Help us Grown Women’s Combat Sports! Join the Team

wombat_sportsThe growth of WMMA has been great the past few years; bigger than we can hope. With the expansion I am being worn a bit thin. Also, my hopes to cover all of women’s combat sports has been diminished.

The site also had come to a tipping point where the major MMA outlets with budgets, a bigger staff, and more connections are getting news from the UFC faster than I can.

I have gotten to the point where I can’t do this alone. I do have some projects unrelated to Wombat Sports I am doing and my time will become more limited.

This is where you come in.

I am looking for correspondents to contribute to my site. I am not asking much of your time (one article a week if possible)
and the benefit would be press coverage of events. If I had money I
would pay for the services, but I am not getting much revenue from the
site as it is. I can promise some swag on occasion (or other things – look under the descriptions for more). It never hurts to ask for something within reason.

I am more than open on what you want to cover, but since I get a lot
of info by happenstance, I can feed you some things on my end to
report. All you would have to do is write it up. I can feed you interviews as well.

This on top of being a regular correspondent on the podcast (if you
are interested).

If you are interested please e-mail me here or contact me on the Wombat Sports Facebook. I maybe looking for more than one in each category.

Here is what I am looking for:

WMMA Feature Correspondents

You would cover the women’s MMA divisions, pro and ammy. The idea is to feature fighters, focusing on rising talent not signed to a major promotion. (We will cover major stars from time to time). Most will be done with interview write-ups.

You will also from time to time due fight announcements. If you have an idea of a WMMA topic you’d like to cover, feel free to ask. Tackling issues is always something we are looking for.

Boxing Correspondents

You will be covering the women’s divisions of boxing. This could be from pro to amateur. This is the one area I am hoping we develop quickly as there has been a demand for coverage in the sport.

With this one, expect a lot of interviews, and some news I can feed you on my end. It is more active than you think, so you will always have something to report.

There are some great events you can cover as well.

BJJ/Grappling Correspondents

It seems every few weeks there is a major BJJ or grappling tournament and this is the birth place of many future WMMA stars.

Up would get Interviews and write-up profiles of stars in the sport. Event coverage, live or otherwise, is something you will tackle as well. I can again throw you some info in terms of where to get results and news.

This position in particular comes with a perk – once a year, I am willing to sponsor you entry fee into a tournament. This has to be earned with at least 5 articles to the site over 5 weeks.

Kickboxing/Muay Thai Correspondents

There is a big community involved with Muay Thai and a lot of info you can get from it. This is a worldwide thing, and always something happening.

Interviews and event coverage is what I need. There is amateur divisions in the U.S. and Canada as well. If you are planning on entering the TBA tournament this summer, I will sponsor your entry fee if you write at least 5 articles in 5 weeks.

Wrestling Correspondent

Women’s wrestling is expanding. With growth in the sport quicker with girls than with boys, it won’t be too long until wee see more and more colleges pick up women’s wrestling programs.

Interviews and profiles with wrestlers, and team features are what I am looking for. Team USA seems to always be in competition.

There is always something to cover.

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