React: Bryant Gumble to Women’s Sports Fans – “Stop Coddling Losing Female Athletes”

By: MarQ Piocos, News Editor

Photo Courtesy Indie News Wire

I don’t usually do team sports, but for this story I will make an exception.

On “Real Sports with Bryant Gumble” this week, the final words of Gumble come with mixed feelings to female sports fans.

As much as the U.S. is proud of it’s Women’s National Soccer Team’s performance at the Women’s World Cup (the tweets for the WWC this past weekend beat out the Royal Wedding and the announcement of Osama Bin Laden’s death); Gumble had his own opinions about how the nation reacted.

Courtesy HBO

“Can we stop coddling women in sports? Are we now so fearful of being labeled sexist that we can’t objectively assess the efforts of female athletes?” Gumbel said in a closing commentary. Those are both valid questions that have come to the fore in the wake of the patronizing reactions that have followed the USA’s loss to Japan in the Women’s World Cup soccer final.”

“Bryant believed the U.S. team failed to cash in on a wealth of early scoring chances, twice blew late leads with sloppy mistakes, and then got badly outplayed in penalty kicks.”

“Had a men’s team turned in a similar performance, papers and pundits nationwide would have had a field day assailing the players, criticizing the coach, and demanding widespread changes to a men’s national team that flat out choked. Yet the common reaction to this ladies’ loss were simply expressions of empathy for the defeat of the unfortunate darlings and pride in their oh-so-heroic effort.”

Now I do agree that women should be treated as equals to men when it comes to sports; I feel that Gumble didn’t get the situation wasn’t about them being women.

Any tough battle or loss should bring some national pride. As much as Gumble wants us to criticize the players and coaches; and blast the team as losers; supporting a second place team like the Women’s National Soccer Team should be a trend. Yeah, they could have done this, or did that; but give a team a break. Hindsight is 20/20 and the best we can do as fans and media is support the team in the time of need. They did their best, didn’t slack off, and fought a close match.

This week should be a shining example of how we as fans and  the media should treat second place athletes when they return home. No riots. No criticism. Just pride that they have done all they could do to win.


Podcast – Strikeforce’s Sarah Kaufman

The former 135 pound champion Sarah Kaufman is looking to get back in the title hunt as she faces Liz Carmouche at Strikeforce Challengers in Vegas this week. We’ll talk to Kaufman about her ecent victory in her hometown, facing a tough Carmouche, and her ambitions to get back on top of the division.

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Great Britain Features Two Female MMA Fights This Weekend

As the MMA scene grows in the UK, so does the female fight scene. Cage Warriors announced their efforts to establish a solid 125 pound division, many promotions are following suit and promoting female fights.

This weekend, two cards will see the women take the stage as Helena Martin will take on Emma Watson at Knuckle Up: New Breed 7 in Bath; and Stacy Hayes faces Lisa “Lights Out” McCallam at Fury MMA Show in Romford.

Emma Watson
Heather Martin

Martin is apart of the HIT Squad UK and looks for her first pro win after losing a TKO loss to Sarah Moras. Watson has had both of her pro fights outside of England, facing a pair of Finnish fighters (a win over Outi Louhimo and a loss to Maiju Kujala) and hopes to gain a winning record.

Both Hayes and McCallem will be making their pro debuts.


As more and more female fighters in Europe start to develop, watch this trend of female fights to continue.

Indiana Welcomes New Female MMA Promoter

By: will be cageside Saturday night at the debut event of the Indiana Fighting Championship in Dale, Indiana, at the Dale Community Center. We shall witness the “Genesis” of a new breed of local MMA promotion that promises to give fighters a strong foundation to begin their MMA careers.

At the helm of the IFC is Kyria McBrayer-Christison, just the second female Mixed Martial Arts promoter in the state of Indiana…..

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Kaitlin Young vs. Elaina Maxwell is Off – For Now…

The previously announced Shooto match between Elaina Maxwell and Kaitlin Young is not happening as of yet, according to Maxwell’s management.

The match that was scheduled for CCF 6: Bushido Sept. 3 in Sangudo, Alberta would only be a week before Maxwell’s already signed MMA match with Bethany Marshall for Freedom Fights Sept. 10 in Sudbury, Ontario.

Maxwell’s management states that the fight with Young is still a possibility at a later date.

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