top flyweight Vanessa Porto ready for new challenges in bellator

It was February 2005 when Vanessa Porto first entered mixed martial arts. Sixteen years later she has finally found a major promotion to call home.

The now former InvictaFC champion is currently the most experienced female fighter on the roster, making her MMA debut three months before Bellator featherweight champion Cris Cyborg. Both would actually face each other their rookie years. It was only a matter of time before Bellator heard her call.

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Open Scoring Proving to Be Positive Change in MMA

The Kansas State Athletic Commission has made available open scoring to all combat sports in 2020 and so far the results have been nothing but great according for all involved.

InvictaFC was the first promotion to request judges give score information to fight teams and the audience on a round by round basis. LFA soon followed suit. The KSAC has given the media results of the initial year of using the system and though there was a small sample size due to limited events in 2020, things are pointing positive.

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Kaitlin Young Hopes Experience brings her the PFL Tournament Title

It was 2007 when an 1-0 Kaitlin Young stepped into her first mma tournament and became the Hook’n’Shoot champion, fighting three women in one night.

Over 13 years later, she hopes to repeat that success in the Professional Fighters League. They announced she will fight fellow InvictaFC vet Cindy Dandois in the regular season opening round May 6th in Atlantic City, New Jersey, which will air live on ESPN.

“I feel I am in the right place in my career for a tournament right now,” Young expressed.

Young is no stranger to tournaments. Besides her Hoon’n’Shoot win, she has competed in two other MMA tournaments in her career. Young told us this one is unique in many ways, especially the round robin opening round matches.

“You got this set of fights and it’s not all just riding on one fight. It takes the pressure off a bit. You can go out have have good performances heading into the playoffs. It’s a cool structure.”

The move to lightweight was strategic for her. While having fought at bantamweight most of her career, she moved to featherweight in her return to MMA in 2018 after a four year hiatus from MMA. It took her a few years to get her body ready for lightweight.

“The PFL had asked me a couple of years ago to be a part of their tournament and at the time I felt 155 was too heavy for me. I had just gone up to 145. I think its important when you go up weight classes you do it slowly.”

Young feels comfortable at the weight and feels it an advantage in terms of her training for the tournament.

“I have always been slightly envious of the guys where there is one ‘eat and train hard division’ at heavyweights and there is not one for the ladies. At 155 I don’t think I will be ridiculously over sized…This is an awesome opportunity to let your body develop the way it wants to and hard training instead of worrying about being lighter.”

“One of the benefits of the weight being higher when you can’t be out (when in a bubble). I like to run outside and I obviously can’t do that.”

The PFL announced they would be putting Covid protocols in place for the opening events, with a bubble similar to other promotions. Young fought for InvictaFC last year, joining Kayla Harrison and Taylor Guardado as the only ones in the PFL women’s tournament to go through the experience.

“The cool thing is while I am handicapped, we are all similarly handicapped,” Young observed. “I think it is harder on extroverted fighters to be honest. I am pretty introverted and I like to isolate before a fight, so I actually kind of love it. I know it is hard for some people being locked away with their thoughts before they fight. For me it is something I really enjoy; being locked up before a fight.”

Currently one of the favorites to win the tournament, Young is excited about testing her skills once again against veteran and rookie talent alike.

“They way I like to say it, fighters bring different puzzles to the table. There is some really fun fights to be had in this tournament. In a tournament type situation the experience in a helpful thing – not just technically but mentally and emotionally.”

Artemis Submission Series Starts New Phase for Women in Grappling

As combat sports have been slowly coming back, athletes are looking for a stage to shine and possibility make some money in the process.

The Artemis Submission Series was formed to give some women grappers a chance to do just that.

I have wanted to put on a tournament since I started competing,” event founder Dani Harris I always saw guys competing for money and wanted to see more opportunities for women to do the same. I enjoy being a part of growth in the sport.”

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#HowShewrestles campaign kicks off watch the videos and get inspired

The #HowSheWrestles Campaign kicked off Sunday as many female wrestlers showed how they have overcome adversity from loss, to discrimination, and learning to believe in themselves.

The day kicked off with a panel discussion hosted by Anna Lee-Marie, a pioneering journalist in the wrestling world.

You can watch the hour long sessions here.

This was soon followed by wrestlers on social media telling their own stories. We have most of them below, but you can check out the hashtag #HowSheWrestles on socila media to find more.

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Video: Wrestler Katherine Shai Talks #HowSheWrestles and Lack of Media in Women’s Wrestling

With lack of coverage and spotlight, women’s wrestling has decided to fight back.

#HowSheWrestles is a campaign to gain these athletes a platform. The campaign started after several wrestlers recognized FloWrestling was not giving them coverage in either video form or written.

We talked to Katherine Shai about the struggles for recognition, her advice to heklp fix the problem, and and her project to show athletes daily lives during Covid-19.

Video: Watch “Female Fighting: The Time is Now” Free Here

It was four years ago we released “Female Fighting: The Time is Now”.

The past few days we have went back to clean up some editing problems we initally had with the project and now have it remastered.

The documentary talks with fighters and experts about the growth of fight, its future, and the mindset of a fighter. Interviews include Julie Kedzie, Amanda Lucas, Jillian Lybarger, Taylor Guardado, among others.

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WMMath Podcast: Amateur Standout Natalaya Speece Plus “Girls, Grappling, and Grit” Launches

As the pandemic continues, we bring you some great content.

A returning guest, Natalya Speece is currently 4-1 and is looking to turn pro in July. The southern California native has made the trip to New Mexico to train at the legendary Jackson-Winkeljohn gym to hone her stills from some of the best coaches and athletes.

Speece was also given a preview copy of “Girls, Grappling, and Grit”, which we are launching on demand through this website for $5. After the first 1000 rentals, part of the proceeds will got to and BeatThe You can rent the documentary by going here.

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WMMath Podcast: 2019 Women’s Division Statistics in MMA Breakdown with Laura Sanko

A little bit late, but the 2019 Women’s division statistics in MMA has been posted.

We breakdown the pro and amateur numbers with InvictaFC commentator and UFC backstage reporter Laura Sanko in what was a pivotal year in the sport.

You can follow along wit some of the statistics here:

Pro Womens’s Division Stats by the Numbers

Amateur Women’s Division Stats by the Numbers

2019 Amateur Women’s Division Stats by the Numbers

(Courtesy IMMAF)

The big story in the amateur women’s divisions this year was international growth.

In 2018, the U.S. outpaced the world in terms of amateur fights, but the world flipped the script this year with 161 more bouts. While the U.S. is still country with the most total bouts (393), Bahrain comes in second. Those fights were a part of the IMMAF World Championship tournaments. Coming in third was England with 63. The surprises were Poland and Italy tied for third, outpacing perennial top 3 country Brazil. A major reason was Italy held the IMMAF European Championships, and Poland’s ALMMA semi-monthly amateur tournaments. One Championships held their own world amateur championships in 2019, but were not included in the statistics this year since we could not find complete results. Continue reading 2019 Amateur Women’s Division Stats by the Numbers

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