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TUF 20 Teams and First Round Matches

Courtesy Fox Sports
Courtesy Fox Sports

After an eventful promotional week for TUF 20, several sites are reporting the teams and opening round matches for the show, which will have its two hour premier Wednesday on Fox Sports 1.

Team Pettis (Green) : Alex Chambers, Felice Herrig, Carla Esparza, Joanne Calderwood, Ais Daly, Randa Markos Thomas, Jessica Penne, and Justine Kish

Team Melendez (Purple): Rose Namajunas, Heather Clark, Emily Kagan, Angela Magana, Tecia Torres, Lisa Ellis, Angela Hill, and Bec Rawlings.

After the teams were selected, they seeded the competitors and had each match have a representative from each time. The opening round matches contain two epic rematches – Penne vs. Ellis and Clark vs. Herrig. Here is the complete list:

  • Rose Namajunas vs. Alex Chambers
  • Heather Clark vs. Felice Herrig
  • Joanne Calderwood vs. Emily Peters Kagan
  • Aisling Daly vs. Angela Magana
  • Tecia Torres vs. Randa Markos Thomas
  • Jessica Penne vs. Lisa Ellis
  • Carla KristenEsparza vs. Angela Hill
  • Justine Kish vs. Bec Rawlings

The start of the season begins Wednesday oin Fox Sports 1.

TUF 20 Primer – Rivials, Friends, and What to Look Out for

Bro5DSqCEAEnyvqWith the full cast announced and inside the house, the The Ultimate Fighter 20 cast are ready to make tv magic and turn heads. Some of the more recent WMMA fans or those UFC fans that will be tuning in may not know the history between some of the fighters. Who are friends, who are foes, and who will be most exciting to watch.

Here is a primer of stuff to look out for come September when the show airs.

Team Mean Girls vs. The Natural Disasters

Felice Herrig has always been outspoken and a lightning rod for feuds. This includes her current beef with Heather Clark. Clark, who wanted to face Herrig, felt “The Little Bulldog” was dodging her, first because Herrig stated Clark needed to drop to 115 (which she did), and then Herrig signed to Bellator shortly after, looking like the match wouldn’t happen. Clark got her chance to fight Herrig in March of last year in Bellator. Clark broke her arm after a spectacular round 1, but kept going and, losing a split decision. As the final bell rang, Herrig got into Clark’s face screaming, and Clark took a swat at here (video here). To say there is no love loss is an understatement.

Herrig has become BFFs with Carla Esparza since the two fought in 2011. Esparza had signed to the same management company as Herrig shortly after. When Tecia Torres defeated Herrig, Esparza took little time to challenge Torres to a fight. Shortly after all were signed to TUF 20.

Herrig had given herself and Espraza the nickname “Team Mean Girls” on twitter since they were cast on the show. Bec Hyatt is also pals with the two and maybe a part of this clique going in.

Expect “The Hurricane” (Clark) and “The Tiny Tornado” (Torres) to watch each other’s back. We have dubbed them “The Natural Disasters”.

Angela Magana versus the World

Angela Magana has been known for some drama over the past few years. The best example was in the failed “Ultimate Women’s Challenge” reality show which never aired. We have heard some stories from various fighters on the show about her antics. The biggest thing to watch out for – Magana and Clark don’t like each other.

Some Other Connections to be Aware of

  • Justine Kish and Jessica Penne have been training with each other for the past year, and even came out to tryouts together.
  • Emily Peters-Kagan and Clark were teammates at Jackson’s MMA before Clark left to train in Vegas.
  • There was a little beef between Alex Chambers and Bec Hyatt a few years ago, but that has been squashed when we spoke to the two at the TUF 20 tryouts.
  • Rose Namajunas is under the same management as Herrig and Esparza.
  • Herrig has trained with coach Anthony Pettis before.

Who Faced Who Before?

  • Carla Esparza def. Felice Herrig by unanimous decision (XFC Dec. 2011)
  • Carla Esparza def. Bec Hyatt (InvictaFC Jan. 2013)
  • Felice Herrig def. Heather Clark by split decision (Bellator Mar. 2013)
  • Jessica Penne def. Angela Magana by submission (rear naked choke) round 2 (Action Fight League Sept. 2009)
  • Jessica Penne def. Lisa Ellis by TKO round 3 (InvictaFC Apr. 2012)
  • Justine Kish def. Randa Thomas by unanimous decision (RFA Jan. 2014)
  • Lisa Ellis def. Aisling Daly by unanimous decision (Bellator Aug. 2010)
  • Rose Namajunas def. Emily Peters-Kagan by submission (rear naked choke) round 3 (Invicta Jan. 2013)
  • Tecia Torres def. Felice Herrig (Invicta Dec. 2013)
  • Tecia Torres def. Rose Namajunas by unanimous decision (Invicta July 2013)

TUF 20 Tryout Interviews Part 3


Every fighter has their story and we were out at The Ultimate Fighter 20 tryouts to find some.

We were able to talk a majority of the fighters looking to put their name in MMA history and become UFC stars overnight. Here is the last set of interviews of some fighters you should know who maybe the first ever strawweight champion.

You can watch the first set here and the second set here.

Heather Clark (Watch Here)

Lisa Ellis (Watch Here)

Chelsea Bailey (Watch Here)

Jocelyn Lybarger (Watch Here)

Jillian Lybarger (Watch Here)

Maria Andaverde (Watch Here)

Charlene Gellner (Watch Here)

Tessa Simpson (Watch Here)