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2016 WMMA Press Nominees for Promotion of the Year

The demand for female fights have grown.

More than 700 fights happened in the pro women’s divisions alone in 2016. Five Promotions were ahead of the curve and are nominated for this year’s award.

The WMMA Press committee is a set of journalists that have covered the female divisions of martial arts for years on may different levels.

Six journalists will vote on the award:

This is the 7th year for the awards which sees the best in female fighting recognized.

Here at the nominees for the WMMA Press Award for Promotion of the Year.

  • UFC (52 fights in 2016)
  • Invicta (48 Fights in 2016)
  • IMMAF (42 ammy fights in 2016)
  • King of the Cage (38 fights in 2016 pro & ammy)
  • DEEP JEWELS (24 Fights in 2016)

IMMAF European Open 2016 Coverage

Some of the best amateur female talent have descended in Prague in the Czech Republic for the second annual IMMAF European Open.

Competitors from over a dozen countries will look to shine on the amateur’s biggest world stage. Several World and European champions will look to face a fresh batch of hungry fighters to gain medals and put their names on the international stage. Continue reading IMMAF European Open 2016 Coverage

Competitors Announced for the 2016 IMMAF European Open

The next wave of European MMA talent will head to Prague, Czech Republic.

The IMMAF will hold its second annual European Open November 22-26. The competition brings out what will be the future of the sport. Twenty seven female competitors from 13 different countries will look to win medals and get worldwide exposure. Continue reading Competitors Announced for the 2016 IMMAF European Open

IMMAF Crowns 2016 World Champions

Aleksandra Toncheva 01
Aleksandra Toncheva

Four fighters took home gold medals at the IMMAF World Championships Sunday in Las Vegas.

Coming off her 2015 IMMAF European strawweight title, Bulgarian Aleksandra Toncheva adds the IMMAF World title to her resume defeating Poland’s Aleksandra Rola by armbar in round 1. She also remains undefeated at 6-0, having only started fighting in November of last year. Continue reading IMMAF Crowns 2016 World Champions

IMMAF 2016 World Championships Coverage

Amateur female fighters from 20 countries are in Las Vegas during International Fight week to become world champions.

For the third year, International MMA Federation is hosting their World Championships. The are four female weight categories this year with 32 participants.

Monday night they announced the brackets and we will update results throughout the week below. The action begins with Manfredi Morgane versus Katarzyna Biegajlo for a spot in the flyweight quarterfinals.

The event is free Tuesday through Thursday at the Las Vegas Expo Center. The semi-finals and finals will be a part of the UFC Expo.

Continue reading IMMAF 2016 World Championships Coverage

2016 IMMAF World Championships Participants Tenatively Set

Coming into its third year, the IMMAF World Amateur MMA Championships are ready to show the best the international community has to offer.

So far 34 female athletes have signed up to make the trip to Las Vegas during UFC’s International Fight week. We will see some familiar faces from tournaments past, nationally recognized talent, and some new faces from some new places including Nepal. Continue reading 2016 IMMAF World Championships Participants Tenatively Set

WMMA Press Awards 2015 Sponsor and Promotion Nominees

ASFW-AwardFor the 6th year, the WMMA Press committee honors those who help fighters showcase their skills; promotions and sponsors.

Six journalists that cover the female divisions of MMA will vote on the award:

With more and more MMA promotions holding female bouts, the list of nominees gets tougher and tougher to narrow down. Six stood out for having over a dozen female bouts.

Here are the promotional nominees:

  • Invicta
  • King of the Cage
  • Princesses of Pain
  • UFC

In tough times, sponsors help pick up the slack. From gear to financial sport for training and medicals, they are an integral part of helping these athletes thrive.

The committee has nominated six of these companies:

  • Dragon Do
  • Fight Chix
  • MMA Road Hog
  • Sicchic
  • Sports Foods
  • xIonx

The committee will vote on the winners next week.




2015 IMMAF European Open Day 3 – Finals Set

12241556_740112822785813_2243295989389164547_nThe finals of the first ever European IMMAF Amateur European Open are now set.

Finland and Sweden came out the big winners of day 3 with each sending three of their female fighters to the championship rounds.

Swed Cornelia Holm had the best submission of the female division tournaments so far with an Americana submission over France’s Celine Provost in a featherweight semi-final.

Anja Saxmarx of Sweden makes her second IMMAF tournament final and will face Iceland’s first female finalist in Sunna Rannveig at flyweight.

The tournaments conclude Sunday.

Day 3 Results

Strawweight Semi-finals

  • Aleksandra Toncheva (Bulgaria) def. Amy Omara (UK) by unanimous decision
  • Raluca Dinescu (Romania) def. Lyudmila Sadirina (Azerbaijan) by unanimous decision

Flyweight Semi-finals

  • Anja Saxmark (Sweden) def. Inka Auvinen (Finland) by unanimous decision
  • Sunna Rannveig (Iceland) def. Michaela Dostalova (Czech Republic) by TKO 2:48 round 2

Bantamweight Semi-finals

  • Gabriella Ringblom (Sweden) def. Camilla Mannes (Norway) by unanimous decision
  • Varpru Rinne (Finland) def. Eloise Picard (Canada) by unanimous decision

Featherweight Semi-finals

  • Sanna Merta (Finland) def. Julia Dorny (Germany) by submission (Armbar) 1:58 round 3
  • Cornelia Holm (Sweden) def. Celine Provost (France)  by submission (Americana) 1:59 round 1

Lightweight Semi-finals

  • Leah McCourt (Northenr Irleand) def. Sini Koivunen (Finland) by submission (armbar) 2:12 round 3
  • Miia Isola (Finland) def. Aurore Quintin (France) due to a disqualification (Quintin missed weight)

Day Four Schedule

Strawweight Final

  • Aleksandra Toncheva (Bulgaria) vs. Raluca Dinescu (Romania)

Flyweight Final

  • Anja Saxmark (Sweden) vs. Sunna Rannveig (Iceland)

Bantamweight Final

  • Gabriella Ringblom (Sweden) vs. Varpru Rinne (Finland)

Featherweight Final

  • Sanna Merta (Finland) vs. Cornelia Holm (Sweden)

Lightweight Final

  • Leah McCourt (Northenr Ireland) vs. Miia Isola (Finland)

2015 IMMAF European Open Day 2 Results

saxmark 01
Saxmark Courtesy IMMAF

The IMMAF European Open saw some very competitive matches and some slick submissions on day 2 as the semi-finals are now set.

IMMAF Worlds finalist Anja Saxmark got a submission victory to ink her spot in the flyweight semi’s, while Icelandic representative Sunna Rannveig got a split decision over Italy’s llaria Norcia on the other side of the bracket.

We initially didn’t think we were going to have a women’s bantamweight tournament, but we saw Gabriella Ringblom of Sweden and  Varpru Rinne of Finland take home unanimous decision in that category in two quarterfinal matches.

The semi-finals in the rest of the divisions happen Saturday.

Day 2 Results

Strawweight Quarterfinals

  • Aleksandra Toncheva Plamenova (Bulgaria) def. Deborah Osullivan (Ireland) by Submission (Rear naked choke) 1:33 Round 2
  • Raluca Dinescu (Romania) def. Polly Beauchamp (UK) by split decision

Flyweight Quarterfinals

  • Anja Saxmark (Sweden) def. Meagan Oloughlin (Ireland) by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 2:12 Round 3
  • Inka Auvinen (Finland) def. Sissel Hansen Brynjulfsen (Norway) by Submission (Triangle choke) 1:40 Round 2
  • Sunna Rannveig (Iceland) def. llaria Norcia (Italy) by split decision
  • Michaela Dostalova (Czech Republic) def. Anette A-Sterberg (Finland) by split decision

Bantamweight Quarterfinals

  • Gabriella Ringblom (Sweden) def. Morgane Manfredi (France) by Unanimous Decision
  • Varpru Rinne (Finland) def. Ingibjorg Birna Arsaelsdott (Iceland) by Unanimous Decision.

Featherweight Quarterfinal

  • Sanna Merta (Finland) def. Lindsey Doyle (Ireland) via TKO, round 2 (1:30)


Day 3 Schedule

Strawweight Semi-finals

  • Amy Omara (UK) vs. Aleksandra Toncheva (Bulgaria)
  • Raluca Dinescu (Romania) vs. Lyudmila Sadirina (Azerbaijan)

Flyweight Semi-finals

  • Anja Saxmark (Sweden) vs. Inka Auvinen (Finland)
  • Sunna Rannveig (Iceland) vs. Michaela Dostalova (Czech Republic)

Bantamweight Semi-finals

  • Gabriella Ringblom (Sweden) vs.. Camilla Mannes (Norway)
  • Varpru Rinne (Finland) vs. Eloise Picard (Canada)

Featherweight Semi-finals

  • Sanna Merta (Finland) vs. Julia Dorny (Germany)
  • Celine Provost (France)  vs. Cornelia Holm (Sweden)

Lightweight Semi-finals

  • Sini Koivunen (Finland) vs. Leah McCourt (Northenr Irleand)
  • Miia Isola (Finland) vs. Aurore Quintin (France)


IMMAF European Open 2015 Kicks Off in England

12122756_10153578879437906_4300929142211195518_nEurope’s top amateur female prospects are in Birmingham, England for the International MMA Federation European Open.

Over a dozen countries have sent representatives including newcomers from Iceland and Azerbaijan. Silver medalist Anja Saxmarx from Sweden and quarterfinalist Amy O’Mara from England are among the World Championship vets in the tournaments. The IMMAF is also introducing a lightweight tournament at this event.

The only fight in the female divisions on Thursday saw Ireland’s Meagan O’Loughlin defeat England’s Wendy McKenna by unanimous decision in the opening round of the flyweight tournament.

The matches will be posted on UFC Fight Pass in the coming weeks.

Here are the draws for the four women’s divisions’ tournaments.

Strawweight (115 lbs)


  • Deborah O’Sullivan (IRE) vs. Aleksandra Toncheva (BUL)
  • Polly Beauchamp (UK) vs. Raluca Dinescu (ROM)


  • Amy Omara (UK) vs. O’Sullivan/Toncheva winner
  • Lyudmila Sadirina (AZE) vs. Beauchamp/Dinescu winner

Flyweight (125 lbs)


  • Anja Saxmarx (SWE) vs. Meagan O’Loughlin (IRE)
  • Ika Auvinen (FIN) vs. Sissel Hansen-Brynjulfsen (NOR)
  • Sunna Davidsdottir-Rannveig (ISL) vs. Ilaria Norcia (ITL)
  • Anette ã–Sterberg (FIN) vs. Michaela Dostalova (CZE)

Featherweight (145 lbs)


  • Celine Provost (FRA) vs. Cornelia Holm (SWE)


  • Julia Donrey (GER) vs. Provost/Holm winner

Lightweight (155 lbs)


  • Sini Koivunen (FIN) vs. Leah McCourt (NIR)
  • Miia Isola (FIN) vs. Aurore Quintin (FRA)

Wombat Watercooler: VanZant vs. Calderwood Among Fight Announcements

In what has been a busy week for news, the Watercooler returns.

In early pro MMA action Saturday:

In pro MMA action Friday, at XFN 25 in Tulsa, Okalahoma, Jaymee Jones defeated Ronni Lawrence by unanimous decision.


Paige VanZant has her next challenge, and it is against her toughest test to date.

VanZant will take on Joanne Calderwood at UFC Fight Night 80 in Las Vegas December 10th. The fight will be the main event.

VanZant (6-1) has been on a roll since entering the UFC, having won three straight in the promotion. Her only loss came to Tecia Torres, and has yet to be finished.

She will face fellow InvictaFC alum Calderwood (10-1) who is coming off a win over Cortney Casey. Calderwood went undefeated until her loss to Maryna Moroz earlier this year.

Another match on the card sees a returning Emily Peters-Kagan taking on Kailin Curran who are both looking for their first UFC win.

The event will stream on UFC Fight Pass.

As the new USADA random drug testing has started for the fighters in the UFC, Claudia Gadhela got tested this past week. The results are yet to be released.

Former UFC champ Calra Esparza stated on social media she had to fill out a schedule for the USADA just in case they wanted to test her.

barone tweet weigh in 1Charmaine Tweet has a new opponent for her upcoming homecoming match, and it is a familiar face.

Anna Barone will look to avenge her last loss to Tweet in what will be the end of a trilogy at PrestigeFC in Weyburn, Canada October 24th. They will fight at 155 pounds.

Tweet (6-5) lost her second pro fight to Barone (2-4) by KO in 18 seconds in 2011. Tweet would get her revenge three years latter with a first rounf rear naked choke.

Also on the card,  Bobbi Jo Dalziel takes on Christina Barry in a 150 catchweight bout.

The card will stream and will have more details as they become available.

Coming off her first pro loss, strawweight prospect Danielle Taylor will take on Calie Cutler has been announced for KOTC in Las Vegas October 17th.

Taylor (5-1) was the KOTC 115 champ before being defeated this August to Jamie Colleen.  Cutler’s only loss was to Kaline Mederios and has yet to be finished as a pro.

The match will eventually on Mav TV.

Di Segni
Di Segni

IMMAF 2015 flyweight champ Micol Di Segni will make her pro debut against  Danella Eliasov October 4th at EFC in Joahnnesburg, South Africa. The Italian standout Segni is helping to head a movement to again acceptance for female fighting in her home country. Eliasov won her pro debut this past February.

Alexandra Buch will face Katharina Lehner at GMC 7 on November 7th in  Castrop-Rauxel, Germany. They will fight at at catchweight for 138. Buch (8-4) is on a two fight losing streak while Lehner (3-0) is undefeated at featherweight. Lehner will face Judith Ruis October 24th in Germany before her match with Buch.

Suriname will see three female MMA bouts on Halloween.

Torarica Summer Fights announced an event this week which will see the MMA debut of world kickboxing champion Denise Kielholtz. Her opponet is to be announced. Also on the card, Natasha Ribeiro De Souza and Chavella Lee will have separate fights and in amateur action, Sandy Shara takes on Wendy Santos.

Brazil’s upcoming all female promotion AFC Athenas has signed WSOF and XFC vet Kalindra Faria. The promotion is looking to debut in January 2016.

Southern Asia will see some bouts this coming weekend:

  • Super Fight League will return home to India with top Indian female fighter Daizy Singh taking on Lalvenhimi. This will stream on the SFL youtube channel Saturday morning September 18th.
  • On Sunday September 19th, Angela Lee will return to the OneFC cage taking on Russia’s Elena Pashnina. The card will stream on the OneFC website for $10.

Keri Ann Melendez announced will make her Bellator debut in late spring.

IMMAF Announces Lightweight and Welterweight Women’s Divisions

IMMAF-logoThe heavier female weights divisions will now have a solid platform to grow.

The IMMAF announced Tuesday they will open up the 155 and 170 women’s divisions starting with the European Open Championships of Amateur MMA, in Birmingham, England November 19 -22.

The decision comes after teams demanded the divisions to be added. The IMMAF also stated they could add a 105 division in the future if they get enough requests.

The IMMAF has become a platform to make amateur divisions worldwide and provide a regulatory body for those countries without one. The World Championship Tournament will take place in July 2016 in Vegas for the third year.

Those interested in taking part of the European Open can find details on the IMMAF website.