Championships at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida
  • August 9 – Points kickboxing in Dillon, South Carolina
  • August 23 – Points kickboxing in San Diego, California

More information can be found at

Reminder that registration for the Muay Thai Classic in up and running. The biggest Muay Thai tournament in the United States will take place June 26-29 in Des Moines, IA.

Registration fee is $68 until May 11. Registration will continue until June 22, but fees will increase after May 11.

You can find more information at

Weekend fights

In action this weekend:

In Slovakia at Enfusion, Denise Kielholtz battles Lucia Kraijkovic. This will stream for free Saturday.

At Loganholme, No Surrender 6 in Australia, a 4 woman tournament will see Lorryn Williams, Sam Brown, Claire Foreman & Casey Walters battle in a 55 kg title eliminator.

In Japan, the WPMF 118 pound Japan title will be on the line as Odamaki Yōko takes on  Sasakichō Sato. Also on the card, Saya Ito faces Park Hye-young.

In Hong Kong at Super Fight Championship  Chiu Hoi-Yan (Hong Kong China) takes on Natalia Dyachkova (Russia) and Kwok Hoi-Ning(Hong Kong China) takes on Female Champion of Hong Kong Tiphanie“Gadum” Yau.