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Video – Watch Ariel Beck with Emily Corso from ICF 13

Courtesy Burnt Images/Ryan Hall
Courtesy Burnt Images/Ryan Hall

Over the coming days, we will be posting video of the fights on the historic Intense Championship Fighting all female card in Great Falls, MT this past Friday. 

Thanks to ICF and 221 Industries for gaining us access and letting us post the video.

After fighting once already, Emily Corso took her second pro match on the same night as she took on pro debuter Ariel Beck. Beck, a pro boxer and hometown fighter, went 3-3 in her amateur career and agreed it was time to take her career to the next level as a pro.

Corso didn’t miss a step and looked fresh as she took in some shots before getting the takedown and sinking in the rear naked choke in round 1. Corso gets back to back wins in her first pro bouts.