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“Girls, Grappling, and Grit” Accepted to Artemis Film Festival; Premiere Set for April

Wombat Sports, in conjunction with Flairdog Productions, is proud to announce “Girls, Grappling, and Grit” will have its world premiere at the Artemis Film Festival April 28th at 12:40 p.m. at the Monica Film Center, 1332 2nd Street in Santa Monica, California. Continue reading “Girls, Grappling, and Grit” Accepted to Artemis Film Festival; Premiere Set for April

Furture Stars: Video Interview with Courtney Cardoza

It has been over a decade and Courtney Cardoza can call herself a combat sports vet.

Having done Brazilian jujitsu and pankration in the past, she has become a champion on the wrestling mats in regional competitions and will finally represent her school as Arizona will have a scholastic women’s wrestling tournament this coming school year. Continue reading Furture Stars: Video Interview with Courtney Cardoza

Help us Create a New Wombat Sports

writers-wantedAs I explained in my open letter, I am looking to change Wombat Sports to what it was initially meant to be. I can’t do this on my own, and that;s where you come in.

We are looking for contributors to help with writing articles and covering certain combat sports. You would also get to interview talented athletes in those sports.

The main contributors we are looking for is in women’s boxing, Muay Thai, freestyle wrestling, and BJJ. (We already have some people interested in covering the WMMA portion of the site). The cool things is I have the tools to gain news and info for these sports, just not the time to write it up. You can “learn on the job” if you aren’t an expert on these topics; but being curious is the key thing.

You can learn more about what I am expecting and what benefits come with being a part of Wombat Sports here.

Women’s College Wrestling Continues Expansion with Five New Teams

Freshman Kiaya Van Scoyoc of Warner Pacific University
Freshman Kiaya Van Scoyoc of Warner Pacific University

The extraordinary expansion of women’s wrestling continues this year as five more colleges have added wrestling teams for this coming season.

Among them:

  • Eastern Michigan University
  • Life University (Georgia)
  • Lyon University (Arkansas)
  • Ottawa University (Kansas)
  • Warner Pacific College (Oregon)

This starts what will be a three year expansion, with sixteen more teams to be added on the collegiate level according to National Wrestling Coaches Associations. The hope is more females will also lead these grapplers as coaches.

This year 220 female wrestlers will join the collegiate level teams and it doesn’t look like it will slow down anytime soon. Many girls interested in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and possible making the leap to MMA are seeing wrestling as an outlet to hone their skills. More and more states are hold women’s championships including California, Oregon, Guam, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas, Hawaii, and Washington.

This years WCWA National Women’s Wrestling Finals Tournament will take place at Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis, MO February 13.

For more info check out USA Wrestling Weekly’s show here.