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After 400 Events, How AXS TV/HDNet Fights Made Women’s Combat History

(Photo courtesy Lion Fight/ Bennie Palmore)

It was 14 year ago when the fledgling HDNet decided it wanted in the MMA game. In 2018 as AXS TV Fights, it has proven to be an outlet to build stars.

AXS TV will be featuring the history of fighting on the network in “Cageside 400” Friday night at 6 p.m. pst/9 p.m. est. The special will feature commentators, analysts, and others who worked on events over the past 11 years.  Continue reading After 400 Events, How AXS TV/HDNet Fights Made Women’s Combat History

IFMA Muay Thai Amateur World Championships 2018 Results

(Photo courtesy World Muay Thai Games) 

Some of the best strikers are in Cancun, Mexico to prove their skills at the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur World Championships. Over 50 competitors from 30 countries in 11 divisions are looking for world titles in the art of the eight limbs.

Several familiar names in the MMA world are competing including InvictaFC’s Konkiak “Loma Lookboonmee” Suphisara, Legacy’s Sabina Mazo, and Bellator’s Lena Ovchynnikova. We could also see some up and coming prospects that could cross over in the future.

We will have complete results over the next few days. Continue reading IFMA Muay Thai Amateur World Championships 2018 Results

“Neung Roy” to Open Artemis Film Festival April 22

neung roy poster 01Flairdog Productions’s and documentary “Neung Roy” has been accepted into the Artemis Film Festival.

The festival; which is dedicated to women in action, horror, and fighting movies; told Wombat Sports the documentary will be opening the festival April 22 at noon. at the Ahrya Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills, California.

Continue reading “Neung Roy” to Open Artemis Film Festival April 22

Awakening Fighters Announce 2015 Nominees; Wombat Sports up for Three Awards

Awakening-Female-WMMA-Awards-2015The Awakening Fighter Awards are entering its third year.

The website, which covers the female ends of Muay Thai and MMA, asked the community to recommend nominees the past few weeks and on Christmas Eve, they announced the official voting list.

Wombat Sports is up for two MMA Awards (Journalist and Website), and one Muay Thai (Website).

UFC champions Holly Holm and Joanna Jędrzejczyk and InvictaFC star Andrea Lee are tied for the most MMA nominations with six. 19 Awards will be given away total for MMA.

On the Muay Thai side, Lion Fights champion Tiffany Van Soest and Sammy-Jo Luxton are tied with five nominations. 13 Muay Thai Awards will be handed out.

You can vote for your favorites here:


Muay Thai –

Keri Anne Taylor-Melendez vs. Hadley Griffith Added to Dynamite


After signing with Bellator a few months ago, Keri Anne Taylor-Melendez was also announced to be on the GLORY portion of the upcoming Dynamtie Supercard. Tuesday they announced her opponent.

Pro debuter Hadley Griffith will step up to take on Melendez at the Bellator/GLORY co-promotion September 19th in San Jose. The fight will take place at 120 pounds.

Wife of UFC star Gilbert Melendez , Taylor (2-1) is returning to action after several year off in kickboixing. Griffin has had an extensive amateur background in MMA and kickboxing and looks to make an impact.

The fight will air on Spike TV September 19th.

2015 IFMA Women’s Muay Thai Tournament Results/Schedule

Antonina Shevchenko
Antonina Shevchenko

Some of the world’s best Muay Thai specialists have converged in Bangkok, Thailand for the IFMA Royal Cup tournament. The 4th event sees over a hundred female fighters from a few dozen countries to see who will stand atop the world stage.

We are obtaining results as they become available, with the IFMA posting schedules on their site daily.

You can see day 1 and day 2 results here.

(Results are in green)

Day 3 

45kg/99 lbs.

  • Yasemin Comert (Turkey) def. Ramesh Rashi (India)
  •  Alena Liashkevich (Belarus) def. Vera Negodina (Russia) 
  • Pia Urpulahti (Finland) def. Louise Fuller (New Zealand) by TKO round 3 
  • Konklak Suphisara (Thailand) def. Wu Hoi Yan (Hong Kong) by points

54kg/119 lbs

  • Aho Andra (Estonia)  def. Christy Demosthenous (Cyprus) by decision
  • Hoi Lan Tsang (Hong Kong) def. Hailey Kallio by points (France)
  •  Sofia Olofsson (Sweden) def. Sveva Melillo (Italy) 
  •  Likittrakul Sopapan (Thailand)  def. Natalia Diachkova (Russia) by points

60kg/132 lbs. Quarterfinals

  • Mariya Valent (Belarus) def. Ekaterina Vinnikova (Russia)
  •  Sandra Bengtsson (Sweden) def. Jennifer Guerrero (USA) by decision
  • Anke Van Gestel (Belgium) def. Sandra Brew (Australia)
  • Valentina Shevchenko (Peru) def. Nili Block (Israel)

71kg/156.5 lbs

  • Steph Glew (Australia) def. Helena Jurisic (Croatia) by decision
  • Elina Nilsson (Sweden) def. Tas Ayse (Turkey) by TKO round 2
  • Anna Tarasova (Russia) def. Pia Raita (Finland) by points
  • Tana Te Huia Aroha Lee (New Zealand) def. Diana Rogozina (Estonia)  

Day 4 

48kg/106 lbs

  • Akarsu Gizem (Turkey) def. Camilla Danielsson (Sweden)  
  • Thanh Truc Nguyen Thi (Vietnam) def. Fanny Ramos (France) by TKO round 1
  • Tessa Kakkonen (Finland) def. Diana Metzger (USA) by TKO round 1
  • Hanphan Rattanaphon (Thailand) def. Renata Shvets (Ukraine)

57kg/126 lbs

  • Miriam Tio (New Zealand) def. Marisa Pires (Portugal)
  • Evelina Wikner (Sweden) def. Janice Lyn (Canada)
  • Yolanda Schmidt (Australia) def. Alesia Klimavets (Belarus) by decision
  • Katia Semail (France) def. Iana Dunaeva (Russia)  

63.5kg/140 lbs

  • Aleide Lawant (Netherlands) def. Melissa Almeida (Canada) by forfeit
  • Melissa Anderson (Australia) def. Nora Cornolle (France)
  • Antonina Shevchenko (Peru) def. Naili Soukaina (Morocco) by TKO round 1
  • Svetlana Vinnikova (Russia) def. Jarvenpaa Riikka (Finland) by points 

Junior 32kg/70.5 lbs Championship

  • Hailey Delfs (Australia) vs. Suni Dangchaiyapoom (Thailand)

Junior 48kg/106 lbs. Quarterfinal

  • Emily Curtain (Australia) def. Sobsoda Pakamart (Thailand) by decision

Junior 51kg/112.5 lbs Quarterfinal

  • Dakota Ditcheva (England) def. Iong Kam Teng (Macau) by TKO round 1

Junior 54kg/119 lbs. Quarterfinals

  • Ekaterina Popova (Russia) vs. Busra Korkut (Turkey)
  • Nattana Tanawatpopat (Thailand) vs. Claudia Sendlak (Sweden)

Day 5

51kg/113 lbs

  • Parita Padpho (Thailand) def. Valeriya Drozdova (Russia)  
  • Kristan Armstrong (Australia) def. Janet Coakley Todd (USA)  
  • Myriame Djedidi (France) def. Ranes Arlyn (Philippines)  
  • Therese Gunnarsson (Sweden) def. Sanne Strabbing (Netherlands) 

67kg/148 lbs.

  • Elena Kolesnik (Ukraine) def. Tacyildiz Bediha (Turkey)  
  • Anastasia Nepianidi (Russia) def. Joana Neumann (Germany)
  • Melody Downs (New Zealand) def. Angelique Pitiot (France)
  •  Isa Tidblad Keskikangas (Sweden) def. Kayleigh McGregor (England) 

75kg/165 lbs.

  • Anna Strandberg (Sweden) def. Christine  Doyle (Canada)  
  • lvas Andreja (Croatia) def. Tess Haami (New Zealand) 
  • Irina Larionova (Russia) def. Renata Tataharu (Brazil)  
  • Laressa Van Emden (Finland) def. Melisa Melina Castillo (Argentina) 

Day 6 

Junior (11-12) 38 kg/84 lbs Finals

  • Taosuwan Pattarawan (Thailand) vs. Nadya lndah Royani (Indonesia)

Junior 34 kg/75 lbs Finals 

  • Plahova Lyubov (Russia) vs. Samphao Suwanna (Thailand)

Junior 36kg/79 lbs Finals

  • Macharean Kewalin (Thailand) def. Sofia Bahtereva (Russia) 

Junior (12-13) 38kg/84lbs Finals

  • Damplao Ketkanok (Thailand) vs. Alicia Smith (Australia)

 Junior 46kg/101.5 lbs Finals

  • Lungphon Napat (Thailand) vs. Kristina Koksharova (Russia)

Junior 56kg/123.5 lbs Finals

  • Crystal Cook (New Zealand) def. Guirey Chloe (England)

Junior 57kg/126lbs Finals

  • Marja Paula Buzaglo (Peru) def. ????

45kg/99 lbs Semi-Finals 

  • Alena Liashkevich (Belarus) def. Yasemin Comert (Turkey) 
  • Konklak Suphisara (Thailand) def. Pia Urpulahti (Finland)  

48kg/106 lbs Semi-Finals 

  • Thanh Truc Nguyen Thi (Vietnam) def. Akarsu Gizem (Turkey) 
  • Hanphan Rattanaphc (Thailand) def. Tessa Kakkonen (Finland)

51kg/112.5 lbs Semi-Finals 

  • Parista Padpho (Thailand) def. Kristan Armstrong (Australia)
  • Myriame Djedidi (France) def. Therese Gunnarsson (Sweden)  

54kg/119 lbs Semi-Finals 

  • Andra Aho (Estonia) def. Hoi Lan Tsang (Hong Kong)
  • Sofia Olofsson (Sweden) def. Likittrakul Sopapan (Thailand)

57kg/ 126 lbs Semi-Finals 

  • Evelina Wikner (Sweden) def. Miriam Tio (New Zealand)  
  • Katia Semail (France) def. Yolanda Schmidt (Australia) 

60 kg/132 lbs Semi-Finals 

  • Mariya Valent (Belarus) def. Sandra Bengtsson (Sweden)
  • Valentina Shevchenko (Peru) def.  Anke Van Gestel (Belgium) by TKO round 1

63 kg/139 lbs Semi-Finals 

  • Melissa Anderson (Australia) def. Aleide Lawant (Netherlands)  
  • Antonina Shevchenko (Peru) def. Svetlana Vinnikova (Russia)

67 kg/148 lbs Semi-Finals 

  • Anastasiia Nepianidi (Russia) def. Elenea Kolesnik (Ukraine)
  • Isa Tidblad Keskikangas (Sweden) def. Melody Downs (New Zealand)

71 kg/156.5 lbs Semi-Finals 

  • Steph Glew (Australia) def. Elina Nilsson (Sweden)
  • Anna Tarasova (Russia) def. Tana Te Huia Aroha Lee (New Zealand)

75kg/165.5 lbs Semi-Finals 

  • Andreja Ivas (Croatia) def. Anna Strandberg (Sweden) 
  • Laressa Van Emden (Finland) def. Irina Larionova (Russia)

Day 7

45kg/99 lbs Finals 

  • Konklak Suphisara (Thailand)  vs. Alena Liashkevich (Belarus)

45kg/99 lbs Consolation 

  • Tessa Kakkonen (Finland) def. Akarsu Gizem (Turkey)

48kg/106 lbs Finals 

  • Hanphan Rattanaphc (Thailand) vs. Thanh Truc Nguyen Thi (Vietnam)

48kg/106 lbs Consolation 

  • Pia Urpulahti (Finland) def.asemin Comerty (Turkey)

51kg/112.5 lbs Finals 

  • Parista Padpho (Thailand) def. Myriame Djedidi (France)  

51kg/112.5 lbs Consolation

  • Therese Gunnarsson (Sweden) vs. Kristan Armstrong (Australia)

54kg/119 lbs Finals 

  • Sofia Olofsson (Sweden) def. Andra Aho (Estonia) 

54kg/119 lbs Consolation 

  • Hoi Lan Tsang (Hong Kong) vs. Likittrakul Sopapan (Thailand)

57kg/ 126 lbs Finals 

  • Katia Semail (France) def. Evelina Wikner (Sweden) 

57kg/ 126 lbs Consolation

  • Yolanda Schmidt (Australia) def. Miriam Tio (New Zealand)

60 kg/132 lbs Finals 

  • Valentina Shevchenko (Peru) def. Mariya Valent (Belarus)

60 kg/132 lbs Consolation

  • Anke Van Gestel (Belgium) vs. Sandra Bengtsson (Sweden)

63 kg/139 lbs Semi-Finals 

  • Melissa Anderson (Australia) def. Antonina Shevchenko (Peru) (Doctors wuldn’t clear Shevchenko due to foot injury)

63 kg/139 lbs Consolation

  • Aleide Lawant (Netherlands) vs. Svetlana Vinnikova (Russia)

67 kg/148 lbs Finals 

  • Anastasiia Nepianidi (Russia) def. Isa Tidblad Keskikangas (Sweden) 

67 kg/148 lbs Consolation

  • Melody Downs (New Zealand) vs. Elenea Kolesnik (Ukraine)

71 kg/156.5 lbs Finals 

  • Steph Glew (Australia) def. Anna Tarasova (Russia) 

71 kg/156.5 lbs Consolation

  • Elina Nilsson (Sweden) def. Tana Te Huia Aroha Lee (New Zealand)

75kg/165.5 lbs Semi-Finals 

  • Laressa Van Emden (Finland) def. Andreja Ivas (Croatia)

75kg/165.5 lbs Consolation

  • Irina Larionova (Russia) vs. Anna Strandberg (Sweden)

IFMA Women’s World Muay Thai Championships Day 1 and 2 Results


Some of the world’s best Muay Thai specialists are in the home country of the sport to see who will stand atop the mountain.

The IFMA tournament will take place over the next two weeks with fighters from over a could dozen countries traveling to Thailand. Some big names in women’s Muay Thai including Valentina Shevchenko and Anke Van Getsel.

The first 2 days of the tournament has seen some great action, with some of the bouts being streamed live at

Below are the results so far. We will continue to get results posted as they become available. Tournament ends August 23rd.

Day 1 Results

48 kg/106 lbs

  • Tessa Kakkonen (Finland) def. Jill Campart (Switzerland) by TKO Round 1
  • Renata Shvets (Ukraine) def. Galina Popova (Russia) by decision
  • Nongnaen (Hanphan Rattanaphon) (Thailand) def. Anastasiya Kalashnikava (Belarus) by TKO round 2

54kg/119 lbs

  • Sveva Melillo (Italy) def. Mengjing Wang (China) by decision
  • Sofia Olofsson (Sweden) def. Alena Mishchuk (Belarus) by TKO round 1
  • Natalia Diachkova (Russia) def. Akar Dilek (Turkey) by decision
  • Namtarn (Likittrakul Sopapan) (Thailand) def. Sarah Rankin (Australia) by decision

57kg/126 lbs

  • Yolanda Schmidt (Australia) def. Chommanee (Teahiran Yadrung) (Thialand) by points

60kg/132 lbs.

  • Mariya Valent (Belarus) def. Hong Nga Truong Thi (Vietnam) by TKO round 2
  • Ekaterina Vinnikova (Russia) def. Jinin Li (China)  by decision
  • Jennifer Guerrero (USA) def. Jade Taylor (England) by decision
  • Sandra Bengtsson (Sweden) def. Nina Scheucher (Austria) by decision
  • Anke Van Gestel (Belgium) def. Kaya Sumran (Turkey) by decision
  • Sandra Brew (Australia) def. NongKiff (Tabtrai Kesinee) (Thailand) by decision
  • Nili Block (Israel) def. Jacqueline De Beer (South Africa) by TKO round 3
  • Valentina Shevchenko (Peru) def. Kaoutar Houkman (Morocco) by decision

75kg/165 lbs

  • Laressa Van Emden (Finland) def.  Haddoubi Soukaina (Morocco) by decision

67kg/148 lbs

  • Kayleigh Mcgregor (England) def. Duannapha Mor Rattana Bundit (Panumat Thanthawa) (Thailand) by points

Day 2 Results

51kg/113 lbs

  • Kristan Armstrong (Australia) def. Phetsangkhat Mirka (Finland) by decision
  • Janet Coakley Todd (USA)  def. Barbara Bontempi (Italy) by decision
  • Ranes Arlyn (Philippines) def. Naryanaswamy Tejashwini (India) by TKO round 1
  • Myriame Djedidi (France) def. Nina Schumacher (Germany) by decision
  • Sanne Strabbing (Netherlands) def. Rinda Apti Masriani (Indonesia) round 2
  •  Therese Gunnarsson (Sweden) def. Ashleigh Ahipene (New Zealand) by decision

57kg/126 lbs

  • Alesia Klimavets (Belarus) def. Christin Fiedler (Austria) by decision
  • Yolanda Schmidt (Australia) def. Teah Iran Yadrung (Thailand) by decision
  • Iana Dunaeva (Russia) def. Luna Tobin Berger (Peru) by decision
  • Katia Semail (France) def. Anastasiia Sharmonova (Ukraine)  by decision

63.5/140 lbs

  • Riikka  Jarvenpaa (Finland) def. Aliaksandra Sitnikava (Belarus) by decision
  •  Svetlana Vinnikova (Russia) def. Erica Bjornestrand (Sweden)  by decision

Day 3 Schedule

60kg/132 lbs. Quarterfinals

  • Mariya Valent (Belarus) vs. Ekaterina Vinnikova (Russia)
  • Jennifer Guerrero (USA) vs. Sandra Bengtsson (Sweden)
  • Anke Van Gestel (Belgium) vs. Sandra Brew (Australia)
  • Nili Block (Israel) vs. Valentina Shevchenko (Peru)

71kg/156.5 lbs

  • Steph Glew (Australia) vs. Helena Jurisic (Croatia)
  • Tas Ayse (Turkey) vs. Elina Nilsson (Sweden)
  • Anna Tarasova (Russia) vs. Pia Raita (Finland)
  • Diana Rogozina (Estonia) vs. Tana Te Huia Aroha Lee (New Zealand)

Event Report – Bernise Alldis vs. Tanya Merret at Yokkao 13

Rosy Hayward is an award winning Muay Thai journalist and is the head of the Female Muay Thai Group on Facebook. She is guest reporting for us on the Yokkao 13 event which happened in Bolton, England March 22. 

(Photos Courtesy Yokkoa)

Yokkao 13 01

Stefania  Picelli and Brian Calder organised the latest episode of Yokkao, a global promotion bringing class and style and beautiful Muay thai to fight fans the world over. At 57kg the co–main event is a Full Thai Rules match over 5×3 minute rounds  and sees Bernise Alldis (England) versus Tanya Merret (Wales).

The setting is beautiful, fighters make their entrance through a backdrop mimicking a starlit sky, Yokkao logos and branding emblazon the stage and all ringside personnel creating a blended scene on which the fighters and the sport is thrown into vivid relief.

This is Alldis’s comeback fight following a lengthy time out. A much admired star of the sport, news of her return caused a stir internationally, her weight category is populated with legendary talent and the prospect of her adding to it with a successful showing tonight is tantalising. This is a big occasion, with much dependent on the outcome, is that pressure weighing on her?

Bernise Alldis is about to climb over the ropes and jump in at the deep end of the sport again… Pressure? Her fight persona is shark like; the deep end is where she is most at home.

Tanya and Bernise meet center ring for round one and go straight to business no pacing themselves in consideration of the 15 minutes of battle that will follow. When clinching Bernise gets 3 trips for an edge in the dominance stakes early on

Round two reveals that in the clinch both are strong, Bernise lands some well placed right knees , Tanya has looked dangerous with her right hand landing to Bernise’s head. Bernise has a really rangy teep  that coupled with a head kick serves her well and tripping Tanya in the clinch it looks like she has the techniques to take control of the fight at all ranges.


In the third round Bernise ‘s left elbow is landing well At clinch range Tanya’s strength shows and she is  nullifying the attacks there. The action has been see- sawing in the fight but Bernise begins to pick her shots toward the end of the round: teep to the face, right elbow, boxing and kick combinations reign in without an equal response.

Tanya goes for the clinch in the 4th, her best range, Bernises’s boxing and teep are very sharp outside and Tanya works on closing the range, for a while they are trading shots

When the 5th round starts both fighters  have a load of ammunition left. A clinch early on has them trading knees and looking for opportunities with elbows … Tanya is cut . Bernise disengages from clinch range as blood begins to flow down Tanya’s face and zones in on the cut like a shark after its prey. As much as Bernise has learnt her skills and technical excellence – her fight style has a stripped back quality , instinctual, primal, efficient… to say she makes it look easy doesn’t cover it She doesn’t ‘make ‘ … she is. The essence of a fighter courses through her. Jab, teep, elbow  it is chilling to see Bernise’s intensity as she  targets that cut… like a shark on the attack, it isn’t malicious it is just how animals at the top of the food chain are -born to it. A stoppage is on the cards as an elbow lands, a spinning elbow follows and then the bell . Tanya took the fight to points, Bernise takes the win.

I wondered if Bernice would carry on. Was that a toe in the water or are there more matches in line?

The next day the news breaks that Lion fight have invited her to face their star Tiffany Van Soest  in May. Bernise is back and it is good news for the sport.

Lion Fight 22 Sees Three Female Muay Thai Bouts

Van Soest
Van Soest

Lion Fight Muay Thai returns to Vegas May 22 with a trio of female division bouts.

Former champion Tiffany Van Soest is looking get back on the winning track taking on England’s Bernise Alldis. VanSoest won five straight before losing her title to Caley Reese. After winning back to back fights at LFP, she lost to Denise Kielholtz at Enfusion.

Alldis came back this past weekend after a few years absence with an unanimous decision win over Tanya Merrit. She has a notable win over Julie Kitchen.

The match will serve as the co-main event.

Opening the main card, Vegas’s Christine Ferea will take on California’s Laura Salazar. Ferea has back to back wins at Lion Fight as an amateur. Salazar has been switching between MMA and Muay Thai. Both will be making their professional Muay Thai debuts.

In the amateur preliminary card, teenage sensation Star Monroe will battle Lion Fight vet Fanny Tommasino.

The main card will air on AXS TV May 22.

Wombat Watercooler February 18th

In action Monday at RXF 16 in Brașov, Romania, Delia Georgescu defeated Maia Buzas by TKO round 1.

On Thursday in Tokyo, Japan, Momo Koseki successfully defended her WBC atomweight title wiht a KO over Aisah Alico in round 2.


With fight week vastly approaching, Invicta and the UFC have announced some events before the two cards commence in L.A.

The first is an open workout at the UFC Gym/Sunergy in Terrance, CA Wednesday.

Invicta Workouts

  • 11 a.m.: Charmaine Tweet workout
  • 11:15 a.m.: Alexa Grasso workout
  • 11:30 a.m.: Irene Aldana workout
  • 11:45 a.m.: “Cyborg” Justino workout

UFC Workouts

  • 1 p.m.: Cat Zingano workout
  • 1:30 p.m.: Raquel Pennington workout
  • 2 p.m: Holly Holm workout
  • 2:30 p.m.: Ronda Rousey workout

If you noticed, Justino and Rousey won’t be there at the same time. It is expected Justino will be cageside for the Rousey versus Zigano title fight Saturday. Shannon Knapp states the Justino and Rousey superfight is closer than everyone thinks.

The other UFC fight week event announced is at 11 a.m. pst Saturday at L.A. Live. The UFC will hold a press conference and fan event for the participants for the next seven events. Expected to be in attendance is Felice Herrig and Jessica Eye.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has suspended Ashlee Evans-Smith for testing positive from the diuretic hydrochlorothiazide after her fight with Raquel Pennington. Smith was fined 30% of her purse and her license is suspended for nine months retroactive from the fight. This means she will be able to return to fighting August 6th if she tests clean before she is re-licensed.

Congratulations to Society Nine on reaching their kickstarer goal. We have been helping to campaign for the company which is going to revolutionize women’s MMA gear. There is still four days left if you want to contribute and get yourself some of their great stuff including a pair of those revolutionary gloves.  Go here.

Abshire Courtesy CMT
Abshire Courtesy CMT

Congrats to amateur MMA fighter Jackie Abshire, who is the current Steve Austin’s “Broken Skull” Challenge champ. She defeated the “Skull Buster” obstacle course record by three and a half minutes. She won $10,000 and will continue to win $10,000 every episode her time in the extreme obstacle course isn’t broken.

You can watch her episode here.

England’s Helen Harper has signed with the PXC.

The undefeated fighter will take on Cortney Casey in her promotional debut March 13th in Guam. Harper has finished in all of her wins, and had trained in Thailand for several years in Muay Thai.

Casey (3-1) is coming off back to back finishes.

The fight will stream on the PXC website March 13th.

Next weekend, Finland’s Suvi Salmimies has a new opponent. Karla Benitez will step in to take on the hometown fighter at Cage 29 in Helsinki. Salmimies (2-0-1) will find her biggest challenged in the more experienced Spain’s Benitez (10-7-1). Benitez is coming off back to back losses,

Invicta fighter Cassie Crissano is asking for your help.

The featherweight is in a custody battle for her youngest son. You can read more and help her get a good lawyer by going here.

baars ughi weigh in
Ughi and Baars

Fights this Weekend

Jorina Baars returns to Lion Fight to defend her Muay Thai title against Chantal Ughi. This is a rematch of their 2009 battle (video here).This will air on AXS TV.

In the only world boxing title match this weekend, Victoria Argueta defends her IBF World minimumweight title against Nancy Franco in Hidalgo, Mexico.

The DEEP-Jewels 106 title tournament starts this weekend in Tokyo, Japan. The opening round matches are as follows:

  • Mei Yamaguchi vs. Miyoko Kusaka (105)
  • Emi Tomimatsu vs. Mina Kurobe (105)
  • Satomi Takano vs. Masako Yoshida (105)
  • Tomo Maesawa vs. Yukiko Seki (105)

Besides the quarterfinal matches,  Emi Fujino teams up with Sachiko Fujimori to face off against Ayaka Hamasaki and Yuko Oya in a tag team 10 minute grappling match.

In a rare Sunday UFC event in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Jessica Andrade will face Marion Reneau. The fight will air on Fox Sports 1.

Kowalkiewicz and Faria
Kowalkiewicz and Faria

InvictaFC star Karolina Kowalkiewicz will fight Kalindra Faria in Poland. The match was set to be a title bout for the KSW strawweight title, but Faria missed weight by 2.2 pounds. The match will now be a three round non-title affair.

In other pro MMA bouts this weekend:

Big John’s: Ogichida Spirit – Saulte Ste Marie, MI

  • Kaline Medeiros vs Chelsea Bailey
  • Raquel Magdelano vs Holly Cline

TXC – Novi, Michigan

  • Calie Cutler vs Nikki Duncan (115)

AFL – Barcelona, Spain

  • Irene Cabello vs Laïla “Lilou Dallas” Sekaf (105)

LCS 20 – Mitchell, NE

  • Rosa Acevedo vs Amanda Lovato  (115)

EFC 37 – South Africa

  • Danella Eliasov vs Zita Varju (125)

Battle on Sura – Penza, Russia

  • Natalya Denisova vs. Svetlana Gotsyk (121)

King of the Cage – Carlton, Minnesota

  • Moriel Charneski vs Christina Jobe
  • Katiel Adelman vs Katheryn Bassignana (ammy)

You can see a complete schedule of pro and amateur MMA and pro boxing fights here.

Artemis Film Festival to Spotlight Women’s Fight Documentaries & Films


artemis-film-festival 3There has been many films that have covered female fighting in one form of another for the past fifty years; from documentaries to major motion pictures.

The new millennium and the increase of female participation in combat sports has saw growth in to many of these stories being told.

The Artemis Film Festival is looking to highlight these stories as they are currently working their first event for April 2015.

They have started an Indie Go Go campaign to help get the event going.

We talked to the organizers Sean Newcombe and Melanie Wise about their inspiration for the festival and how women’s combat sports have been a big part of it.

Wombat Sports: How did the idea of the Artemis Film Festival come about?

Artemis Film Festival: The idea came about through inspiration, really. We have all been devoted to female action films from the standpoint of the sheer joy we have for physically strong female characters, but also from the standpoint of our passion for having a positive effect on the image of women in film and culture. We’ve all been completely focused on writing and creating female action films. We thought that having a film festival focused on female action heroes would allow for people who share our passion for strong female characters to celebrate this genre. We also felt it would be an opportunity to spotlight the power of women in our culture.

We wanted the festival to be a place where the legions of fans who love female action heroes could go and enjoy a array of great films in one place and at one time. (Female action films are a $3 billion industry, so this is not a niche.) The fact that such a festival had never been done before boggled our minds.

By showcasing such films, we could also draw attention to women as heroes, fighters and leaders, rather than as long-suffering wives, dutiful assistants and victims. We hope that we could help change the narrative of how women are portrayed in film.

Lastly, film often reflects and influences how we see ourselves, and celebrating these films, we hope, will help positively influence how women and girls perceive their power and status in culture.

Wombat: Can you tell us about the festival?

Artimis: We plan to show both classic female action films such as “Aliens” and “Kill Bill” and also showcase new films by unknown filmmakers in our festival competition. We want to be a venue that encourages new and unknown filmmakers to make female action films. If there’s an outlet for such films, they are more likely to be made.

We are also going to have an awards ceremony for films in competition and give awards to the women who are both pioneers and stars in female action films made by Hollywood. We have sent many invites to well-known female action stars and expect to hear from them soon. Also, we want to honor stuntwomen, athletes (women’s mma, of course) and female first-responders, such as military women.

W.S.: The culture has shifted in both entertainment and sports in term of female roles. What are you thoughts about the societal change?

AFF: There’s has been a shift in reality, in our everyday lives, but there has not necessarily been a shift in how that reality is portrayed in the media. While Hollywood has recently realized the power of the female action film market, they’ve been slow to broaden their portrayals of women to reflect the dynamism and power that can be seen in women in every aspect of our culture. We hope that our festival will help prod a faster shift to not only more roles for women in film (right now less than one out of every three speaking characters in a Hollywood movie, on average, is female), but to stronger, better roles for women.

W.S.: What kind of reaction have you seen among the female fight community?

AFF: The response from women, generally, has been extraordinary! The women we’ve heard from both in social media and in daily life has been completely positive, passionate and vocal.

With respect to the women’s mma community, we have not heard a lot, unfortunately. We’d love to hear more from them because we are huge supporters of womens mma! We love the sport and we’d love to celebrate it at our festival. Women’s mma is at the forefront of positively shifting societal images of female physical power. (Invicta FC and Tuf 20 are just two examples of that positive shift.) We want to honor that.

W.S.: You have an indie go-go started to make this event happen. What benefits can people expect for supporting the festival?

AFF: They can expect to see a festival which will properly honors the female action genre in a manner it deserves. We’d like our festival to have as broad a reach as possible so that we can include as many of the great films and as many of the women who are part of this cultural gender shift as possible.

Our crowdfunding is intended to allow us to show more classic films, more films from new, unknown filmmakers in the competition and offer a chance to honor the kind of women we mentioned above. We’d also like to make sure that the experience of the people who attend the festival is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

By crowdfunding we feel that we can offer a broader, bolder festival.

W.S.: Anything you want to add?

AFF: We want this festival to be fun, but we also want to open minds. The empowerment of women is at the center of what this festival is about. It’s the soul of it, in fact.

Also, we’d like to say that we love your blog and are big supporters of women’s combat sports!

Thank you for allowing us to talk with you about our festival!

Valentina Shevchenko Talks Cross Sport Success; Signing to Legacy MMA

10965826_10205357571720946_493427935_nOne of the first crossover stars in combat sports is looking to concentrate her efforts in MMA this year.

Valentina Shevchenko is well known in the Muay Thai community and has been a long time fighter. What has started as a successful kickboxing career has grown into a booming MMA one. She won her first MMA fight in 2003 in her native Kyrgyzstan and got her second win in Seoul, South Korea the same year. She is carrying a 9-1 record in MMA and is looking to be the next star in the bantamweight division.

Shevchenko is always fighting, and has shifted between kickboxing and MMA more often the past few years. Legacy has seen value in this and has signed her to a multi-fight deal in both disciplines. After a stellar debut at Legacy’s first ever pro kickboxing event, she will have back to back fights with Jan Finney and Carina Damm.

We talk to the Kyrgyzstan born fighter about her career, her busy 2015 and coming from training in Peru to the U.S.

10958858_10205357576401063_367379752_nWombat Sports: How did you get into kickboxing?

Valentina Shevchenko: I started training Martial Arts since the age of 5. Martial Arts is a family tradition. My mother, Elena, the sportswoman is a third Dan black belt of Taekwondo , and she is the president of Federation of Thai Boxing (Muay Thai) in Kyrgyzstan. My elder sister Antonina and I have followed her as an example. My sister Antonina is a 3 times World IFMA Muay Thai Champion and has two other World Kickboxing Titles. Since the beginning, my coach Pavel Fedotov kept challenging me to compete in Taekwondo and other Martial Art’s Tournaments which led to a natural transition to Muay Thai and Kick Boxing as other martial arts.

Wombat: You have taken up residence in Peru. How did that come about?

Shevchenko: I moved to Peru in 2008 with my sister and my coach Pavel Fedotov. We were traveling to South America to compete and do a seminar tour. When we arrived in Peru to teach Muay Thai, the martial artists were very hungry to learn. During our stay we fell in love with Peru, because it’s a beautiful country with beautiful people. The people are very friendly, the food is incredible, and the country is rich in nature and history.

W.S.:  Have you found benefit training at a higher altitude there?

V.S.: I have trained at higher altitude several times. Specifically in Peru while preparing to fight MMA against Helen Bastos. I prepared for the fight in Cusco which is the site of the Historic Capital of the Inca Empire. Its elevation is around 3,400 m or 11,200 ft. When I entered the ring I felt very strong, and after the fight I was ready to go another 10 rounds more rounds. If done correctly you will have a definite advantage for fighting.

W.S.: You have started training in Houston, TX. Can you tell us about your team here in the states? Still planning on training in Peru?

V.S.: I am training in the states and will continue to train in Houston, Peru, and Thailand (Tiger Muay Thai). My coach with whom I have train 21 years, Pavel Fedotov, and my sister Antonina are here with me during my stay. My sister Antonina is preparing for some Boxing and Kickboxing fights so we are training together. While in the states, I am training with Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhães’s Team (Gracie Barra Texas/Draculino Team).

My managers Roger Allen and Pedro Caballero are responsible for bringing me here to the United States and are helping me with everything while I am here. Pedro has good form in Muay Thai and is a 4 stripe Brown Belt in BJJ.

W.S.: How are you enjoying Houston? Hobbies?

I really like it here. Houston is a multicultural city and the food is really good, especially Fajitas!

I love to practice shooting. In Peru my sister and I always compete in shooting tournament of the IPSC , IDPA and Tri Gun. When I am not training in martial arts, I am training for shooting competition.

10966604_10205357591201433_1943808163_nW.S.: You have fought a who’s who in Muay Thai. Who was your toughest opponent? Favorite fight?

V.S.: For me every fight and every opponent is unique.

Every fight is my favorite fight, because my coach demands me to be at my best. Spirit is what helps to win fights. For me the spirit is not only the minutes in the ring, it is much more. It is how you prepare for the fights, how you train, what you eat, what you think, what and how you speak… The victory works not in the several minutes which are conducted in a ring, it is the sum of many things. The one who was more sincere in training and in desire to win will be victorious.

W.S.: Has the traveling gotten easier over the years? Any tricks you have picked up?

V.S.: Traveling is my life. I like to travel around the world, to meet new and interesting people, and to learn the culture of every country. To see how people live, what they eat, what they think.

My trick is I don’t carry a lot of things! Only the important things like a mouth guard and gloves.

10967674_10205357565160782_59341181_nW.S.: You took your first MMA fight in 2003. What did you learn from that fight and how have you changed as a fighter since then?

V.S.: I started fighting MMA in 2003. In 2003 I won the World Title of Korean MMA in Seoul, South Korea. Since that time I have had many fights and have evolved as a fighter. I was raised my whole life to be a fighter in all disciplines, and now with the sum of all of that training I am much more experienced , but every day I train to be better.

W.S.: You always stay busy especially the past few years. How do you keep up with the pace?

V.S.: You need to train right, and to rest right. Nothing in excess is good.

W.S.: You have taken more MMA fights recently. Are the opportunity for Muay Thai bouts dwindling versus MMA? How do you see the women’s kickboxing landscape changing with women’s MMA’s popularity?

V.S.: Generally women’s martial arts, like Muay Thai, kickboxing, and MMA, are more popular around the world today. I think this is great! There is a difference between male sports and female sports. A woman must simultaneously show strength of mind and skill to show grace and the beauty inherent to her gender. Women are different than men physically so we must utilize our high level of technique, flexibility, and speed.

W.S.: You recently signed with Legacy to a MMA and kickboxing contract. What is it like for you to be competing in the US more often and being a part of the Legacy promotion?

V.S.: I am very glad to be a part of Legacy. Mick Maynard is a visionary and one of the good guys. I currently have multi fight contract with Legacy and hope to continue fighting for him in both MMA and Kickboxing. I like to stay busy.

W.S.: You are coming off a win from Legacy kickboxing and now are going to fight back to back in MMA. How are you preparing to take on two different opponents in the span of six weeks?

V.S.: Yes, it’s difficult, but possible. It will require a more concentrated and focus for my training. I have trained all of my life and stay in fighting shape most of the year in case the opportunity presents itself.

W.S.: Will you be continuing to do both kickboxing and MMA? Any goals for the next few years?

V.S.: Yes, I will continue with both. I plan to compete in the 2015 IFMA World Championships this year in August. The goal I have is to continue to grow as a complete martial artist which is a lifelong process. For me it not only a sport, martial arts is my life. I do what I like. I like Martial Arts.

W.S.: Anything you want to add/ thank?

V.S.: I want to personally thank you Marq for the interview and your long term coverage of WMMA. I want thank all those who stand in the ring with me every time I enter. My family, my friends, my training partners, my sponsors and Amber Sports, Mick Maynard, and last but not least my fans throughout the world and at home. You are an inspiration to me. I want to thank everyone for the warm welcome to the United States. And I would like to thank my manager Roger Allen for helping me get to the U.S. and the opportunities to fight.

You can find out more about Valentina Shevchenko by following her on twitter @BulletValentina and on facebook.