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2016 WMMA Press Nominees for Knockut of the Year

Who says female fighters don’t have power?

Thirteen fighters from several different weight classes are up for the WMMA Press Knockout of the Year. Not only in the US, but the world is well represented as we saw some brutal KOs in 2016.

The WMMA Press committee is a set of journalists that have covered the female divisions of martial arts for years on may different levels. Continue reading 2016 WMMA Press Nominees for Knockut of the Year

2016 WMMA Press Nominees for Submission of the Year

Armbars and rear naked chokes are common in the female divisions, but there are those occasions where we see an unusual or difficult submission work.

Twelve female athletes got nominated for this year’s WMMA Press Award for Best Submission. Many were from across the planet from Europe to Asia to the United States. Continue reading 2016 WMMA Press Nominees for Submission of the Year

2016 WMMA Press Nominees for Newcomer of the Year

The next women’s division stars took their first step as pros in 2016.

The WMMA Press Awards committee has nominated 17 athletes for their Newcomer of the Year award. The honor is bestowed on the best female fighter who made their pro debut in 2016.

The WMMA Press committee is a set of journalists that have covered the female divisions of martial arts for years on may different levels. Continue reading 2016 WMMA Press Nominees for Newcomer of the Year

2016 WMMA Press Nominees for Amateur Fighter of the Year

The future of the pro women’s MMA divisions looks bright.

The WMMA Press Awards committee has nominated 31 athletes for their Amateur of the Year award.

The WMMA Press committee is a set of journalists that have covered the female divisions of martial arts for years on may different levels. Continue reading 2016 WMMA Press Nominees for Amateur Fighter of the Year

InvictaFc 20 Aftermath – What is next for the Athletes

It was a surprising ending to what has been a long 20 card journey for InvictaFC as a new champion was crowned in the bantamweight division.

Russia’s Yana Kunitskaya submitted champion Tonya Evinger to end her 9 fight win streak and take the belt, much to the shock of the MMA world. Kunitskaya improves to 10-2 with the win. Continue reading InvictaFc 20 Aftermath – What is next for the Athletes

WMMA Press 2015 Fight of the Year: Andrea Lee and Rachael Ostovich

Courtesy Scott Hirano/ Invicta FC

When Andrea Lee versus Rachael Ostovich was announced at InvictaFC 14, most fans expected a Fight of the Night match-up. The bout didn’t disappoint.

Two of the up and coming flyweights put on a show for the fans, starting with a war on the feet with Ostovich proving her toughness against the amazing striking of Lee. Lee did not let up in round 3 as she continued to look for a finish and got the armbar under the wire at 4:58.

Both will look to be flyweight champion this year as Invicta looks to crown a new queen in a tournament that will begin at InvictaFC 15 in Vegas March 11.

Congratulations to Andrea lee and Rachael Ostovich, winners of the WMMA Press 2015 Fight of the Year.

You can hear Andrea Lee accept her award here.

Holly Holm Takes the WMMA Press 2015 Fighter and KO of the Year

holm winnerIt took one match to change the landscape of the bantamweight division.

UFC champion Holly Holm shocked the world in doing something no one else had: beat Ronda Rousey. The win and her year at 3-0 sealed her not only to win the WMMA Press Award for Bantamweight of the Year, but overall Fighter of the Year for 2015.

Holm took only nine months in the UFC to become champion. With wins over Raquel Pennington and Marion Reneau, the UFC jumped Holm in front of the line to face Rousey for the belt. The decision didn’t disappoint.

Holm ‘s knockouts by kicks were well known before her UFC run, and hear head kick KO of Ronda Rousey at UFC 193 this past November also garnered her the KO of the year.

Congratulations to Holly Holm – WMMA Press Awards 2015 Bantamweight, Knockout, and  Fighter of the Year.

Angela Lee Takes WMMA Press 2015 Newcomer & Submission Award

angela lee 01One Championships has one of the top prospect in MMA and she has taken home two WMMA Press Awards.

Angela Lee made her pro debuted in 2015 with four straight wins. Her nickname “Unstoppable” is an apt one as she has finished in all of her fights. This was more apparent in her submission of Natalie Gonzales Hills at One Championships 33 this past November, pulling off the rare twister submission.

The Hawaiian strawweight has found a solid home at One Championships, but we won’t be surprised if the UFC or Invicta comes knocking on her door.

Congratulations to Angela Lee – the 2015 WMMA Press award winner for Newcomer and Submission of the Year.

You can watch her Submission of the Year below.

Cyborg Justino Takes the WMMA Press 2015 Featherweight of the Year Award

Cris Cyborg Justino vs Charmaine Tweet
Justino Courtesy Esther Lynn/InvictaFC

Hard not to say Cris “Cyborg” Justino had a stellar, but brief year inside the cage.

The most dominate woman in MMA only fought 91 seconds last year in MMA, having gone 2-0 as InvictaFC featherweight champion. With Ronda Rousey losing in 2015, the “Baddest Woman on the Planet” defaults to the current 145 title holder.

Hard to see anyone topping Cyborg in 2016, but the prospect of superfights may give her at least some action.

The WMMA Press Committee congratulates Cris “Cyborg” Justino as its 2015 Featherweight of the Year.

Joanna Jędrzejczyk Takes Home 2015 WMMA Press Award for Strawweight of the Year

joanna-flag b

The UFC strawweight champ had a breakout year in 2015.

Having won her belt in only her third fight in the promotion, she would defend it twice this past year.

The champ also became a media darling outside the cage. Her confidence and swagger along with the friendliness and access to fans has made her one of the most popular female fighters around in only a year’s time.

Jędrzejczyk looks to continue her run in 2016 and contributing back the female divisions. This includes coaching The Ultimate Fighter 23 and defending her title against Claudia Gadhela 0n July 8th.

The WMMA Press Committee is honored in giving Joanna Jędrzejczyk the Strawweight Fighter of the year.


Ashley Cummins and Celine Haga – 2015 WMMA Press Inspirational Fighters of the Year

celine haga 01
ashley cummins 01

It was hard to select just one person who inspired the WMMA community this year, so the committee decided to honor two of them.

Both of these athletes are inspirations in different ways. One mounted one of the biggest comebacks in female fighting history while the other helps keep the streets safe while putting on great fights in the cage.

Police Detective Ashley Cummins fought in Invicta only weeks after the the Ferguson riots settled down. InvictaFC president Shannon Knapp offered Cummins a chance to fight on another card, but Cummins didn’t want to disappoint the fans.

Cummins is usually quiet about what she does, but she is a prime example of a great police officer. She helps abandoned and abused animals, she has made several heroic saves in her career, and is a mentor to several young fighters in the area.

You can listen to Cummins receive her award here.


Our other award winner doesn’t know the word quit. Going 1-11 in her first 12 fights, she went on to win four straight, gain a title shot, and won seven of her past 9 fights.

Celine Haga has fought around the world and has been a staple of the female fighting community for six years. Any fighter who loses four or five fights might hang up the gloves or find something else. Haga hung in there and is now one of the hottest prospects in MMA.

Haga talked to us about winning the award and her advice to athletes.


Wombat Sports: We have seen you come back from a huge losing streak to winning some big matches. How did you keep going through the losses to keep fighting and not just giving up?

Celine Haga: Sometimes I don’t even know myself. They say never give up a thing that if you can’t go a day without thinking about, and that’s how I felt. I knew deep inside that i was better than what I’ve been able to show so far, and I didn’t want all my losses to be for nothing. I used to google “worst rec in history” wondering if my pic would show up. It didn’t, but I saw a lot of bad records out there and they had one thing in common; they never started to win. They just lost and lost and lost..used as stepping stones. I wanted to be an example that everything is possible with hard work and dedication. That even after 1-11 you can turn it around. It also encourage people who do lose a “few” fights to not to give up.

Wombat: What advice would you give to a fighter who have fallen on a bad point in their career?

Haga: Best advice is to learn from your losses, but don’t look where you don’t want to be. Focus on where you want to go next. Train hard. Be consistent. Stay focused!”

Wombat: Anyone you’d like to thank?

Haga: Would thank those who believed in me when things were not going my way, especial Jackson/Winkeljohn MMA, AACC, Joachim Hansen, Valhall Gym and my family and all my true friends who know who they are.

You can read the complete winners of the WMMA Press awards and learn about the committee here.


Russian Julia Berezikova Wins WMMA Press 2015 Flyweight of the Year

Julia Berezikova 2Flyweight was one of the most difficult awards to be decided by the WMMA Awards Committee this year.

With no lack of talent, the division seemed to shine this year and has been pushed by many fans to campaign for it to be included in the UFC. This took several votes by the committee, but it was Julia Berezikova who took home the award by one vote.

Having gone 2-0 this year, Berezikova started with a Submission of the Year nominated kneebar at XFC International 9. She would get her second win by TKO in her native Russia this past October.

Berezikova will look to win the XFC Flyweight tournament this year.

The WMMA Committee congratulates Julia Berezikova the 2015 WMMA Press Flyweight of the Year.