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2015 IMMAF Women’s World Tournament Semi-finals Live Results

immaf 01We are live cage side (and cage side) at the IMMAF World Amateur Championships. 16 female fighters from over a dozen countries are competing to win medals and put their names on the world stage.

Four division’s semi-finals are going on today in two cages, with the winners competing Saturday at the UFC Expo to be crowned champions.

We will have live results below as they happen.

Strawweight Semi-finals

Minna Grusander (Finland) vs. Codie Wareham (USA)

Round 1

Wareham dirves into the clinch and gets the throw takedown. Grusander works for the armbar but Wareham fighting it. Grusander turns to her back and to the mat and gets the tap.

Result: Minna Grusander def. Codie Wareham by submission (armbar) 1:46 round 1

Maria Vittoria Colonna (Italy) vs. Sarah Archer (New Zealand)

Round 1

Archer pushing forward with a few hard single shots. Colonna counter striking. Archer charges in for the takedown, but it’s blocked. Archer landing some punches to the body. Colonna reverse position and gets a few knees to the body as the round ends.

10-9 Archer

Round 2

Colonna amps her attack with body kicks and leg kicks. Colonna using combinations well. Archer clinches and gets a single leg takedown. Colonna takes half guard as the round ends.

10-9 Archer

Round 3

Archer drives for the clinch but Colonna blocks it. Colonna continues her combinations. Archer clinches and gets the double leg takedown.  Colonna in gaurd as the round ends.

10-9 Colonna

Result: Maria Vittoria Colonna def. Sarah Archer by unaimous decision

Flyweight Semi-finals

Michaela Dostalova (Czech Republic) vs. Micol Di Segni (Italy)

Round 1

Takedown Dostlova. Segni works in guard. and fights her way back up. head and arm takedown by Dostalova. Dostalova gets some ground and pound, but Segni reverses before the bell.

10-9 Dostalova

Round 2

Segni catches a kick and gets the takedown. Segni works her way to side control. Keeps potion until the bell.

10-9 Segni

Round 3

Head and arm takedown by Dostalova but Signi reveres and takes top control. Dostalova tries for a triangle but Signi passes to side control. Maintains it for the rest of the round.

Result:  Micol Di Segni def. Michaela Dostalova by unanimous decision

Anja Saxmark (Sweden) vs. Natalie Ausmeier (South Africa)

Round 1

Takedown by Saxmark, Saxmark takes mount. Ausmeier  sweeps. Saxmark with an armbar attempt. Ausmeier fights it until the bell.

10-9 Saxmark

Round 2

Saxmark is aggressive early an the pummel from the middle of the cage to the fence. Ausmeier headlocks and they both fall to the mat. Saxmark takes mount Ground and pound by Saxmark as the round ends.

10-9 Saxmark

Round 3

Both exchange shots with Ausmeier getting a few clean hits. The pummel against the fence. Takedown by Saxmark and takes mount.

Result: Anja Saxmark def.. Natalie Ausmeier by unanimous decision

Bantamweight Semi-finals

Kimberly Defiori (USA) vs. Lucrezia Ria (Italy)

Round 1

Takedown by Ria but Defiori gets up. Takedown by Ria. Armbar attempt by Defiori as the round ends.

10-9 Ria

Round 2

Defiori more aggressive, but Ria gets the takedown. Defiori is in half guard. Defiori sweeps and stands up. Defiori will agressice short shots, but Ria clinches.

10-9 Defiori

Round 3

Ria gets the takedown and takes side control. Knees to the side of Defiori. Defiori regains guard. Ref stands them up. Takedown by Ria ends the fight.

10-9 Ria

Result: Lucrezia Ria def. Kimberly Defiori  by unanimous decision

Lisa Engelke (Sweden) vs. Lucie Bertaud (France)

Result: Lucie Bertaud def. Lisa Engelke by unanimous decision

Featherweight Semi-finals

Jamie Herrington (Canada) vs. Julia Dorny (Germany)

Round 1

Big takedown by Herrington. Dorny fights her way back to her feet. Unintentional eye poke and Herrington hgets somet time.Herrington gets the takedown and mount as the round ends.

10-9 Herrinton.

Round 2

Donry aggressive but Herrington gets the clinch and the takedown. Dorny in guard.

10-9 Herrington.

Round 3

Herrington with the takedown early. Ref stands them up. Herrington gets the takedown again.

Result: Jamie Herrington def. Julia Dorny by unanimous decision

Lindsey Lawrence (USA) vs.  Sinead Kavanagh (Ireland)

Round 1

Both exchange heavy shots early with Kavanagh landning and getting the KO.

Result: Sinead Kavanagh def. Lindsey Lawrence (USA) by KO 0:38 round 1


IMMAF World Tournaments Sees Colonna, Grusander, and Herrington Advance


The start of the IMMAF World Female Amateur Championships happened Wednesday with three opening round matches.

The event began with two strawweight bouts. The first saw Finland’s Minna Grusander defeat UK’s Amy Omara by unanimous decision. Grusander will now take on Codie Wareham of Team USA.

The other opening round 115 match saw Maria Vittoria Colonnade of Team Italy get the TKO over Magdalena Zuchowska of Poland. Colonnade will face New Zealand’s Sarah Archer in the other semi-final.

In the lone female featherweight fight of the day, Team Canada’s Jamie Herrington got the submission over Sweden’s Cornelia Holm. Herrington’s wrestling proved a major factor in the first round, with Holm capitalizing on a bad takdedown in round 2 to taking the back of the Canadian before the round ended. Herrington quickly took down Holm in the third and applied the armbar in 0:41 seconds in the frame.

Herrington faces Germany’s Julia Dorny in the semi-finals. The other 145 semi-final sees Lindsey Lawrence of Team USA against Sinead Kavanagh of Ireland.

The flyweight semi-finals see Michaela Dostalova of the Czech Republic battle Italy’s Micol Di Segni and
Swed Anja Saxmark taking on Soth Africa’s Natalie Ausmeier.

The bantamweights round out the day with Kimberly Defiori of Team USA against Italy’s Lucrezia Ria and Swed Lisa Engelke against France’s Lucie Bertaud.

All of the semi-finals will take place Thursday at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas.

We will be live cageside live with play by play.

IMMAF World Tournaments Announces Draws

11266672_665149733615456_9037316855934419327_nSunday night, the IMMAF announced the opening matches for its four female division tournaments.

Due to either not qualifying (missing weight, record inaccuracies) or simply not being able to make it, a few fighters have dropped out of the tournament.

The event starts Monday, but the women’s fights will most likely starting Tuesday.

Here are the current line-ups:

Strawweight Tournament (Preview here)


  • Amy Omara (UK) vs. Minna Grusander (FIN)
  • Maria Colonna (ITL) vs. Magdalena Zuchowska (POL)


  • Codie Wareham (USA) vs. Omara/Grusander winner
  • Sarah Archer (NZL) vs. Colonna/Zuchowska winner

Flyweight (Preview here)


  • Michaela Dostalova (CZE) vs. Micol Di Segni (ITL)
  • Anja Saxmark (SWE) vs. Natalie Ausmeier (ZAF)

Bantamweight (Preview here)


  • Lindsey Lawrence (USA) vs. Lucrezia Ria (ITL)
  • Lisa Engelke (SWE) vs. Lucie Bertaud (FRA)

Featherweight (Preview here)


  • Jamie Herrington (CAN) vs. Cornelia Holm (SWE)


  • Julia Dorny (GER) vs. Herring/Holm winner
  • Lindsey Lawrence (USA) vs. Sinead Kavanagh (IRE)

IMMAF 2015 Tournament Preview – The Strawweights

Over the next week, we will be previewing the competitors in the IMMAF world amateur tournament. The second annual event will take place July 6th-11th. The opening rounds will take place at the Flamingo hotel and the finals will take place at the Sands Convention Center as a part of the UFC Expo July 11th.

To read our preview of the featherweights, go here.

To read out preview of the bantamweights go here.

To read our preview of the flyweights, go here.

In what is the most competitive female divisions, seven of the world’s amateur strawweight prospects will vie for a world championship.

Amy-OmaraAmy Omara 

Country: England

Record: 3-0

What You Need to know: Coached by Cage Warriors vet Matt Thorpe, Omara has two first round finishes in her career so far. She originally originally started in kickboxing, but fell in love with MMA. She considers herself very well rounded.

Codie WarehamCodie Wareham 

Country: USA

Record: 1-0

What You Need to know: Wareham did wrestling since middle school in Alaska. She was able to make the boy’s squad her senior year. Wanting to compete more after high school, she took up MMA at Team Frostbite. Coached by BJJ black belt Jeff Nielsen, her ground game is something to look out for.

Magdalena ZuchowskaMagdalena Zuchowska

Country: Poland

Record: 4-1

What You Need to know: Only having started training a little over a year ago, Zuchowska stayed busy with five fights during that time period. Coched by Polish MMA legend Antoni Chmielewski, she was originally a dancer before taking up MMA.

Maria ColonnaMaria Colonna

Country: Italy

Record: 2-0

What You Need to know: Having won national titles in amateur kickboxing, Colonna decided to make the transition to MMA a year ago and has found success with back to back wins. She is a sports journalist outside of training.

Minna GrusanderMinna Grusander 

Country: Finland

Record: 2-0

What You Need to know: Training at one of the top gyms in Finland, Grusander has back to back submission wins. She is also a basketball referee in her spare time.

Raluca DinescuRaluca Dinescu

Country: Romania

Record: 1-0

What You Need to know: Raluca and her sister Roxana are both fighters, with Ralunca looking to follow her sister’s footsteps as a pro. Coming from striking backgrounds, they are working on their wrestling.

Sarah ArcherSarah Archer 

Country: New Zealand

Record: 1-2

What You Need to know: A vet of the all female Princesses of Pain Promotion in New Zealand, she is the first ever female competitor from her country. Having started in karate, she has been training for the past 2 1/2 year with Team Hammerhead.

IMMAF 2015 Tournament Preview – The Flyweights

Over the next week, we will be previewing the competitors in the IMMAF world amateur tournament. The second annual event will take place July 6th-11th. The opening rounds will take place at the Flamingo hotel and the finals will take place at the Sands Convention Center as a part of the UFC Expo July 11th.

To read our preview of the featherweights, go here.

To read out preview of the bantamweights go here.

The deepest female division in the world will see a quartet of fighters battle for the flyweight amateur world championship.

Anja SaxmarkAnja Saxmark 

Country: Sweden

Record: 3-0

What You Need to know: A training partner of featherweight Elina Nilsson, her gym has a heavy submission wrestling background. She has recently trained with Alexander Gustafsson to prepare for the tournament. She also have a kickboxing background, having gone 9-1 as an amateur.

Michaela DostalovaMichaela Dostalova

Country: Czech Republic

Record: Unknown

What You Need to know: A multiple time European champion in Judo and Sambo, her fight camp at Hanuman Gym Prague is heavy into Muay Thai. They have a solid team with six other female fights on their roster.

Micol_DiSegniMicol Di Segni

Country: Italy

Record: 2-1; 1 NC

What You Need to know: Trained in BJJ, Di Segni got the bronze last year at the IMMAF tournament. She has since won back to back fights including an unconventional forearm choke submission.

Natalie AusmeierNatalie Ausmeier 

Country: South Africa

Record: 0-1

What You Need to know: A vet of the FightStar promotion in Africa, Ausmeier works as a scientist outside of fighting. She trains in BJJ at the local Rio Grappling Club.

IMMAF 2015 Tournament Preview – The Bantamweights

Over the next week, we will be previewing the competitors in the IMMAF world amateur tournament. The second annual event will take place July 6th-11th. The opening rounds will take place at the Flamingo hotel and the finals will take place at the Sands Convention Center as a part of the UFC Expo July 11th.

To read our preview of the featherweights, go here.

We continue our preview of the IMMAF tournament with four fighters looking to make an impact in the world famous bantamweight division.

Lindsey LawrenceLindsey Lawrence

Country: USA

Record: 2-1

What you need to know: The South Dakota native is training with InvictaFC vet Stephanie Eggink and has trained with veteran Shayna Baszler. She has some amateur kickboxing titles to her credit.

Lisa EngelkeLisa Engelke

Country: Sweden

Record: 6-1

What you need to know: Engelke is making her second trip to the IMMAF. Her lone loss on her record came from the tournament, but she has recovered quickly with a few wins. She also runs a female Muay Thai team out of her gym.

Lucie BertaudLucie Bertaud 

Country: France

Record: Unknown

What you need to know: Having been a multi-time amateur boxing champion in France, she has just set her focus to MMA. She has also played for the Legends Football League Europe.

lucrezia_riaLucrezia Ria

Country: Italy

Record: 2-1

What you need to know: One of the prominent bantamweights in Italy, Ria won bronze last year at the IMMAF. A judoka since age 8, she took up kickboxing and then made the transition to MMA.

IMMAF 2015 Tournament Preview – The Featherweights

Over the next week, we will be previewing the competitors in the IMMAF world amateur tournament. The second annual event will take place July 6th-11th. The opening rounds will take place at the Flamingo hotel and the finals will take place at the Sands Convention Center as a part of the UFC Expo July 11th.

The expansion of the women’s divisions worldwide has given the opportunity for fighters to test their skills in amateur ranks.

Last year, competitors from across the planet entered the IMMAF’s first ever world championships and gained international exposure. Three of the gold medal winners in 2014 went on to pro careers, and all have yet to be beaten in the pro ranks.

This years field has 21 fighters from 14 different countries in four divisions.

We will start with the featherweights first and work our way down.

Cornelia-HolmCornelia Holm 

Country: Sweden

Record: 2-1

What you need to know: Holm trains out of the GBG Gym with a name familiar to Muay Thai and WMMA fans Linn Wennergren. Holm’s only loss was to 2014 finalist Jill Holmström.


Herrington-Fivestar-640x425Jamie Herrington

Country: Canada

Record: 4-0

What you need to know: Herrington comes from a solid wrestling background, having won national titles in the sport. Her transition to MMA has been flawless with four start wins since her MMA debut last year.


Julia DornyJulia Dorny

Country: Germany

Record: unknown

What you need to know: Training with 2014 IMMAF Daniela Kortmann, she has a solid judo background coming in. Besides her physical abilities, she has a Masters Degree in Media and speaks six languages.


Kimberly DefioriKimberly Defiori 

Country: USA

Record: 1-0

What you need to know: Defiori is a vet of the Army combatives tournaments. Originally from Alaska, she is training at the Beta Academy in Washington, DC.


Sinead KavanaghSinead Kavanagh

Country: Ireland

Record: 2-1

What you need to know: A teammate of UFC fighters Connor MacGregor and Aisling Daly, Kavanagh has won two straight. Her only loss was a razor thin majority decision to Anna Elmose at Cage Warriors.

IMMAF Possible Country Qualifiers Announced

11266672_665149733615456_9037316855934419327_nTwenty female fighters from 15 countries are tentatively set to compete in Vegas to become world champions.

The International MMA Federation World Amateur Championships will take place July 6July 11 at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas. Tuff-n-uff will be the host promotion for the event. The country qualifying tournaments have concluded and a list of potential fighters are currently being vetted.

Our news editor MarQ Piocos has been contributing to IMMAF’s expert panel that advises on applicants Pro/Am statuses, as part of the tournament qualification process. Competitor eligibility is also subject to review by UMMAF, the commission and promoter in the USA before the list can be finalized.

At present, Team USA has the most representatives with four, with Team Sweden having three. 

Here is the current list of female participants (subject to change):

Team Canada

  • Jamie Herrington

Team Finland

  • Minna Grusander

Team France

  • Lucie Bertaud

Team Germany

  • Julia Dorny

Team Ireland

  • Sinead Kavanagh

Team Italy

  • Micol Segni Di

Team Jordan

  • Lina Fayyad

Team Lebanon

  • Joanna Salameh

Team New Zealand

  • Sarah Archer

Team Poland

  • Magdalena Zuchowska

Team Romania

  • Raluca Dinescu

Team South Africa

  • Natalie Ausmeier

Team Sweden

  • Anja Saxmark
  • Lisa Engelke
  • Gabriella Ringblom

United Kingdom

  • Amy Omara

Team USA

  • Codie Wareham
  • Kimberly Defiori
  • Lindsey Lawrence
  • Paige Best

IMMAF North American Qualifiers Announced

685_elAs we head to the IMMAF World Amateur Championship in Vegas in July, the country qualifier dates are being announced.

The IMMAF is an organization hoping to maintain amateur divisions worldwide and spread the sport to more countries. Over 40 nations are members of the IMMAF.

The World tournament will take place July 6-11 in Las Vegas, Nevada. USA. They have partnered with the UFC and the finals will stream live on UFC Fight Pass. The event is a great place to showcase your skills and get you in front of the movers ans shakers in the sport.

Several fighters have started GoFundMe campaigns including Nichole Brown to pay for their trip.

Four divisions are available for female athletes in the tournament: 115, 125, 135, and 145.

For those in North America, two tournaments are set for May.

More country qualifiers will be announced in the coming week. Go to to find your country’s IMMAF website if you are interested in competing.